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The tools every janitorial business needs to manage labor effectively, measure and understand actual costs, and estimate work accurately.
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What is janitorial software?

Janitorial software helps commercial cleaning companies and building service contractors operate more efficiently and profitably. By providing full visibility into every job, business management software allows contractors to improve productivity, track sales activities, and produce fast (and accurate) estimates.

With Aspire's comprehensive business management platform, janitorial contractors can streamline scheduling, labor management, time tracking, and team communication in order to focus on what matters most: growing their business and pool of satisfied customers.

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Estimating Software

Say goodbye to inconsistent estimates based on guesses or past jobs. Aspire allows you to create templates and kits based on your actual production factors, ensuring consistent and accurate estimates every time.


Scheduling Software

Take the headaches out of job scheduling. Move jobs from won to scheduled, create recurring jobs, and update the schedule instantly. Monitor performance metrics for every service, property, division, and more.

Job Costing

Job Costing Software

Keep track of every job cost, including material, labor hours, and other costs that contribute directly to how profitable you’ll be once a project ends.


Customer Service Software

Aspire’s CRM provides visibility into your sales pipeline so you know where you stand with your bids and proposals. Take customer service and satisfaction to the next level with a full view of clients and renewals.


Invoicing Software

Ditch paper invoices and create and track payments like the pros. Easily search, filter, and view outstanding invoices and sync Aspire with accounting solutions like QuickBooks or Acumatica.


Reporting Software

Gain valuable insights into your business performance and protect your profits with real-time reporting. Detailed, visual dashboards and customizable reports give you a 360-degree view of your business.

Create winning proposals
Win the jobs you want with fast, accurate estimates. Even the least experienced account managers can create winning bids with estimating features like bidding templates and kits; proposal templates; and custom, management-approved margins and markups by branch, division, or service type.
Bidding kits
Proposal templates
Digital signatures
Empower your teams

Make sure your teams have access to the information they need while they work, monitor progress with live updates to the schedule board, and reinforce accountability with geo-stamped locations.

Download our free guide: "The 3 software features you need for janitorial workforce management"

Mobile app
Live work ticket management
Location geo-stamping
Eliminate guesswork
Gain real-time visibility into your data—by division, service type, property, manager, team leader, job, or work ticket—so you can easily understand your actual vs. estimated job costs.
Customizable dashboards
Drilldown reports

“We’ve had tremendous growth month over month, and we could see it in real time because Aspire affords you that visibility into your sales and your operations.”

Dana Shaw
Property Works
Keep customers satisfied
Attract and retain clients with excellent service and quality assurance. Stay in regular communication with customers and management, create and respond to issues within the system, and use custom inspection templates to monitor your properties.
Integrated CRM
Customer portal
Site inspection tool
Streamline operations
Ditch disconnected solutions and time-consuming processes. By centralizing your company’s information, you and your teams will always have access to the data and insights you need to confidently run your business.
End-to-end business management
Real-time data
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Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about what to expect from janitorial business software and Aspire's solutions below.

Janitorial software is a program or system that allows a janitorial provider, commercial cleaner, or building service contractor to operate more efficiently and profitably by managing the customer life cycle. That life cycle spans many business phases, including managing sales activities and client contacts with a customer relationship management tool, estimating and bidding on jobs, scheduling work orders, managing labor and timekeeping via a mobile app, material and supply purchasing, measuring quality control for cleaning services, and invoicing work once it’s complete. Some janitorial business management solutions help you manage your workforce and vehicles with GPS integrations as well.

When these features are captured in an end-to-end business management software, it provides visibility into how your company is performing in real time—giving you powerful insights into how you can grow your business and keep your customers happy.

If you’re a janitorial provider without a field service management software in place, you’re likely missing out on the following benefits:

Real-time visibility into your business data. Without a cloud-based centralized management system, your operation probably requires key leaders to be present to provide information or make decisions. A janitorial software solution such as Aspire provides a single source for that information that is accessible and updated in real time by all users in the company, connecting office and field staff.

Better business decisions. With instant access to performance metrics, business owners can begin to do less work in the business and less direct management of labor and performance. The big-picture insights from the data help you make impactful decisions that will benefit the business, or indicate how you can correct course before it’s too late.

