Best landscaping business scheduling apps

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PublishedMay 25, 2023

Best landscaping business scheduling apps


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In the landscaping and lawn care industry, a full schedule is necessary for growth but can be challenging to manage.

Busy landscapers may book jobs without recording important data, such as the quantity of materials or the number of crews required to get the work done, leading to rescheduling and delays.

When landscapers use landscaping business scheduling apps, they streamline job management, which results in the timely completion of jobs and satisfied customers.

If you want to optimize your scheduling and work more efficiently, read on to find out how top landscaping and lawn care scheduling apps work to simplify scheduling so you can run a successful landscaping business.

What are landscaping scheduling apps?

Landscaping scheduling apps are mobile and web-based applications to help landscapers easily manage their day-to-day operations. The best scheduling app for lawn care business helps landscape contractors:

  • Create and manage customer profiles

  • Schedule appointments

  • Track employee hours

  • Generate invoices

  • And more

The best scheduling apps provide additional features, such as:

  • Automated text or email reminders for customers

  • Geo-stamped time recording for employees

  • Integrations with other key business software. 

Not only do landscaping scheduling apps save landscape business owners time and money, but they also help landscaping techs provide exceptional customer experiences.

Best landscape business scheduling software

The best landscape scheduling software performs the hard work for you, so you can focus on growing your field service business. Below, we list features and pricing for some of the best lawn care scheduling software for landscapers to consider.

  1. Aspire

  2. Crew Control

  3. Jobber

  4. Service Autopilot

  5. Lawn Love

  6. WorkWave

  7. FieldVibe

  8. TurfHop

1. Aspire: An end-to-end solution

Streamline and simplify the scheduling process 

Aspire’s cloud-based landscape business software streamlines the scheduling process, saving you time and money. Whether it’s one job or recurring jobs throughout the year, Aspire makes scheduling quick and easy.

Aspire’s scheduling software for landscaping companies automates the scheduling process. Once you mark an estimate as won, all the details carry over into a work ticket that guides the workflow all the way to invoicing and payment. 

Not only does the work-ticket structure simplify scheduling, but it also eliminates double data entry and potential manual errors.

Aspire helps lawn care professionals deliver superior customer service because it provides full visibility for each job. Landscapers can make appropriate labor and material decisions ahead of time, ensuring jobs are completed on time and on budget.

Evergreen contracts never expire, which simplifies client management, enhances customer communication, and helps you grow your customer base.

Seamlessly update or change the schedule 

Aspire helps landscaping companies avoid scheduling conflicts because the easy-to-view schedule board shows your schedule at a glance. This user-friendly platform ensures you won’t forget to schedule a job or make costly scheduling mistakes.

Aspire’s drag-and-drop job scheduling makes it easy to update or reschedule jobs. 

To change the schedule, users can:

  • Move tickets to a new day

  • Split a ticket between days

  • Extended a job to additional days. 

For maximum flexibility, Aspire makes it simple to: 

  • Reassign jobs

  • Add multiple crews to a job

In the schedule, you can toggle between weekly and monthly views, providing instant insight for route optimization for upcoming jobs, crew availability, and material and equipment requirements.

Effortlessly manage tickets and monitor job progress 

Streamlined scheduling translates into greater efficiency and profit. Aspire’s scheduling functionality reduces labor costs because it simplifies the process and ensures your jobs stay on track.

Aspire enhances job management by enabling operations to view job performance at a glance. With Aspire’s Crew Mobile app for Apple iOS and Android, crews can clock in and out at the job site, which reduces unallocated time and increases accurate reporting, job costing, and forecasting. 

Right from the schedule board, Aspire provides real-time performance metrics by:

  • Service

  • Property

  • Company

  • Division

This drill-down reporting enables landscapers to get granular detail in their labor costs, so they can make responsive management decisions before going into overtime and eroding profit margins. 

2. Crew Control: A perfect solution for smaller businesses

Easy scheduling for one-time and recurring work

Aspire Crew Control field service management software empowers small landscaping or lawn care businesses to simplify scheduling and save time and money. Optimized scheduling reduces downtime and increases crew productivity.

Crew Control makes it easy to schedule new one-time jobs or recurring work. The platform allows for seamless scheduling up to one year in advance. You can toggle between your schedule and any unscheduled jobs, so nothing is overlooked.

Flexible scheduling board 

Crew Control’s flexible options give you greater control of your day-to-day scheduling. Simply drag and drop a job to the desired day. 

