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Make real-time decisions with Aspire's advanced reporting functionality

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Make smarter, faster business decisions based on real data, not assumptions.

Gain valuable insight into your business performance to drive better decisions and healthier margins with Aspire's real-time reporting functionality.

Leverage real-time data you can see and trust.

Keep your data at your fingertips, all in one place, so you can quickly assess your company’s performance and health at any given time.

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Drive proactive, informed decision making.

Get real-time insight into business activities and performance so you can act proactively to adjust course and improve outcomes.

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Impact the future success of your business.

Develop and implement business-wide strategies and adjustments to ensure your company reaches its revenue and profit goals.

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Real-time data.

With the Aspire platform, you don’t have to pull your business data from multiple sources and reenter it into yet another solution to make sense of it. Information within Aspire is immediately available within the system for use organization-wide—no risk of duplication, data entry errors, or broken spreadsheet formulas.

Better yet, the platform’s powerful reporting capabilities enable you to query your data in any way for an immediate, 360° view of your business. Want a quick glimpse into your direct costs? Aspire's flexible profit-and-loss (P&L) reporting allows you to filter by branch, division, property, service type, sales rep, tech, team/crew leader, or operations manager, all the way down to the gross-margin line. Need more detail? Simply click in for a more granular view—it’s that easy.

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Reporting 02.1

Informed decisions.

Accessing real-time data and insights is far more than a convenience. In fact, having this capability can even influence whether your company is profitable or not. With full visibility into business activities and company performance, you can better determine where improvements are needed and take proactive action.

For example, with the job dashboard in Aspire, you can quickly review all aspects of a project to assess if shortfalls are related to material/supply costs or tech, team, or crew productivity—or if pricing adjustments are needed for future opportunities. Likewise, Aspire's flexible pivot tables provide you the ability to calculate, summarize, and analyze rows and columns of data related to sales, purchases, work tickets, and hours with ease.

Strategic planning.

The real-time insights provided by the Aspire platform helps you eliminate guesswork and develop meaningful, actionable strategies that help your business grow and thrive. For example, because the platform handles invoicing and accounts receivable, there’s never any question about what’s owed or what’s due.

With a clear view of your anticipated income, you can stay on top of accounts receivable and improve cash flow. And when renewal season or the end of year comes around, Aspire allows you to look at completed job data by property, service, or division so you can decide what work to continue, what contracts to renew, or what service mix to offer, based on their profitability.

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We believe Aspire will help your company grow and thrive.

Grow faster, increase profit margins, and improve processes with an end-to-end business management platform, built to power remarkable companies.

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Reporting FAQs

Can the dashboard be customized to show data for specific date ranges?

Aspire dashboards are completely customizable. Typical practice is to define a set of 8-10 dashboards per job description, per role, in your company.

For example, account managers will have a different set of dashboards than production supervisors but will also typically share dashboards to create better teamwork, communication, and accountability.

What custom reports can we run if the standard reports do not meet our needs?

Aspire features two types of built-in reporting:

1. Pivot tables for data mining
2. Built-in list reporting to allow you to customize, share, and save reports with your team for sales, production, or accounting transactions.

Aspire also offers many standard reports, including financial profit and loss, accounts receivable, sales and commission, taxation, purchasing, renewal, etc.

Does the pivot-table reporting allow for filters and sorting like a standard pivot table?

Yes, Aspire's pivot-table reporting operates with complete flexibility, just like a normal pivot table. The pivot tables have unlimited field and filtering flexibility to allow you to create, provide, and save different analyses and reports.

Are reports able to be exported into excel?

Yes, all Aspire reports can be exported as a PDF or an Excel file.

Can we 'lock' certain data within Aspire? (i.e. to prevent certain users from viewing and exporting information, such as customer price, labor rate, and P&L data)

Yes, you can control that! Aspire provides robust security and permission management that is linked to individual jobs and roles in your company. This means you can define and/or limit what an account manager can see and do in the system versus what a crew member can do in the system.

Does Aspire have an open API if we wanted to use Tableau or another reporting tool?

Aspire has an open API as well as a data-warehouse option where you can employ Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI to produce your own KPIs or other reports. Ask your sales consultant about adding this to your contract.