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Say goodbye to crew scheduling nightmares,
and hello to easy:

Crew Control
Scheduling Software

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Eliminate the hassles and headaches of crew scheduling.

Overcome the challenges of scheduling your crews with Crew Control scheduling software, an easy-to-use, flexible—and affordable—solution that enables you to set up and optimize crew routes in just a few clicks.

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Handle scheduling—and changes to your schedule—with ease.

Easily set up your schedule and make quick adjustments, when needed, to accommodate weather delays or other changes.

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Stay on top of your jobs and in touch with your crews.

Make sure jobs never get skipped and your crews always have the information they need to do every job well.

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Get insight into how to grow smarter and more profitably.

Understand customer profitability and crew efficiency so you can determine how to best scale your business while boosting your bottom line.

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Simplified scheduling.

With Crew Control, you can schedule new work in a matter of seconds. Simply enter the details about the job and assign to a specific day or set up to automatically repeat. If you’re not certain where you want to put a job, you can just drop it into Crew Control’s unique ‘holding area’ for scheduling later.

What about schedule changes? Not a worry. Just click and drag to change the order or drop a job onto a new date. Crew Control’s flexibility allows you to quickly select and move multiple jobs at once, if needed—and, in the event of weather delays, shift an entire day’s schedule to another date.

Once your schedule is set, you can choose to automatically ‘dispatch’ a daily schedule to your crews.

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mobile - streamlined communication

Streamlined communication.

With Crew Control’s electronic route sheets, you can say farewell to lost or outdated paper schedules. Your crews always have access to the latest schedule, right from their mobile device; updates you make are reflected immediately. Even better, every job on the schedule is flagged for the appropriate type of service and assigned a checklist, if you choose, so your crews can quickly see what work to do and the equipment that’s needed. Crew Control also allows real-time sharing of photos between you and your crews as well as sending notifications to your customers.

Crew Control also features an ‘auto-route’ function that allows you to optimize your crews’ driving routes with a single click to help them cover the most ground in the least amount of time. From the schedule, you have quick access to a map view of the day’s scheduled jobs as well as the expected drive time from one project to the next for visibility into where you crews are working and when.

Profitable growth.

With Crew Control, you can quickly view and track daily revenue as well as revenue per man hour across customers to determine which accounts are making—or costing—you money. With this insight, you can better identify the opportunities you want to focus on and ultimately ensure better margins.

You can also collect job times, crew notes, and materials used for reporting purposes. At the end of the week (or month), Crew Control allows you to easily export your data in Excel format or send it over to create an itemized invoice in QuickBooks Online, where you can also receive credit card or electronic payments from your customers.

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Simplify scheduling now!

Only $30/month per crew.

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