Stay connected to the field with Aspire's mobile app

Enable mobile time reporting and real-time communication between the office and the field.

Track, manage, and report time and materials from the field while streamlining communication between management and employees with Aspire's Crew Mobile app.

Track labor and materials with precision.

Track labor and materials with precision.

Accurately capture your job costs by enabling mobile reporting of the time worked and materials or supplies used on every job.

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Ensure the accuracy of your payroll export file.

Ensure the accuracy of your payroll export file.

Allow real-time tracking, management, and submission of hours worked in the field from any smartphone or tablet.

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Improve communication between the office and the field.

Improve communication between the office and the field.

Increase operational agility and efficiency with real-time, two-way communication between management and employees.

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Precise tracking.

With the Aspire platform’s Crew Mobile app, your employees can easily check in and out of tickets within the system from the field throughout the day to ensure accurate reporting of labor hours and materials/supplies for every job.

Each time a tech, team, or crew is checked in, the time-tracking app geo-stamps their location, providing your operations managers with visibility into the jobs in progress while also creating back-up data for billing verification, if needed.

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Accurate payroll.

Aspire's simple-to-use Crew Mobile time-tracking app allows your employees to easily clock in or out for the day from any smartphone or tablet, using their own, unique PIN identifier.

Mobile time capture enables timely and accurate reporting of every worker’s hours as well as streamlining review and approval of timesheets so you can have confidence in the accuracy of the payroll file you export from the Aspire platform.

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Seamless communication.

Aspire's Crew Mobile app syncs instantaneously with the platform to ensure your employees have quick access to the information needed in the field.

All materials and equipment required for the day’s jobs are always listed within the platform's Crew Mobile app to help ensure your teams or crews get out of the shop quickly and with everything they need. Users can access and log operational or visit notes; view location maps and site plans; and create, assign, or respond to issues as well as communicating these to their manager and then to the customer, if necessary.

Even better—with Aspire's Crew Mobile app, schedule changes are no longer a disruptive, time-consuming challenge. All updates made to the system's “live” schedule board are visible within the app as they occur, so techs or crew leaders always know where they're expected and what work to complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about reporting and the value of end-to-end software.

What is the best landscape software with reporting capabilities?

Aspire and Crew Control are single-platform business management solutions that pull end-to-end data for landscapers and field service businesses.

Instead of generating reports from siloed solutions and manually entering data into a third-party system to organize and analyze, Aspire and Crew Control provide instantaneous visibility. 

Reporting isn’t the only capability these platforms provide. Users get the industry’s best job management capabilities to automate across:

Eliminate the inefficiencies and errors of siloed software for your business management by implementing a management platform designed for landscapers.

How much does business management software for landscaping cost?

We understand that organizations at every growth stage need the same advanced capabilities, which is why we offer a range of plans with pricing based on your annual revenue. 

  • Crew Control: Designed for small businesses with under $3 million in annual revenue, Crew Control supercharges your growth by optimizing key areas of your business and giving you the tools to overcome challenges confidently.

  • Aspire Growth: A special program that provides growing landscape companies with annual revenue between $1 million and $3 million with access to the Aspire business management platform. 

  • Aspire Corporate: Ideal for businesses between $3 and $15 million in annual revenue, you get the full capabilities of the Aspire platform and unlimited users to implement the industry’s best business management software.

  • Enterprise: For those organizations growing beyond the $15 million milestone, the Enterprise tier of Aspire provides advanced reporting capabilities and API for customized integrations.

The earlier you implement an industry-specific software platform, the sooner you can unlock new profitability in your bottom line. 

Discover how to do more without investing in more staff, equipment, or marketing campaigns. Business management software for landscapers enables you to empower your in-office staff to do more with their workday by streamlining and optimizing everything from estimating to scheduling and invoicing

Schedule a demonstration with Aspire to find your perfect match with one of our landscaping-specific software platforms.

What are the common features of landscaping statistical software?

Statistical software for landscapers is all about the data—generating, compiling, analyzing, and visualizing.

Some of the typical features in landscape job reporting software include the following:

  • Instant data queries from across the business

  • Work-in-progress construction reporting

  • KPI reporting for individuals, crews, and departments

  • Mobile time and material tracking

  • Gross margin visualizers on work tickets

Implementing software with statistical capabilities means you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to find out whether or not:

  • Teams and individuals are meeting KPIs

  • Individual jobs are profitable 

  • You're operating within your established margins

Granted, it’s possible to generate monthly reports from single-purpose software platforms.

However, placing job costing and profitability data in a larger context often requires manually entering the data into a separate spreadsheet, creating opportunities for errors and wasted time. 

Landscape reporting software like Aspire displays select data visualizations on the dashboard and generates instant reports with the click of a button.

What are the benefits of using landscape software for reporting?

