Best landscaping reporting apps

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PublishedAugust 3, 2023

Best landscaping reporting apps


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When task management bogs down the day-to-day operations of your business, you don’t have time to sift through spreadsheets and analyze disconnected data to find growth and profit opportunities.

Landscaping business owners who replace siloed and manual processes with reporting apps gain valuable insight into individual landscaping jobs and overall company performance. 

→ Instead of waiting for end-of-month reports, real-time reporting empowers landscapers to make timely, proactive decisions that increase performance and profit.

When landscapers implement an end-to-end software solution, they can streamline more than just reporting, including:

The right software platform can improve workflows, increase efficiency, and boost profit.

What are landscaping reporting apps?

Landscaping reporting apps centralize data and streamline the reporting process, making it easier for landscapers to locate and understand critical data. 

Some reporting apps offer limited pre-built reports, while others provide customizable reporting.

Landscapers who don’t use reporting apps rely on spreadsheets and manual calculations from different software programs, which create inefficiencies and a greater chance for error. 

Because of the time-consuming hassle, many landscapers don’t analyze reports at all. But it’s never too late to start.

Why is it important to use a landscaping reporting app?

Without using an app for reporting, landscaping professionals may make decisions based on inaccurate and untimely data or simply choose not to perform reporting.

In contrast, landscaping reporting apps provide the following benefits:

  • A centralized data system

  • Improved data accuracy

  • Efficient, time-saving reporting methods

  • Visuals to simplify data analysis

  • Consistent reporting procedures

These benefits enable landscapers to make faster, better business decisions to optimize the performance of their landscaping and lawn-care company.

Key features of landscaping reporting apps

While the needs of landscaping businesses vary based on their size and services, the best apps offer vital features to simplify and streamline the reporting process.

Customizable report templates

Customizable reporting allows landscapers to uniquely query data to view and understand the most valuable information relevant to them. 

Reporting apps allow users in various roles to analyze relevant data by division or branch and drill down into granular details to address specific issues.

Integration with other business software

Management app integrations enhance the accessibility and increase the reliability of data. 

Look for software options offering integrations with:

  • Accounting

  • Estimating

  • Job costing

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Reporting apps with integrations show comprehensive data with visibility into every facet of operations.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Outdated information hinders responsive decision-making. 

Real-time reporting apps capture up-to-date data so landscapers can make course corrections quickly, avoiding costly project overruns or other mistakes.

Comparison of top landscaping reporting apps

When looking for the best landscaping and lawn-care business reporting app, examine features and benefits to determine which options fit your business needs. 

This article compares some of the top landscaping apps.

Aspire: Features and benefits

Aspire landscape business software is an all-in-one, cloud-based platform for landscaping and lawn-care businesses. 

Aspire’s advanced reporting feature offers unlimited customization, generating data from every aspect of a business. 

The software also streamlines workflows across an organization, including:

Reporting features

Aspire’s reporting features provide:

  • Comprehensive and fully customizable reporting

  • Real-time job costing data

  • Real-time analytics relating to every aspect of business

  • Integrations with business operations, including QuickBooks

Reporting benefits

Aspire’s user-friendly interface with data visualizers makes viewing and understanding data easy. 

Customizable dashboards give landscapers the information they want at a glance. Landscapers can query data through standard reports and customizable search lists for insights into:

  • Financials

  • Sales

  • Job costs

  • Team performance

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Aspire’s accounting integrations with QuickBooks and Acumatica eliminate manual data entry, saving time and increasing accuracy. Its one-way data push ensures a smooth, accurate flow of information.

A mobile app for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices provides GPS tracking and captures material and labor costs at the job site for accurate reporting.

Jobber: Features and benefits

Jobber offers web-based software to help home-service businesses in the green industry. Jobber’s software features include estimating, scheduling, dispatching, timesheets, customer management and follow-up, text messaging, invoicing, and onsite customer credit card payments.

Reporting features

Jobber’s reporting features include:

  • More than 20 built-in reports

  • Report automation that pushes to email

  • Integrations with several apps and web services, including QuickBooks

Reporting benefits

Starting with its Core plan, Jobber offers reporting features for financial, work, and client reports. 