Software makes it easy to handle rain delays and accommodate unplanned circumstances by rearranging a single job, multiple jobs, or shifting your entire schedule.

Viewing your schedule by day, week, or month helps you avoid scheduling conflicts, schedule the right crews to jobs, and optimize routes to minimize windshield time. You can toggle between weekly and monthly schedule views, improving crew availability and time tracking.

When you connect scheduling with your entire business, you stay on top of job performance and provide a better customer experience.

Holding area for unscheduled jobs 

Crew Control gives you greater efficiency and flexibility when it comes to scheduling jobs. Not ready to schedule a job? With Crew Control, it’s no problem. Simply place a job in the unscheduled bin, where it remains visible until you assign it to the appropriate day. Jobs in the holding area remain trackable, so you won’t overlook them.

3. Jobber

Jobber offers software for home service companies to help with:

  • Scheduling

  • Invoicing

  • CRM

  • Marketing

It also offers a mobile app and integrations to improve field operations, such as crew member GPS tracking and payment processing.


Jobber offers many integrations to help business operations, including:

  • Accounting

  • Payment processing

  • Marketing

  • GPS tracking. 

In addition, it offers integrations through Zapier, so businesses can use their favorite apps.


Jobber offers several plans, all of which include extra fees for more than one user:

  • Lite: $9/mo. for one user

  • Core: $49/mo. for one user. Additional users $29/mo. each

  • Connect: $129/mo. for up to 5 users. Additional users $29/mo. each

  • Grow: $249/mo. for up to 15 users. Additional users $29/mo. each

Advanced features 

Advanced features available with the highest-priced plan include:

  • Automated customer follow-ups for quotes

  • Ability to manage leads

  • Customer referrals

4. Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot provides software for service companies in several different industries to help with:

  • Scheduling

  • Invoicing

  • Customer messaging

  • Credit card processing 

While the software offers features such as a mobile app and client portal, it also requires additional fees.


Service Autopilot offers integrations for:

  • Accounting

  • Email

  • Mapping

  • Credit card processing

The software offers email integrations for all plans for a monthly fee for each email. The two highest-priced plans offer accounting and mapping integrations for monthly fees.


Service Autopilot offers three plans, all of which require additional fees for more than one user:

  • Startup: $49/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea. for mobile users. One-time sign-up fee of $97

  • Pro: $109/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea. for mobile users. One-time sign-up fee of $109. Additional monthly fees for certain integrations

  • Pro Plus: $279/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea. for mobile users. One-time sign-up fee of $275. Additional monthly fees for certain integrations

Advanced features 

Advanced features available with the highest-priced plan include:

  • Automations for daily tasks, follow-up, and marketing

  • Automated reports

5. Lawn Love

Lawn Love offers an online service to connect landscapers with lawn care jobs. It also provides a business management app for scheduling, routing, and collecting payments.


Lawn Love does not list any integrations online.


Lawn Love is free. Landscaping pros apply to Lawn Love to become a provider. Once approved, landscapers use the app to choose available jobs in their area. Lawn Love charges customers a fee on each job.

Advanced features 

Lawn Love features include:

  • Scheduling

  • Administrative work, such as scheduling, quotes, and payments

  • Mapping

6. WorkWave

WorkWave offers RealGreen and RealGreen Lite to help professionals in the green industry with business management and marketing. It offers a mobile app to assist with scheduling and communication.


WorkWave offers RealGreen integrations for QuickBooks accounting and payment processing.


WorkWave does not list pricing information for its plans online.

Advanced features 

RealGreen by WorkWave features include:

  • Scheduling, routing, and GPS

  • Estimating

  • CRM

  • Measurement tools

  • Payment processing

  • Digital and web services

7. FieldVibe

FieldVibe offers scheduling software for businesses in the service industry. It provides features to help crew assignment and customer communication and offers a mobile app.


FieldVibe does not currently offer integrations.


FieldVibe offers three plans:

  • Basic: A free plan for scheduling 25 jobs a month on one device

  • Solo: $20/mo. for unlimited devices and unlimited jobs

  • Crews: $50/mo. for unlimited devices, jobs, and crews

Advanced features  

Advanced features for the two paid plans include:

  • Unlimited exporting

  • Text messaging

8. TurfHop

TurfHop provides lawn care business software to help professionals with:

  • Scheduling

  • Route optimization

  • Job costing

  • Lead and customer management

  • Invoicing

  • Payments

The software also provides a mobile app for connection from the field. 


