Building client loyalty with landscape CRM software

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Eric Mann


Jun 26, 2019

Building client loyalty with landscape CRM software

Why Client Loyalty is Special

Client loyalty is valuable for so many reasons. It provides a positive experience that the business offers the best in product, price and service. So, maximizing customer loyalty means the higher the customer retention rate. Clients continue to come back for your services, it prevents them from easily switching to a competitor, and ultimately increases your revenue. Improvements of the brand image follow, making the business appear more reliable to potential clients. Positive word of mouth continues to spread, more people decide they want your services, and your business starts to grow. These are just a few of the benefits of client loyalty, but that does not explain how to improve client loyalty. When talking with Jon Gohl, Senior Software Implementation Consultant at Aspire, we discussed the many ways that client loyalty could be improved.


Integrating landscaping software with your business is not enough. You must utilize it so that you are getting the most of what is has to offer. There are a wide range of way to improve client loyalty through a CRM software service. Something as simple as classifying or categorizing clients can be very beneficial. Highlight the at-risk customers, customers that give referrals, and the customers that are highly profitable. Take note of this and make sure they stand out in your system. This makes it easier to filter through your system and determine where your efforts are needed most.


Keep communication open with clients and establish connections with them.  It is rare that they will remember you from a one-time meeting or email. Keeping communication consistent is key. In a business management software system, there are activity dates that can be checked to see the last time a client was reached out to. Maybe it has been a while since you have last talked with them, so you want to set something up. Through Aspire’s software system, you can create an upcoming task to reach out or set up an appointment to take the client to lunch. Little effort such as this shows the client that you care about them. Customers want to feel appreciated, because at the end of the day, they can choose anyone, but they are choosing you.


“You may learn something important to the client such as a favorite color or flower. Make note of small details like this in your landscaping CRM because they have potential to pay off. The next time you are on the job for that client, plant the favorite flower. Little details such as this shows the client that you are listening and care about them”, said Gohl. A bond begins to form because you are going above and beyond to make the client happy. It can be so much more than this as well. Discover other important facts about clients. If it’s an important client, find out their birthday and set up a task in your system to send them a card. Each small act can further a client’s loyalty to your company.


Not everything goes well. There are days where accidents happen. There are two possibilities at this point. You can hide what happened from the clients or you can be honest and transparent with them. The latter is the better option. Transparency is another way to develop trust. Clients will not want to stick with a company who hides their mistakes. There are ways that being transparent with mistakes can work in your favor. With Aspire’s software, you can create an issue in the system. That issue can be sent out to everyone that is involved with the job…even the client. In the issue, you can lay out the steps to resolve the problem. Proactively fixing problems as they occur is just another way of showing that the situation is under control and that there is no need for the client to worry. Not all issues have to be a mistake either. Some issues could be that weeds were noticed around the sidewalk and they need attention. Creating an issue would inform the client of additional work that may be needed.

Site Audits

Site audits are just another part of the job, but they can be incredibly effective in creating client loyalty. Not only does it show the work that is going to be done, but it also shows the client that you are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that they have a clear picture of the project. Aspire software provides tools that allow you to document your site audits. You can walk a property, score it, take and catalog photos, identify and relay issues for rework or fixes, and create proposal opportunities for enhancement work, all through these tools in Aspire. Even better, each site audit is unique and cataloged and date stamped for future use. Reports can be printed and emailed to the customer. Now you have a way to out-service your competition and stay ahead of the customer. Site audits show the client that you are prepared and that builds a client’s confidence in your abilities.

Making Progress

Not all clients are exactly alike. Each has different needs to be met. However, being proactive, transparent, and communicative are all steps in the right direction to build client loyalty. It is all about building trust and creating a connection. When your business gets larger, this becomes harder to maintain. Having business management software becomes vital in these situations. Clients like to be kept up to date on all the information that is happening whether it is good or bad. Use software to your advantage in these situations. Become transparent and establish connections. They are key for creating positive word of mouth, helping your business grow.



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