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Using customer relationships to inform your growth initiatives better positions your organization for success as you scale. Aspire and Crew Control provide comprehensive visibility into the landscaping sales pipeline.


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Manage opportunities and leads

Your customers are more than just their data. Investing in relationships with landscape CRM software can improve brand loyalty and customer service to drive new revenue growth from every contract.

  • Customer + property databases

Aspire’s cloud-based CRM files customers and properties into separate databases for better management through bulk uploads, custom fields, tags, and more

  • Calendar and email integrations

Aspire’s calendar and email system integrate and sync with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, so your whole team can access customer appointment schedules and communications without leaving the platform

  • Self-servicing customer portal

Simplify communication through the self-servicing customer portal where clients can view serviced properties, manage payment methods and pay online, sign proposals, and review property issues


Improve performance with standardized workflows

No matter how dedicated your team is, losing track of prospects, estimates, or contract renewals during the busy season is easy. Implementing a landscaping CRM platform with Aspire or Crew Control makes it easier to run your landscaping business and streamline workflows.

  • Customer alerts

Equip your team with a system that uses an in-app notification mechanism for customer alerts when an email goes undelivered, payment is rejected, an estimate is pending approval, and more

  • Three-way communication

Aspire and Crew Control enable three-way communication and save conversations to customer and property histories in the CRM

  • Issue ownership

Improve accountability across your staff—even during the busy season—by using the ownership tag to assign individual team members to follow up with issues and jobs until they’re marked complete and ready to invoice


Eliminate lost revenue sources with custom reports

Use the customizable dashboard on the Aspire platform to review real-time sales reports containing granular data on every aspect of your organization’s performance. Users access a clear and accurate view of won and lost business and up-sells by time period, branch, or account manager.

  • List functionality

The CRM is rich with customizable fields and tags that fuel Aspire’s powerful list functionality. Users can find and filter properties and customers to launch win-back campaigns, resolve open issues, reconnect with unresponsive prospects, and more

  • Issue tickets

The work ticket-based system ensures no customer concerns or job issues are overlooked or forgotten. Landscapers and customers can create issue tickets for a property, which remain in the dashboard until marked complete

  • Dynamic database

Aspire offers a single, dynamic platform to house all the pertinent data for a property or customer. Landscapers can quickly review history, open contracts, invoices, and past and current issues

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Aspire is simply the best landscape business software you can buy. It’s helped us at Grunder Landscaping to vastly improve our efficiency, provide better service to our clients, boost sales, and increase our profits. Talk with Aspire today and start dreaming big and growing far.

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A cloud-based platform for limitless growth

Implement the software built on a foundation of green industry experience. Every feature in Aspire and Crew Control helps landscapers find new profitability in their current operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM software for a landscaping business?

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the processes, tools, and methods that a company uses to support potential and current client interactions.

Aspire’s end-to-end business management software provides a host of CRM tools for the entire customer lifecycle.

The comprehensive framework includes all the people and properties that populate the software, such as:

  • Prospects

  • Current and past customers

  • Employees

  • Commercial and residential locations

The digital platform keeps minute records of every action taken in the system. Users can open a property’s history and see won and lost bids, current contracts, and invoicing.

This streamlined functionality does more than just record customer data. Growing businesses will get support for applying best practices, improving service, and driving up revenue using a CRM.

What are the benefits of landscape CRM software?

You may not know the limitations of using a spreadsheet to manage customer data until you switch to landscape business software. You can drive new revenue from every customer relationship with the right platform. 

Aspire transforms the way users handle their customer interactions, delivering benefits such as

  • Notifications to empower proactive management of customer relationships

  • Accessible property history, including won and lost bids, current projects, and last touch

  • Required account owners to improve customer service

Landscape CRM software is more than just customer and property data. It backs management tools with a centralized database. Anyone in the office can access the entire history of a property or a customer. 

This improved operational visibility builds client loyalty by ensuring anyone–not just the account owner–can provide prompt, accurate answers about scheduling, estimates, invoicing, and more.

How much does a CRM for a landscaping company cost?