TurfHop offers several integrations for accounting, communications, and payments. It also offers Zapier for additional integrations.


TurfHop offers three plans:

  • Free: For one user

  • Solo: $39/mo. for one user and unlimited employees

  • Team: $119/mo. for up to 10 users and unlimited employees

Advanced features 

Advanced features available with the highest-priced plan include:

  • Form builders

  • Job costing

  • Employee management

  • Reporting

  • Digital signatures

Why a landscape scheduling app is only part of the solution

Instead of providing a comprehensive solution, siloed software programs often create additional difficulties. Single-solution software often results in:

  • Repetitive data entry: Re-entering the same data results in an inefficient use of time.

  • Creates opportunities for errors: More data entry means greater potential for mistakes.

  • Inefficient processes: Time and money are wasted when tasks take longer to perform.

  • Integration issues: The inability to move data from one software to another complicates data entry and reporting.

  • Increased costs: Spending more on multiple software subscriptions, key features, or add-ons means less green for your business.

  • Increased risk of data breaches: Single solutions may not fully protect the integrity of your financial and customer data.

  • Limited ability to scale: Before you scale a business, you need to implement proven processes and workflows.

  • Inability to track obstacles: When data isn’t in one place, the ability to track project costs and business performance becomes time-consuming and difficult.

  • Protracted implementation: Learning many different software programs leads to implementation difficulties.

  • Lack of collaboration: When employees and crews can’t easily communicate with each other and find the information they need, it inhibits job performance.

The importance of an end-to-end platform to ignite lasting growth

While landscape scheduling software remains crucial for landscape companies to operate efficiently, it only addresses one aspect of operations. 

An end-to-end solution improves every aspect of business, including:

With a comprehensive platform, landscapers don’t need to jump from one program to the next to follow up on jobs or track key data — everything remains connected and visible in one place.

Aspire is the best all-in-one software for enterprise landscaping businesses

Comprehensive feature set 

Aspire provides a comprehensive solution for landscaping companies to connect all of its business operations.

Aspire streamlines daily tasks, enabling landscapers to run their businesses more efficiently. It also provides key insights into business performance, enabling large landscaping businesses to increase profit and lay a foundation for growth.

Seamless integration 

Aspire’s integrations ensure landscapers can seamlessly use their favorite tools, without incurring extra fees.

 Aspire offers integrations to enhance work in the field, from GPS tracking to takeoff measurements. Aspire also offers integrations for:

  • Accounting with QuickBooks and Acumatica

  • Timesheets

  • Payroll

  • Electronic payments

These integrations eliminate the need for multiple software systems, reduces the risk of discrepancies or errors, and simplifies work.

Aspire Software’s Crew Control is the best solution for small businesses in landscaping 

Cost-effective solution for growing your business 

Crew Control's flexible, cloud-based system gives small landscaping companies an affordable way to grow business. The platform helps landscaping and lawn care business owners cost-effectively streamline operations, improve communication, manage labor costs, and increase profit.

Get and stay organized

Crew Control enables landscapers to centralize operations and efficiently organize business. 

Eliminate manual processes and simplify project management, keeping tabs on all the details from one place. When you better manage jobs, you work more efficiently, with fewer mistakes, to maximize profit.

Create winning bids 

Win more work with streamlined bidding. Crew Control’s electronic proposal feature helps you manage leads and assemble and track proposals, whether it’s a mowing job or a landscape design project. Send proposals by email or text to make it easier on you and your customers.

Simplify scheduling 

Crew Control simplifies scheduling for one-time and recurring work. Simply drag and drop one or multiple jobs to easily rearrange the schedule. Use a scheduling “holding area” for unscheduled jobs for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Stay connected to the field 

Say goodbye to miscommunication. With Crew Control’s mobile access and real-time schedule updates, crews always know what’s happening. The ability to share photos, videos, and notes connects your crews, managers, and office staff, so everyone stays in the loop.

Try Aspire or Crew Control for a complete landscape business management solution

Aspire automates and streamlines scheduling, providing a complete solution for landscape businesses.

Since Aspire connects scheduling with every aspect of business, it gives landscapers an overall snapshot of business performance, empowering them to make better decisions and increase profit.

For smaller landscape companies, Crew Control provides an affordable solution to streamline and grow business. Easy scheduling to real-time updates gives you the tools you need for growth.

>> Want to see how Aspire or Crew Control will transform your landscaping business? Schedule a demonstration today.

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