While the software provides some options to adjust the built-in reports, its reporting feature may provide only partial customization or advanced data.

Comparing Jobber and Aspire

For fast-growing landscaping companies, Jobber’s reporting functionality often falls short. Aspire outperforms with:

  • Real-time job costing for precision profitability data 

  • Customizable reporting and 360-degree data querying

  • Flexible profit and loss reporting down the gross-margin line by division, branch, property, and more

  • Job dashboards to assess shortfall sources, such as material costs or crew productivity

Get more detailed insight into how Jobber stacks up against Aspire on the Aspire vs. Jobber comparison page.

LMN: Features and benefits

LMN offers management software for businesses in the landscape industry, including maintenance, design-build/install, irrigation, lawn and tree care, hardscapes, and snow and ice control. LMN’s features help contractors schedule, track time, budget, estimate, and perform job costing.

Reporting features

LMN’s reporting features include:

  • More than 60 built-in reports

  • Offers many integrations, including QuickBooks

Reporting benefits

LMN offers built-in reports relating to CRM, estimating, jobs, scheduling, invoicing, and payroll. Since the reports are built into the system, reporting may not offer the level of customization landscaping contractors need.

Comparing LMN and Aspire

Aspire goes further than LMN with customizable functionality, providing users with more nuanced data and greater flexibility in their reporting. It empowers new profitability and growth with the following:

  • Features that deliver greater value through more robust functionality and intuitive workflows

  • Drill through profit and loss reports to identify missed opportunities by district, branch, or job

  • Customizable dashboards by user seat to give operations, account managers, and owners the information they need at a glance

  • Easy report sharing to unify stakeholders and prevent confusion and miscommunication with clients

Get more detailed insight into how LMN stacks up against Aspire on the Aspire vs. LMN comparison page.

WorkWave: Features and benefits

WorkWave offers job management tools for various industries, including lawn care, pest control, cleaning, HVAC, delivery, and security. WorkWave offers different products with features that include scheduling, CRM, invoicing, marketing, billing, and financial services.

Reporting features

Reporting features depend on the WorkWave product. ServMan by WorkWave reporting features offer:

  • Business analytics powered by Microsoft BI

  • Data visualization

  • Limited integrations

Reporting benefits

ServMan by WorkWave provides financial, marketing, sales, and job reporting. The software is configurable and customizable, but its full general ledger accounting system replaces QuickBooks.

Comparing WorkWave and Aspire

Aspire is invested in customer experience, providing the reporting and analysis that helps business owners and their teams better understand their data. Aspire also outperforms WorkWave in these areas:

  • Job dashboards that make it easy to quickly assess the progress, productivity, and resource allocation of individual projects.

  • Drill-down reports that give users complete lists of all records associated with figures 

  • Custom dashboards so users get the data they need every time they log in 

  • Data queries for real-time, 360-degree vision into your company’s performance

See how Aspire stacks up to other popular field service business management platforms on the Aspire Comparison Hub.

Boss LM: Features and benefits

BOSS LM provides business management software for companies in the service industry, including landscape companies. It offers estimating, scheduling, routing, CRM, invoicing, purchasing and inventory, and reporting.

Reporting features

BOSS LM reporting features include:

  • Premade reports

  • Customizable templates

  • Integrations with accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Sage 300

Reporting benefits

BOSS LM provides a selection of premade reports and allows users to customize how the templates look. Its reporting feature produces interactive graphic reports for enhanced analysis.

Comparing BOSS LM and Aspire

Aspire outshines BOSS LM as an industry favorite because it delivers better reporting functionality and customer experiences in these key areas:

  • Standardized drill-thru functionality in reporting so landscapers get critical insight and analysis of data

  • Customization and the ability to save unique reports to user dashboards, creating a more efficient and informed back-office team

  • Nuanced profit and loss reporting to identify challenges and opportunities within your organization

See how Boss LM stacks up to Aspire in greater detail on our comparison page.