Whatever growth stage you’re in, optimizing operations with a robust software platform with mobile app functionality is the best way to create momentum for growing your market share. Benefits of implementing software include:

  • Doing more with less staff by automating estimating, scheduling and timesheets, and invoicing

  • Gain data-backed insight into the most profitable services and verticals of your operation

  • Increase accuracy and consistency across your organization for improved profitability and customer experiences

Landscaping business management software handles every aspect of running a business in the green industry, from the initial job bid through invoice and follow-up.

While providing the tools to execute daily tasks, it also generates and correlates data across your workflow so owners and managers can see the story behind cost and revenue figures.

But just looking at numbers isn’t enough to guide better decision-making in your business, especially if you’re relying on manually entering data into a spreadsheet every month to generate insights. 

Landscape and lawn care software for reporting puts data into a larger context specific to your business and industry. The Aspire dashboard uses data visualization to translate reported statistics into information users can grasp at a glance. 

Get the insight you need to run your business confidently when you use landscape software for reporting.

Can you customize reporting with landscape business software?

Aspire’s cloud-based dashboard is like the cockpit of a plane, giving landscape contractors the critical information they need to run their business profitably and prepare for potential challenges.

With that in mind, you can customize not only your dashboard but those for other roles within your organization, such as:

  • Account managers

  • Production supervisors

  • Operations managers

  • Owners

Individual users will see the data relevant to their daily, weekly, and monthly work. 

Landscape company owners can customize reports to gain greater insight into different aspects of their operations by analyzing data related to:

  • Date ranges for monthly or seasonal reports

  • Services or verticals

  • Clients or properties

Instead of wasting time searching for relevant data and making decisions with your gut, back your decisions with hard numbers related to profitability, costs, and projected growth. 

Do I need landscape management software to scale my business?

Yes. Just like you need the right tools to bring out the best in a property, software provides operational systems and information to empower the best in your business. Aspire brings everything you do into a single, cloud-based platform, including:

  • Estimate templates and bidding kits

  • Purchasing assistant with daily price updates

  • Job scheduling with a weekly and monthly calendar view

  • CRM with in-platform email and SMS messaging capabilities

  • Invoicing populated with accurate information from work orders

  • Accounting integrations

Siloed software solutions may be sufficient in the early days of your business. In an industry with narrow margins and a high-demand busy season, your processes were likely a product of necessity.

However, spreadsheets, paper files, and in-person walkthroughs will only get you so far, especially when trying to break past the $3 million and $15 million revenue milestones. 

Set ambitious goals and achieve them by partnering with management software designed for the landscape industry.

Can you control who views reported information in landscaping reporting software?

Aspire is a role-based field service management software that lets users define the dashboard reports by roles. You control who in your organization has access to what information. 

  • Operations can see project shortfalls and determine if they’re related to:

    • Material and supply costs

    • Work crew productivity

    • Errors in job bidding

  • Owners and managers can see profit-and-loss reporting before the end of the month and filter by:

    • Division or branch

    • Work crew

    • Vertical or service

    • Sales rep

    • Gross margin

No more messy Excel spreadsheets with duplicate and confusing information. Customizing the Aspire dashboard by job role, you provide your team with user-friendly metrics to empower proactive problem-solving and responsive management. Give your team the resources they need to meet challenges on your terms.

Does Aspire’s landscape management software have an open API?

Yes. Aspire provides users with open API capabilities at the Enterprise level, enabling them to customize their integrations and add-ons. We’re committed to being more than a management tool.

Aspire is the only platform that scales with you, no matter how much you grow, backed by an expert team committed to being a lifelong partner to landscaping companies. 

At the Corporate level, users can still access an ever-growing suite of capabilities to enable them to improve efficiency across their workflow, including:

  • QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online for accounting and bookkeeping

  • Mobile device functionality for crew time tracking, task checklists, and customer communication

  • Clover Connect for credit card and ACH payments

  • Azuga-powered Aspire Integrated Telematics for GPS and dash cams for your fleet

  • Integrated Payroll Services (IPS) 360° Payroll system

  • Virtual tools for measurements, takeoffs, and estimates with PropertyIntel

Aspire’s partnership with Savvy Otter enables custom API integrations so users with platforms and systems that work for their organization can continue to use them after implementing our all-in-one landscaping management software.

Does Aspire's mobile app work in the background?

We legally can't track our employees after working hours and since it's GPS enabled, that's a concern. Aspire's mobile tracking of employees commences with the sign-in process, which is initiated with a pin number and linked directly to payroll. Only those activities are tracked.

Can photos be taken of the property before and after we leave the property in order to clock in and clock out?

Yes. Services can be assigned in Aspire with the requirement of recording information either via photos or forms at clock out.

Can employees clock in and out at different times, for various portions of a job?

Yes. Aspire provides complete flexibility for tracking techs, teams, or crews and jobs, simultaneously in sequence.

Can clock time be flagged if an employee exceeded a certain number of total hours in one day?

Aspire provides payroll and clock time reporting that through the use of dashboards can provide alerts in real-time for specific rules set up on the schedule board.


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