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PublishedAugust 4, 2023

Best Service Autopilot Alternatives


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Many landscape contractors use Service Autopilot to schedule jobs, streamline routing, and increase sales. But as a business scales, it needs a comprehensive solution that can meet more clients' demands, larger service areas, and a growing team.

According to customer reviews, contractors with ambitious growth goals may feel hindered by Service Autopilot’s limitations, such as a lack of user-friendly features or the inability to perform complex estimates. 

The right software solution can empower a business to scale by:

✓ Including automation as a core feature

✓ Not charging by user or feature access

If you must pay more as your company grows to add users or unlock critical features, your software is holding you back.

Landscapers who choose a comprehensive business management system from the start save on future technology costs and the hassle of a time-consuming implementation.

What is Service Autopilot?

Service Autopilot provides software for field service businesses in several industries, including lawn care, cleaning, plumbing, pest control, and pool cleaning.

The software streamlines daily tasks to provide more efficiency for field service businesses.

Service Autopilot features include:

  • Automation (only available with the highest-priced plan)

  • Scheduling and routing

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Estimating

  • Invoicing

  • Job costing

  • Reporting 

  • GPS tracking

  • Mobile app

Service Autopilot saves contractors time in their business operations by automating time-consuming tasks so contractors can grow their business. Not all of Service Autopilot’s plans offer the same features. 

→ Plans add per-user fees and charge extra for integrations, including email and a two-way QuickBooks sync.

Why look for Service Autopilot alternatives

Review sites for Service Autopilot describe issues using the client portal and payment processing. Many reviewers switched to Service Autopilot alternatives when their company outgrew the software.

If you’re ready to switch, analyze your business needs to clearly understand which features and integrations are crucial for your operations. 

When weighing pros and cons, consider a software solution holistically, such as:

  • If it’s a cloud-based, web app, or desktop application

  • The features and benefits for your workflows

  • Consider positive and negative reviews

  • Whether there’s a mobile app for field crews

  • What’s included in the price, including if there are paywalls and fees

Following your independent research, request a demo or free trial from the provider to see features in action.

Check out our comparison page for more differences between Aspire vs. Service Autopilot.


Aspire, part of the ServiceTitan family of solutions, provides an all-in-one, cloud-based business management platform for landscape and lawn care businesses. Its comprehensive features empower landscapers to work more efficiently and profitably.

Key features of Aspire

Aspire’s comprehensive features simplify:

Aspire offers features to improve communication, efficiency, and quality of work. 

Aspire’s Crew Mobile app for iOS and Android devices provides:

  • Crew time tracking

  • Route optimization

  • Customizable service visit checklists

An app designed for how the green industry works ensures accuracy in cost tracking and quality of service at every job site. 

Seamless integrations in the Aspire cloud-based platform simplify tasks like pricing and quoting jobs on-site and ensure accurate data flow.

Unlike other software providers, Aspire’s dedicated AspireCare representatives support business owners with the following:

  • Personalized implementation assistance

  • Ongoing training and resources to advance customers’ product knowledge

  • Growing product investment for technology on the cutting-edge

Benefits of Aspire

Aspire’s end-to-end system improves workflow efficiency, provides greater control with in-depth data insights, and boosts profitability

Customizable, real-time reporting gives landscape contractors crucial data to make proactive, informed decisions to improve performance and profit.

All Aspire plans include the same functionality for unlimited users, offering scalability to support business growth. New feature releases every few months keep landscapers ahead of the competition with advanced tools to strengthen operations and drive new business.


Jobber is a web-based field service management software for home service companies in several industries, including landscaping, lawn care, cleaning, pest control, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roofing. Jobber streamlines operations, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Key features of Jobber

Jobber’s features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching

  • Quoting

  • Invoicing

  • Customer management

  • Payments and credit card processing

  • Timesheets

  • Reporting

  • Mobile app

Jobber’s features automate essential office tasks and keep all job details in one place so small businesses can more easily manage jobs.

Benefits of Jobber

Landscapers choose Jobber to manage operations better and streamline a job from start to finish. Its CRM software offers tools and templates to enhance customer experiences, such as automated customer reminders, follow-up notifications, and two-way text messaging. 

Jobber aims to simplify business management while increasing customer satisfaction.

However, the fastest-growing landscapers prefer Aspire because it out-performs Jobber in these critical areas:

  • Real-time job costing to safeguard profitability in every job

  • Customizable reporting for 360-degree data querying

  • Centralized inventory tracking and in-platform resource allocation

  • A ticket system to categorize, assign, and track team and customer issues

  • Scalability with full feature access and unlimited users with every plan

| Get more detailed insight into how Jobber stacks up against Aspire on the Aspire vs. Jobber comparison page.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro provides field service software for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, garage door, landscaping and lawn care, appliance, and carpet-cleaning businesses. The software improves scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payment collection.