RealGreen: Features and benefits

Real Green offers management software for lawn care, lawn maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, arbor care, and pest control companies. Its features include scheduling, estimating, routing, marketing, and payment processing.

Reporting features

RealGreen offers:

  • Advanced tools, including custom reports

  • RealGreen Lite includes built-in, customizable reports

  • Syncs with QuickBooks

Reporting benefits

RealGreen offers reporting tools but doesn’t specify the details of its plans or reporting features online. Customer reviews indicate difficulty in navigating reports.

Comparing RealGreen and Aspire

Aspire provides true end-to-end features that optimize processes across an organization, including reporting, outdoing RealGreen in:

  • Property-centric records to generate useful drill-thru reports by district, branch, and job

  • Flexible pivot tables so your team can calculate, summarize, and analyze data relating to sales, work tickets, and hours to actualize productivity and efficiency improvements

  • Creating reports that help users to do more with their data—Aspire doesn’t just provide static metrics but dynamic analysis that fosters a better understanding of operations

Get a deeper understanding of how Aspire stacks up to the leading business management platforms on the Aspire Comparison Hub.

Asset/Include: Features and benefits

Asset by Include offers landscape business software to centralize data. Features include CRM, estimating, scheduling, work orders, accounting, inventory, purchasing, and financial analysis.

Reporting features

Asset features provide:

  • Reports

  • Job costing

  • Does not list integrations online

Reporting benefits

While Asset offers reports, it doesn’t specify the details of its reporting capabilities online. Through iCREWtek, it provides budget, material, and time tracking.

Comparing Asset/Include and Aspire

Simply having reporting capabilities isn’t sufficient to drive improvements across an organization. 

Aspire delivers comprehensive data analysis in an intuitive UI and outdoes Asset/Include with:

  • The ability to save relevant metrics to dashboards rather than clicking through individual screens to see unique reports

  • Real-time job costing and performance data so your team can make responsive management decisions to safeguard profitability

  • Simple, customizable lists to assess performance across sales, purchasing, labor hours, and more

Get an in-depth analysis of how Aspire does more for growing landscapers on the Aspire vs. Asset comparison page.

How to choose the right landscaping reporting app for your business

Before researching the best landscaping reporting app for your company, identify your landscaping company’s core needs and applications for data analysis.

Assess your needs now and for the future

Understanding your data needs is the first step in determining your reporting software requirements.

List what you want to know, and then identify the data that will give you that information. 

For instance, you may need more than what’s shown on a profit and loss report and require a reporting app with unlimited customization options.

If software charges more for key functionality or additional users, it could hamper the future growth of your company. As your company scales, your technology costs will increase as you need more features or add more users.

Evaluate pricing and value against your budget

Investigate the features and benefits of the software plan’s pricing to get the best value for your investment. 

A free app or the cheapest plan may not provide your business with the best value or work long-term. 

Also, consider your company’s growth and what features you’ll need in the future.

Consider ease-of-use and implementation process

No matter which landscaping and lawn-care software you choose, it takes time to implement and learn. 

You can eliminate the hassle of switching software in the future by choosing a platform with comprehensive functionality and an unlimited number of users. 

The right choice now means keeping the same software, no matter how large your company grows. 

Read user reviews and testimonials

Recent user reviews and testimonials on software, Google, or social media can show a software’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Note how a company responds to negative reviews and what software updates may be in development.

Determine the level of ongoing customer support 

The best lawn care and landscaping software supports contractors during implementation and beyond. 

Some of your team members may feel overwhelmed learning new processes and workflows. A software provider offering real-time, unlimited customer support and ongoing training has the dedication to empower universal adoption in your organization.

Try Aspire to streamline and integrate landscaping reporting

Aspire’s end-to-end business management platform provides real-time visibility into business operations, giving landscapers greater control to make proactive, data-driven decisions

Customizable reporting enables landscapers to drill into the details, including:

  • Job costs

  • Sales

  • Operations

Since Aspire’s reporting capabilities seamlessly integrate with other essential software, landscapers gain profitable insight to boost performance and growth.

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