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Even a few hours of unexpected downtime can hurt a landscape company’s profitability. Aspire’s landscape business management software enables the proactive handling of everything from trucks to blowers and mowers.

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Protect profits by eliminating downtime

Unexpected equipment and vehicle breakdowns cripple job margins. Protect profits with standardized equipment and vehicle inspections and maintenance to keep your fleet running.

  • Asset inventory management

Attain comprehensive visibility into maintenance and service schedules for your equipment assets

  • Trigger mileage or usage alerts

Automate your maintenance schedule and avoid unnecessary servicing with detailed records and alerts

  • Mobile device service requests

Empower crews in the field to submit inspection results, work orders, and service history

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Track equipment with real-time GPS updates

Landscapers can customize Aspire to their workflow with powerful integrations and add-ons, (such as Azuga and FleetSharp), for pinpoint GPS data tracking and log recording.

  • Safe driving alerts

Establish accountability, reduce accidents, and encourage safe driving with GPS integrations

  • Track your fleet at all times

Track and log arrivals and departures in the field and see the real-time locations of your crews

  • Recover stolen trucks and tools

Get peace of mind by knowing what's happening with your vehicles and high-value equipment

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Predict your future equipment needs

Aspire gives landscapers all-encompassing visibility into their operations, from job profitability to the most used equipment.

  • Customized data reporting

Forecast growth and build routes using data-backed calculations instead of gut-based calculations

  • Plan for equipment purchases

Grow your fleet strategically and plan for the disposal and replacement of aging equipment

  • Crew productivity insights

Track equipment usage to see which tools stay in the truck all day versus those that perform best

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We are more efficient with Aspire. We all work from one system, seeing the same information, from crew members and management to the sales and administrative teams. Aspire allows us to grow in ways we haven’t before.

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Improve equipment reliability to safeguard profits

Tool and truck downtime destroys profits. Stay operational and keep gear running with equipment management software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how implementing an all-in-one platform sets up your business for limitless growth potential.

How does Aspire help me track my equipment?

Once Aspire users enter valued equipment into the platform, it’s easy to:

  • Schedule preventative maintenance

  • Track mileage and hours

  • Conduct necessary inspections

  • Register completed repairs

Aspire uses a single dashboard to show a 360° view of operations, supporting responsive job management with the following features:

  • Storage of historical data 

  • Tracking for costs, job performance, and equipment

  • Analysis of real-time data 

Instead of using siloed platforms, individual Excel spreadsheets, or paper filing systems, you launch all processes, from estimates to invoices, from a single dashboard.

What is equipment maintenance software?

Software for equipment maintenance lets landscapers and service businesses visualize the status and location of equipment and vehicles from their desktop or mobile device. 

Aspire’s management tools give users the ability to:

  • Track vehicles and equipment by:

    • Size or class

    • Manufacturer or model

    • Route

  • Capture and store maintenance data, including:

    • Inspection history and results

    • Service type and date

    • Mechanic

    • Cost 

Aspire tracks logged usage by hours or mileage to trigger maintenance alerts at intervals set by the user. 

Equipment maintenance software eliminates the guesswork in scheduling service and repair. It’s a powerful tool for field service companies to prolong the lifespan of their valued equipment and eliminate unexpected downtime.

What is the best landscape business management software?

Yes. Aspire’s mobile app works on both iOS and Android smartphones. Your crew in the field can access the mobile website from their personal devices or the full platform from a tablet, enabling the following:

  • Individual user time tracking with a unique PIN

  • Time, material, and supply tracking to individual jobs

  • Conducting equipment and vehicle inspections

  • Accessing digital vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) to show compliance with state-specific safety inspection requirements

  • Creating repair tickets for equipment that breaks on the job

Field crews can use the mobile device functionality to perform necessary inspections and communicate with the office, creating a recorded dialogue regarding equipment condition, breakage, and malfunction, ensuring that poor-performing assets aren’t sent into the field again before they’re repaired.

What are the benefits of using landscaping management software?

Management software centralizes the workflow and processes of a landscaping business, leading to the following benefits:

  • Eliminate redundancies and errors

  • Improve efficiency by doing more with a smaller in-office team

  • Increase the profitability of every job

  • Make growth-focused decisions that empower growth

Aspire is the only software that scales with landscapers, meeting the needs of businesses from $1 million to over $15 million in annual revenue.Crew Control will supercharge an organization’s operations, helping them to establish the processes that will drive them past the $1 million milestone, with proposal templates, route optimization, and daily revenue tracking.Aspire delivers unparalleled reporting capabilities with granular data captured across an organization’s operations. The platform empowers new strategic approaches to market growth, enabling landscapers to win larger contracts and continually deliver industry-leading service.

Does Aspire partner with any GPS tracking services?

Yes. GPS is essential for landscapers who want to incorporate equipment tracking in their organization. Aspire partners with Azuga and FleetSharp with a separate service agreement. Use GPS for:

  • Tracking vehicles and assets 

  • Safety notifications for sudden braking, weaving, and more

  • Geostamped timekeeping

  • Fuel efficiency and vehicle diagnostics

  • Recognizing and rewarding your safest drivers

Aspire’s software solutions provide integrated functionality that incorporates GPS's benefits into the platform's end-to-end data-capturing capabilities.See how every piece of equipment in the field contributes to your overall profitability and identify new growth opportunities.


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