Key features of Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching

  • Estimating

  • Invoicing and payments

  • Customer management 

  • Payroll

  • Reporting

  • Mobile app

Housecall Pro offers tools to automate business processes and increase sales so contractors can focus on growing their businesses.

Benefits of Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro offers home service business owners one solution to manage their teams and jobs. The software attracts contractors because of its ability to decrease paperwork and simplify tasks. It also provides features to help scale business, such as online booking and an integrated answering service.

However, Housecall Pro limits the ability of small businesses to grow with its pricing structure. Aspire provides a family of software solutions, including Crew Control, to empower growth in early-stage landscaping businesses. Crew Control outshines Housecall Pro with:

  • Industry-leading customer service with Monday-to-Friday live software experts backed by industry experience

  • Supported transition from Crew Control to Aspire to help companies scale to the $5 million annual revenue point and beyond


WorkWave provides job management software for service businesses in various industries, including lawn care, pest control, cleaning, HVAC, delivery, and security. WorkWave offers different products with specific features for varying sectors.

Key features of WorkWave

WorkWave features vary depending on the product but generally include the following:

  • Scheduling

  • CRM

  • Invoicing

  • Payment processing

  • Marketing

  • Mobile app

WorkWave’s integrated features help landscapers and other service business contractors work efficiently and scale their businesses.

Benefits of WorkWave

Many business owners turn to WorkWave to manage appointment scheduling, keep customer records in one place, and complete more tasks while in the field. 

Its marketing tools enhance lawn care company websites and generate more referrals. Features aim to help businesses provide additional services without increasing current staff.

When it comes to all-in-one platforms, Aspire is more invested in customer growth, including full-feature access and unlimited users in every plan. Aspire also out-performs WorkWave in these areas:

  • Robust property data with historical records and client communications organized by property address, not customer name

  • Quick-ticket creation from the field to quickly identify, assign, and resolve issues with greater transparency and accountability

  • Unlimited estimate templates to create job bids and get them out the door faster

  • Numerous software partnerships and an open-API help customers work more efficiently in every aspect of their organization

Boss LM

BOSS LM’s cloud-based business management software helps companies in the service industry efficiently manage operations.

Key features of Boss LM

Boss LM features include:

  • Estimating

  • Scheduling and routing

  • CRM

  • Invoicing

  • Purchasing and inventory

  • Reporting

  • Mobile app

Boss LM aims to provide custom solutions for service businesses as they grow.

Benefits of Boss LM

Business owners choose Boss LM as a long-term solution for managing their business. The software offers flexible solutions based on a company’s needs. As a result, service businesses can improve efficiency and grow business.

Aspire outshines Boss LM in industry adoption and commands greater consumer trust with its presence on Capterra and LinkedIn while also delivering better functionality and customer experience in these key areas:

  • Fast product developments and ongoing investment

  • Job costing that meets the needs of landscapers, even as they grow

  • Efficient workflows that deliver the same industry-leading performance as customers grow their team, client base, and market share

  • Simpler and more dynamic mobile experience 

  • Supportive implementation process led by industry experts

See how Boss LM stacks up to Aspire in greater detail on our comparison page.

Benefits of choosing the right Service Autopilot alternative

Identifying the best Service Autopilot alternative amounts to which software service provider best meets the needs of your landscaping business. 

As you compare alternatives, consider the following:

  • Your budget 

  • Included features at each pricing level

  • Benefits features deliver to your business

  • Start-up fees and implementation process

  • Ongoing customer support and training resources

Contractors using Service Autopilot may find they’ve outgrown the software and technology that allows them to easily perform complex estimating or reporting—key functions for business growth. Or, they may need a variety of integrations or an open API to streamline operations.

True end-to-end business software solution gives you the tools your landscaping business needs to increase profitability at every growth stage.

Aspire is the preferred software of the fastest-growing landscaping businesses 

Aspire’s business management platform empowers landscape contractors to accelerate growth. Aspire streamlines workflows, improves efficiency, and increases profit for landscape businesses as a complete system. 

Live business insights and real-time job costing enable better decision-making and give contractors greater control of their business.

Aspire’s integrated functionality enables landscapers to:

  • Easily build spot-on estimates

  • Manage projects more profitably

  • Increase sales and customer follow-ups

  • Gain deeper insight through real-time reporting

Aspire provides the flexibility a business needs to scale and grow.

Ready for software you’ll never outgrow? Request a demo to see how Aspire grows with your landscaping business.

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