When considering the cost of landscape management software, take into account the benefits it provides for your organization. Aspire’s platform is customized to the landscaping industry and built to drive revenue growth that enables organizations to scale. 

There are two Aspire plans:

  • Growth: A special program that provides growing landscape companies with annual revenue between $1 million and $3 million with access to the Aspire business management platform.

  • Corporate: For landscaping companies with $3 to $15 million in annual revenue looking for the tools to scale their business into new and larger markets.

  • Enterprise: For landscaping companies with over $15 million in annual revenue looking for greater reporting capabilities from their business management software.

We offer Crew Control for mid-sized and small businesses that don’t need the extensive functionality of Aspire but are interested in streamlining and optimizing operations. 

What apps can I integrate with landscaping CRM software?

When choosing a CRM software solution for your landscaping company, consider its ability to blend with the existing structures of your organization.

Aspire’s integrations and add-ons allow customers to do more in less time. The software platform works seamlessly with:

  • Accounting software such as Quickbooks and Acumatica

  • GPS tracking and dashcam functionality with FleetSharp and Azuga’s integrated telematics

  • Integrated takeoffs using aerial imagery for

     property measurements

  • A mobile app for tracking labor hours from the field

These are just a few features Aspire provides its customers to operate at the forefront of their market.

What features does CRM software for a landscaping company include?

Customer relationship management is just part of the module-driven Aspire platform. It integrates the CRM with every aspect of a landscaping contract, from the initial estimate to job management and invoice.  Features include:

  • Customer portal

  • Management dashboards and customizable reporting

  • Estimate templates

  • Drag-and-drop job scheduling

  • Email and paper invoicing templates

  • Mobile labor time tracking

Because our customers enter and manage all their information in a single platform, they gain greater visibility into profitability and job costing for everything from lawn care to hardscape construction .Empowered by detailed financial reporting, our customers are able to operate responsively to safeguard their profits.

How do I use landscape CRM software?

Learning new workflows is a daunting aspect of business management software. That’s why Aspire is a lifelong partner dedicated to customer success. We provide

  • Dedicated team member for implementation

  • Lifelong AspireCare for troubleshooting and ongoing training

  • Comprehensive additional resources

  • Webinars and video tutorials

Our team offers user-friendly skills training so customers can navigate the platform confidently. We’re also committed to providing resources to our customers for applying best practices to their existing processes.

Which landscaping business software is best?

In terms of delivering ongoing value, Aspire landscaping business software enables customers to grow their business up to three times faster than the industry average.

Aspire remains a green industry favorite because it’s customized to how landscapers work. 

The pricing structure reflects customers’ yearly revenue instead the number of users or feature access. Every company, regardless of size, gets the same powerful end-to-end functionality for an unlimited number of users in the office and the field.

Can I manage my customer base based on location?

Yes. Aspire understands landscapers have customers and their properties. Customers can have multiple properties they need to be serviced, mainly when you work with:

  • Commercial accounts

  • Landlords

  • HOAs

In these verticals, there can often be redundancies and miscommunication.

Aspire and Crew Control platform features meet landscapers’ unique needs. The duplicate record function ensures team members don’t create multiple files for the same property or customer, preventing confusion and improving efficiency. 

The list feature allows users to manage their customer accounts based on location, including estimates and invoices.

Can I manage my sales pipeline with a single platform?

Yes. Your sales pipeline drives your ability to scale and controls future growth. 

Accessing a holistic view of current profitability, margins, and pipeline within a single platform gives landscapers unparalleled visibility and insight into their existing operations to plan for the future. 

Aspire allows users to report on their pipeline from the CRM by status, rep, or both. Closely monitoring granular data gives you the insights you need to increase sales.

I need to communicate with customers and my management team alike. Can I do this with Aspire?

Yes. Aspire provides users with the tools to standardize and streamline workflows, including three-way communication with customers, managers, and crew members. 

The CRM was designed with capabilities that enable landscapers to improve customer experiences and build the brand loyalty they need to fuel ongoing growth. 

Instead of bouncing between email, text messages, and phone calls to share information about a property, contract, or customer, drive all communication through the Aspire platform to ensure it’s entered into the CRM history.


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