Aspire vs. BOSS LM

Learn why field services businesses in landscaping and snow removal verticals prefer Aspire to Boss LM because of its ongoing product updates, robust implementations, and dynamic mobile platform.

See how Aspire compares with popular field services software, BOSS LM

Gain valuable insights into Aspire and BOSS LM features and functionality to choose the best platform for your lawn care, landscape, or snow removal company.





Flexible estimate templates
Implementation support from industry experts
Real-time reporting
Monthly view scheduling
Centralized inventory management
Growing product investment
Proven partnership success
Mobile browser experience

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The only software you need, Aspire unlocks profits at every growth stage

Aspire’s end-to-end functionality eliminates the pain points with single-solution software, generating new profitability by reducing redundancy and inefficiency in business decisions and processes.

  • Estimate to invoice workflow

  • Custom real-time dashboards

  • Work faster with bulk actions



Users receive ongoing support to maximize the software’s benefits

Onboarding cohorts work with assigned customer support managers for personalized implementation and support from landscaping industry experts.

  • Live AspireCare support

  • Events, webinars, and resources

  • Friendly experts ready to help



Fast product updates and unparalleled customer service

New software functionality drops every two months, with every user updated automatically. Each release includes email notifications, blog walk-throughs, and AspireCare support to answer questions.

  • Software that grows with you

  • Features that lead the industry

  • A single platform for all stages


I’ve seen our gross margins increase 18% since using Aspire. On bottom line, we’ve seen a 2 to 3 times improvement. That’s a night-and-day difference.

Aric Budden

President, and Founder at DBL Landscaping

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Utilized in nearly



Used to manage over

$6.4 B

in client revenues


A software platform that gives landscapers control of their success

Aspire scales with landscaping businesses, supporting the processes that drive profitability.

FrontRunner & Category Leader 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software can make or break your business. Learn what sets Aspire apart from the competition.

What should I look for when choosing landscape management software?

Landscape and snow removal contractors should look for landscape business software that makes the day-to-day operation and management of their business easier. Actual end-to-end software should include functionality for:

  • Estimating

  • Scheduling

  • Job costing

  • CRM

  • Crew management

  • Equipment management

  • Invoicing

  • Accounting and payroll

  • Purchasing

  • Reporting

Most of the top landscape software platforms include these features in some capacity. However, some require more manual processes and data entry to benefit from the functionality.

It’s crucial to look beyond the basics of the software to consider the daily experience of using a solution, such as the implementation journey, customer support, and annual product investment.

Aspire is a true all-in-one software platform for enhancing processes to simplify and streamline organizations in the green industry. It also stands out from the competition by delivering better support from implementation through new feature releases.

Implementation journey

Aspire customers receive support and training from a dedicated specialist with an average of 15 years of experience in the landscaping industry. As part of an onboarding cohort of landscaping companies, new users benefit from a peer group throughout their first-year journey.

Because the goal is to be the last software platform users will ever need to implement, Aspire’s implementation process doesn’t just show how to operate the software–it teaches industry best practices and how to customize the workflow to an organization’s current operations.

Customer support

AspireCare is live Monday to Friday customer support from friendly software experts. No matter the issue, the customer support team is dedicated to providing quick response times and accurate, effective solutions.

More than just a software platform, Aspire is a community of leaders in the industry who gather at events, conferences, and workshops to discuss new feature releases, industry innovations, and technology advancements.

Numerous asynchronous resources, such as a robust Resource Center, blog, and webinars, are available to ensure users can make the most of the platform and have the information and skills to make ongoing growth possible.

Annual product investment

One of the most significant ways Aspire sets itself apart is with a substantial annual product investment. New feature releases and software capabilities are released every two months, ensuring users have the latest tools to operate their businesses. This constant pursuit of excellence ensures customers will never scale out of Aspire or need to transition to a more robust or cutting-edge system.

Automatic product updates keep Aspire competitive with the newest landscape business management apps alongside the industry’s tenured platforms.

What makes Aspire different from BOSS LM?

