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Crew Control
Business Management Software

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Level up your business and accomplish more, each and every day.

Move away from using pen and paper to run your business and supercharge your operations. Crew Control software is an easy-to-use, flexible—and affordable—business management solution designed to help you overcome your greatest challenges and get more done in less time.

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Get and stay organized.

With Crew Control, you can ditch the pen and paper, move away from spreadsheets, and digitize your whiteboard to manage your business and its operations within one solution.

Communicate more effectively.

By keeping you connected to your techs or crews and in touch with your customers, Crew Control will help you better manage operations and build lasting relationships based on trust.

Run a better business.

From bidding to reporting, Crew Control will help you win more work, manage your business more effectively, and understand performance so you can focus on what’s most important.


Crew Control business management software:

Providing the tools busy contractors need to get and stay organized, communicate effectively, and run a better business.

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Professional proposals.

Winning new work often depends on getting bids out quicker than the competition. Electronic proposals, available with a Crew Control Plus subscription, are designed to help you do just that: streamline bidding and win more work.

In Crew Control's bidding workspace, you can quickly add, organize, and manage leads to ensure follow up; effortlessly assemble and send your proposal via email or text; and easily see when your proposal is viewed or accepted. Once won, work can be seamlessly scheduled, right from the bidding workspace; all existing details carry over directly to the job on the schedule board.

Simplified scheduling.

Scheduling new work and dealing with schedule changes is a never-ending challenge for any field service provider. In Crew Control, you can schedule new one-time jobs or recurring work in a matter of seconds. Simply enter the details about the job and assign to a specific day or set up to automatically repeat. If you’re not certain where you want to put a job, you can just drop it into Crew Control’s unique ‘holding area’ for scheduling later.

Schedule changes? Not a worry. Just click and drag to change the order or drop a job onto a new date. Crew Control’s flexibility allows you to quickly select and move multiple jobs at once, if needed—and, in the event of weather delays, shift an entire day’s schedule to another date.


Effective communication.

Clear communication is key to ensuring work is completed correctly and on time. With Crew Control, you'll no longer have to worry about lost or outdated paper schedules. You can choose to automatically 'dispatch' a daily electronic route sheet to your workers once the schedule is set.

Any updates are reflected immediately, so your techs or crews will always have access to the latest version, right from their mobile device. Even better, every job on the schedule is flagged for the appropriate type of service and assigned a checklist, if you choose, so your employees can quickly see what work to do and the equipment that’s needed. Crew Control also allows real-time sharing of photos and/or videos between you and your teams for quick visual reference when necessary.


Optimized routes.

Minimizing drive times can help your techs or crews service more customers in a day. With Crew Control's ‘auto-route’ function, you can quickly optimize driving routes with a single click to help your employees cover the most ground in the least amount of time.

From the schedule, you have quick access to a map view of the day’s scheduled jobs. You can also see the expected drive time from one project to the next for visibility into where your techs or crews are working and when. With just a click, Crew Control will automatically map out the most efficient route for the day’s jobs, helping your teams make the most of their time while saving you money. It's that easy!


Automated notifications.

Now that smartphones are used for nearly everything, many customers have come to expect businesses will communicate with them via text. With Crew Control's automated text notifications, you can meet that expectation by providing timely updates to your customers.

To start, you can easily set up and schedule personalized texts reminding customers of their scheduled service. Providing advance notice allows them to let you know immediately if they need to cancel, saving your tech or crew a wasted trip. You can also notify customers once work is complete and thank them for their business. Or, in the event service is delayed for any reason, you can quickly send a text to one or multiple customers to let them know.

Accurate tracking.

Tracking hours precisely is the only way to ensure the accuracy of the data you use for billing, payroll, and reporting. With Crew Control, keeping track of your employees’ time is easy. As soon as you dispatch your electronic route sheets each morning, the tech or crew leader can quickly clock the members of their team in or out for the day, which records their hours worked for payroll.

As they service accounts throughout the day, the tech or crew leader will then check in and out of each scheduled job to record their daily labor hours. This data can help inform invoicing by confirming that customers are billed for the right amount of work; it can also help you gain insight into the profitability of every job to ensure you’re pricing your services so that you never lose money on a job again.


Streamlined invoicing.

Billing for completed work is a time-consuming and tedious task. Crew Control can help you streamline the process and save substantial time. From the billing work center, you can easily see work not invoiced, open invoices, paid invoices, and payment history to help ensure you never forget to bill an account.

Once a job is finished, you can quickly create and send invoices via email or text. Customers can easily view their invoice from a desktop or mobile device as well as remitting payment electronically, if you've signed up for payments in Crew Control.

Crew Control will also help you manage your recurring billing contracts. Simply set up details like billing frequency, line-item costs, and payment method in the customer record. Crew Control will automatically charge the account at the specified interval and send a receipt directly to the customer after their payment is processed. Better yet, you can easily see if a customer has an outstanding balance the next time you go to schedule one of their jobs.

Seamless payments.

Providing flexible payment options isn’t just convenient for you, it’s also convenient for your customers. More importantly, it often leads to getting paid faster. With payments in Crew Control, you can allow your customers to quickly, easily—and securely—pay their invoices electronically, without the need to keep track of loose checks or paper copies.

Customers can opt to pay via credit card or ACH bank transfer. Any stored credit card and banking details are kept secure; only the last four digits remain visible once entered. Even better, using an integrated payments solution prevents the confusion of matching invoices to payments made using third-party payment systems like PayPal or Venmo once you get paid.


Profitable operations.

Achieving your business goals is challenging without an accurate view of how you're performing. With Crew Control, you can quickly view and track daily revenue as well as revenue per man hour across customers to determine which accounts are making—or costing—you money.

Having this insight can help you better identify the opportunities you want to focus on and ultimately achieve better margins. You can also collect job times, crew notes, and materials used for reporting purposes; easily view reports in Crew Control by service, by crew, or by customer; or export to Excel for further analysis.

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