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90% of workers trust automation solutions to get more work done without errors and help make faster decisions¹

90% of workers trust automation solutions to get more work done without errors and help make faster decisions¹

80% see revenue increase in businesses with real-time data²

80% see revenue increase in businesses with real-time data²

23% higher profit in businesses with engaged employees³

23% higher profit in businesses with engaged employees³

Features to drive profitability


Cleaning scheduling software

Drag-and-drop work tickets to create the schedule and use single-click optimization to maximize productivity. See capacity at a glance and easily accommodate last-minute service requests.


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What is commercial cleaning software?

Aspire's comprehensive commercial cleaning software is built to empower the industry’s best practices in business processes.

The platform optimizes workflows from estimating to invoicing, while the mobile app functionality improves communication and accountability to elevate services and build lasting relationships with customers.

Key features include drag-and-drop scheduling, real-time job costing, and customizable reporting to empower responsive management decisions that increase productivity, reduce costs, and eliminate waste.

Aspire's commercial cleaning software combines specialized functionality with intuitive design for a streamlined solution to maximize profitability.

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Bring your office and crews closer together

Running operations in a single platform provides visibility into real-time labor costs while improving performance and accountability.

  • In-platform crew communication

  • Automatic schedule syncing

  • Single-click route optimization



Improve client satisfaction and retention

Centralized digital records provide full sales pipeline visibility and enable commercial cleaners to easily reference client history and respond quickly to issues to strengthen relationships.

CAM employees (1)

In our first full year using Aspire, we were able to grow our revenue to about 15%. I'm very confident…we'll be able to grow that number even larger!

John Salido

Janitorial & Day Porter Service Line Expert at CAM Property Service

Many times companies resist switching software—but too much was falling through the cracks, so I knew I had to rip the bandaid off.

Brent Shears

President at Crown Facility Solutions

We’ve had tremendous growth month over month, and we could see it in real time because Aspire affords you that visibility into your sales and your operations.

Dana Shaw,

Operational Strategy at Property Works/The Batallan Group


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about commercial cleaning software.

What does cleaning business management software do?

Commercial cleaning software provides a centralized platform to manage all business operations and administrative tasks for cleaning companies that service stadiums, office buildings, retail spaces, multi-unit residential buildings, and other commercial spaces.

Key features include:

  • Workforce management with mobile-device functionality for office-to-field communication

  • Scheduling and dispatching cleaners with route optimization

  • Real-time cost tracking to manage labor and minimize waste

  • Geo-fenced time tracking with payroll integrations to eliminate paper timesheets and payroll bottlenecks

  • Billing and invoicing with aging invoice notifications to improve cash flow

  • Cloud-based customer management

Aspire’s field service management software eliminates siloed solutions, manual processes, and repetitive paperwork for commercial cleaners. 

Implementing a cloud-based platform optimizes productivity and increases profitability, igniting lasting growth within your market and beyond.

What are the benefits of using cleaning business software?

Cleaning service software benefits both the field and back office by increasing efficiency, improving accountability, and providing greater visibility into operational data.

Businesses implementing a software solution get unparalleled support in automating and optimizing their operations, minimizing labor costs while unlocking new revenue potential.

✓ Auto-dispatch schedules with optimized routing ensure your cleaners in the field are making the most of their workday. 

✓ Integrations with payroll and accounting platforms eliminate back-office bottlenecks, so your team can focus on growth initiatives rather than daily tasks.

✓ Centralized workflows improve data collection and reporting, make it easy to identify the most profitable cleaning jobs on your schedule, and eliminate low-revenue clients to increase cash flow with your current resources.

Other benefits include:

  • Geo-tagged time tracking

  • Real-time field staff communication, including photo and video uploads

  • Purchasing and inventory management for better job cost allocation

  • Job management processes aligned with industry best practices

  • Centralized customer information in a cloud-based CRM for improved sales processes

  • Client portal for online booking for services and invoice payment with credit card or ACH bank transfer

  • Unlimited estimate templates to get job bids out the door faster

Cleaning business software improves day-to-day operations, eliminating razor-thin margins while driving new profitability and growth.

How hard is it for a cleaning business to implement management software?

It depends. If a company uses many single-point software solutions, transferring data and processes into a new platform can be time-consuming.

Aspire Software is more than just a business management platform provider. It’s a technology partner invested in user success. That commitment to customer success begins from implementation and continues for the life of your business.

→ Dedicated implementation specialists work with users throughout onboarding to ensure they understand the software and how to use it to drive new revenue and profitability.

→ Ongoing product investment ensures the software never becomes outdated or brittle. Aspire users remain at the forefront of their markets because the latest technology backs them.