Improved profitability. To win business and increase profits, you’ll need a real-time heartbeat of where each account stands in terms of allocated labor hours and material costs. This real-time data gives your team members a reliable gauge of their accuracy and efficiency, so they can adapt not just from one month to the next, but from one visit to the next—ultimately increasing your company’s job performance and profitability.

Labor management and performance. Business management software integrates features such as mobile timekeeping and GPS to provide a big-picture visualization of where your employees are clocking in and where work still needs to be done. A comprehensive software with full visibility into labor costs can also improve a cleaning business’s workloading—where, after estimating, a company determines how many team members to schedule on a job to complete the quoted services. Software helps you empower and motivate your teams with the information and tools they need to perform high-quality work.

Sales performance. A software solution centralizes your sales data, allowing you to identify your top-performing salespeople, streamlining your janitorial bidding process, and leveraging the experience and knowledge of your sales team to win more business and increase revenue.

Leveraging a janitorial software platform helps business owners take a step back from operations. The leaders of these businesses can then focus more on strategic activities and trust that their system provides team members at all levels of the business with the tools that they need to perform their jobs well.

In the sales cycle, the commercial janitorial industry often requires a high level of industry expertise to accurately estimate the cost of a job and price it competitively. It can be a challenge to hire someone new or who hasn't had a lot of experience in the industry to be part of your sales team. A software solution systematizes and institutionalizes the knowledge from the experts in your business, so you can put that information in the hands of someone far less experienced, and they can still leverage that information, data, and years of experience, to generate competitive bids.

With a cloud-based solution like Aspire, functions such as estimating, job costing, operations, time tracking, quality, invoicing, and more are consolidated under one roof. There are no blind spots or lack of integration among these features, and the information is accurate and trusted throughout your operation.

Growing your commercial cleaning company means winning new business, as well as retaining the business that you've already won. An end-to-end software solution automates key areas of the estimating process using templates so your janitorial bidding process is not only simplified but also ensures that your bid includes the proper profit margins and production rates from the start. Aspire takes that a step further with property intelligence tools that allow you to measure square footage of your properties to create precise bids.

And when it comes to keeping your clients happy and loyal, having a system that can empower the proper personnel within your operation to assess performance and perform any necessary corrective action will help you retain your hard-won accounts.

There’s no shortage of business management software for commercial cleaning businesses—aside from Aspire, there’s Cleantelligent, Cleanbid, and Jobber, just to name a few—but many of the available options are fragmented, even if they're part of a partnership or even under a single brand. If you’re not diligent in selecting the right software, you could end up with a solution with a variety of bolt-on applications and features that aren’t well integrated.

The best solutions are all-in-one business management platforms that provide robust reporting, giving janitorial companies real-time insights into their sales performance, and help estimators create accurate and profitable bids quickly. In an end-to-end system, jobs flow to a schedule board and mobile workforce management tool for production to execute, and then on to a seamlessly integrated invoicing and accounting system for timely billing and accounts receivable.

Integrating these features in a single field service management software simplifies your business reporting and ensures better customer communication, better employee performance and accountability, and higher profits.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to selecting an end-to-end solution for your business, download our buyer’s guide to janitorial business management software for key criteria that any janitorial contractor should consider when evaluating potential business software solutions.

Depending on the software you choose, your software solution may or may not integrate with QuickBooks.

Aspire commercial janitorial business management software integrates with QuickBooks accounting software as well as Acumatica accounting software. It's important to link your business management solution and your financial system, and in an end-to-end business management solution like Aspire, they're inextricably linked to provide the business operator visibility to their bottom line.

Many businesses in the commercial cleaning industry complete not just invoicing, payroll, and time tracking in QuickBooks, but also perform account management and CRM tasks in that solution as well. Aspire’s integration with QuickBooks allows users to house all financial activity above the gross margin line in Aspire, while QuickBooks handles all data related to your indirect costs. This allows the two solutions to share relevant information to generate accurate financials at month-end or year-end close.

The integration ensures that QuickBooks isn't missing any data that it needs and provides the details and management of that data to the employees who are closest to the production, benefitting and empowering those users with actionable, reliable data.

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