Aspire Software creates platforms specifically for field service businesses, such as lawn care, landscaping, snow removal, and commercial cleaning. On the other hand, BOSS dedicates about half their resources to field services while also serving businesses in the food service and maritime industries. 

The most significant difference between these platforms is Aspire's ongoing product development and automatic software updates. The landscape business management software provides customers with features and functionality that evolve to meet their changing needs and take advantage of new technological developments. 

Other key differences include the functionality Aspire delivers where BOSS falls short:

  • Consistent month-end reporting for earned revenue, actual expenses, and inventory adjustments

  • Global search function for duplicate clients and properties in the CRM

  • Pending invoice visibility to review and flexible editing capabilities

  • Unlimited estimate template creation and the ability to copy estimates between properties

  • Week and month view of the schedule with visual routing

Put simply—Aspire enables landscapers to do more, with more comprehensive and in-depth features that simultaneously support how they work while empowering more efficient, streamlined, and profitable processes.

How expensive is business management software for landscapers?

It depends. Every software platform uses a different fee structure, ranging from free for limited features, a monthly subscription, or charging per user and for advanced capabilities. 

Aspire uses a tiered monthly subscription fee structure based on the annual revenue of landscaping businesses. Customers are never charged by the user or for feature access. Every tier includes unlimited users and full platform functionality. 

  • Crew Control: Perfect for small businesses with high-growth mindsets, this easy-to-implement software for landscapers provides the tools that streamline operations and establish processes designed to migrate to Aspire.

  • Aspire Growth: A special program that provides growing landscape companies with annual revenue between $1 million and $3 million with access to the Aspire business management platform. 

  • Aspire Corporate: Software for those lawn care, landscape, and snow removal businesses with between $3 million and $15 million in annual revenue. 

  • Aspire Enterprise: Organizations that earn over $15 million in annual revenue can access an open API platform for customized integrations and advanced reporting to empower ongoing growth. 

Aspire never charges by the user or for greater access to the platform. While some competitors may seem less expensive–or free–the downside is that they don’t offer end-to-end functionality. Landscape contractors must implement multiple single-point solutions to fill in the performance gaps. 

As an organization grows, adding users to other software solutions can also drive up the cost, leaving landscapers choosing between either increasing their technology budget or limiting employees with access to the software, which also limits the benefits of the solution.

What is the most user-friendly business management software for landscaping contractors?

The most user-friendly landscaping management software is Aspire. Every member of your team can use the platform for the same price. When all your team members, from the back office to the field, can use the software, it maximizes the data collection from every aspect of your organization. 

Comprehensive, real-time data enables leadership and management to identify and address the following:

  • Low-profit services

  • Inefficient processes

  • Growth opportunities

To be user-friendly, Aspire provides implementation support from professionals with an average of 15 years of industry experience. The cohort structure provides peer support as new customers transition their processes to the all-in-one platform. 

After onboarding, Aspire offers free monthly events for accounting and bookkeeping, live webinars sharing industry best practices, events, and blogs to walk through new product releases.

What are the benefits of using field service management software?

The benefit of using field service management software is to streamline and optimize every process in your organization. Without end-to-end software, most landscapers have two choices:

  • Manual approaches such as magnetic whiteboards, paper files, and hand-written notes

  • Single-solution software such as Excel, Word documents, QuickBooks, and Google Maps

These strategies lead to repetitive data entry and leave organizations vulnerable to costly mistakes, such as forgotten or inaccurate invoices and dropped leads. 

An all-in-one platform, such as Aspire, stores an organization’s data in one place, eliminating the need for multiple data entries. It also provides real-time, accurate insights into performance by:

  • Individual job, route, or crew

  • Property type

  • Branch or division

Customizable drill-down dashboards give individual users the exact information they need to manage responsively to safeguard profits and make growth-driven decisions. 

Working in an industry with razor-thin margins, such as landscaping and lawn care, can leave businesses with limited resources to reinvest in their organization, whether attracting top talent, investing in new equipment, or expanding into new markets. 

The right software platform improves profitability and identifies growth opportunities, so instead of simply getting by, landscape contractors can confidently meet challenges on their terms and define what success will look like for them.