→ Monday to Friday, live customer support from AspireCare for troubleshooting, issue resolution, and expert answers to user questions.

→ Monthly office hours with product experts so users can continue to deepen their product knowledge, improve processes, and build skills in using the software. 

Implementing a comprehensive software platform can be complex, but new users aren’t left to figure it out alone. Becoming an Aspire user means working with technology experts to streamline the management of your company so you’re operating as profitably as possible.

How can Aspire’s cleaning business management software help grow profits?

Aspire's software helps cleaning businesses grow profits by optimizing labor costs through efficient scheduling and job bidding and reducing overhead by automating processes such as payroll, invoicing, and bookkeeping.

Real-time job costing gives account owners and managers instant insights into labor and material costs associated with individual jobs. This granular data analysis makes responsive management possible, and eliminates low-profit/high-cost jobs from your schedule.

Building service contractors using Aspire deliver consistently superior service through:

  • Route optimization

  • Three-way client communication capabilities

  • A user-friendly customer portal for e-sign contracts and online payment processing for credit cards and ACH bank transfers

A cloud-based CRM with historical client information makes it easy to see the full-funnel sales pipeline, touch base with prospects, and stay connected with existing customers, growing the customer base.

How much does management software for commercial cleaning companies cost?

Many cloud-based management software options on the market today charge by user and feature, so growing an enterprise in the cleaning industry generates increasing technology costs.

Aspire uses a different cost structure, providing the same full-feature access for unlimited users with every plan.

  • Corporate: designed for janitorial companies generating over $5 million in annual revenue

  • Enterprise: for companies with over $15 million in annual revenue that need open API capabilities for custom integrations with their preferred software partners

Aspire is a family of software solutions, including options for small businesses operating in the residential house cleaning sector, including:

  • Crew Control: $30 per month per crew

  • Crew Control Plus: $50 per month per crew

Schedule a demonstration with Aspire and find the ideal software solution for your business, whether you’re just getting started or are ready to expand into new nationwide markets.

How can cleaning business software improve scheduling and dispatch?

Just using scheduling software alongside siloed solutions for other aspects of your commercial or residential cleaning business limits your capabilities from the office and the data generated from your day-to-day operations.

An end-to-end business management platform, like Aspire, streamlines and optimizes workflows, delivers real-time updates for job costing and progress, and centralizes data collection.

Aspire’s scheduling and dispatch features include:

  • Instant work ticket creation from signed contracts

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling of work orders onto crew routes

  • Labor cost visualizations on dashboards to empower responsive management and eliminate overtime

  • Week and month calendar toggling to see your current operational capabilities

  • Auto-dispatch schedules for cleaners, eliminating time-consuming email or text messages

  • Automation for customer reminders instead of burdening office staff with follow-up calls

  • Instant schedule-syncing when something changes, with mobile device notifications for technicians in the field

Improving the mundane scheduling tasks for your business increases efficiency in the field and maximizes office productivity so that you can generate new profitability from your existing resources.

How can cleaning business software improve labor management?

Business management software in the cleaning industry gives business owners greater visibility to control their labor costs. Controlling labor costs can be challenging when your workforce operates in the field and office.

 A lack of visibility into cleaner locations, time spent at individual properties, and time tracking accuracy leave business owners to guess and rely on their gut instincts when it comes to:

  • Accurately pricing job estimates

  • Identifying the profitable contracts in your customer base

  • Eliminating the high-cost properties from routes

  • Staffing balanced crews 

Aspire provides real-time, accurate job costing data from a customizable dashboard. Operations can see when a job exceeds estimated labor costs to make data-backed responsive staffing decisions and adjust future estimates to maintain profit margins.

Does cleaning software integrate with QuickBooks?

Aspire seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Acumatica, and other popular accounting platforms.

Invoice and job data flow automatically with a one-way data push to reduce double entries, manual errors, and paperwork while ensuring data integrity across platforms.

Aspire provides complete visibility into your finances without duplicative data entry, eliminating the time-consuming processes involved with closing the month and improving business owner insight and understanding into revenue, cash flow, and costs in real-time.

Can you tailor business management software to a cleaning company?

Absolutely. Aspire’s Enterprise plan offers an open API to customize integrations to the business needs of companies generating over $15 million in annual revenue.

As the only genuinely scalable platform on the market, Aspire easily adapts to changes in the number of users, locations, teams, branches, and services. Scalable workflows also make it easy for Aspire to configure changing operational requirements as companies drive new growth.

With an industry-specific solution like Aspire, you avoid paying for unnecessary capabilities and get the specialized tools commercial cleaners need.


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