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Aspire vs. LMN

Field services business management software comparison guide

See why landscapers on the path to growth prefer the value delivered by Aspire’s robust all-in-one platform compared to Landscape Management Network (LMN).
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Compare Aspire’s strengths and weaknesses against leading competitors

Aspire is known for being an all-in-one management platform that scales with landscapers as they grow, while LMN is a web-based software that provides landscapers with several common management tools. Aspire is known for being an all-in-one management platform that scales with landscapers as they grow, while LMN is a web-based software that provides landscapers with several common management tools. Aspire is known for being an all-in-one management platform that scales with landscapers as they grow, while LMN is a web-based software that provides landscapers with several common management tools.
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Aspire vs LMN
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Real-time job-costing data capture
You need comprehensive real-time visibility of estimates vs. actual costs to simplify decision-making and drive success.
Estimates integrated with your workflow
Estimates are the foundation of a profitable, efficient workflow.
Putting together your weekly and per-service schedule should be fast and hassle-free with drag-and-drop functionality.
The right invoicing tools improve cash flow through visual tracking and customer experience with flexible invoicing.
Purchasing and inventory management
In-platform price comparison and material management tools streamline ordering, job management, and cost tracking.
A single source of truth for your customer base can maximize sales opportunities and provide pipeline visibility.
Mobile app
Give your office and field crews the same robust functionality with mobile device capabilities.
Work ticket management
A single-platform workflow enables users to streamline operations while eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies.
Accounts receivable management
Simplify closing the month by bringing your siloed systems into one platform with a one-way push to QuickBooks.
True scalability
Get unlimited user seats for your teams in the office and the field, all for the same monthly price.
Fully customizable reporting & dashboard building
Tailor user dashboards to every position so team members get the data visuals they need at a glance.
Work with a dedicated implementation specialist for onboarding and get instant customer support when you need it.
Open API
Maintain existing operations with preferred software with custom integrations through Aspire’s open API.
Trusted by industry leaders since 2013
"When we first found Aspire Landscape—wow, we couldn't believe this kind of thing would exist. It's web-based, easy to manage, had great customer service, and was completely configurable."

Adam Boyette, Yard-Nique

Get real-time cost visibility on customizable dashboards
Job costing is more than just tracking expenses. Time-consuming manual data entry can give you a delayed approximation of profitability, but Aspire gives users comprehensive data at-a-glance.
Real-time estimated vs. actual
See costs at every level
Records historical data
Job Costing
Unlimited users and limitless capabilities, no matter how big you grow
Adding users to LMN can destroy your tech budget, limiting the benefits of the software and adding unnecessary downsides to growth. Aspire gives users limitless seats for limitless growth.
Software that drives growth
Use in the office and field
Add new branches and divisions
Implement a business platform that helps you do more
Aspire doesn’t just help you keep operating at the status quo. It revolutionizes the way landscapers work to unlock new profitability, increase cash flow, and empower lasting growth. 
Ongoing product development
Robust resources for users
Grow 3X faster than average
Automation, visibility, and customization for intuitive, streamlined workflows.
Aspire responds to user needs with flexibility and customization, so you’re working on the business, not in it—no more late nights and weekends at the office, but still maximize profitability.
Work faster with bulk actions
Supports industry best practices
Unmatched data visibility
Aspire measures its success by the growth of its users
We’re unlike any other software company, providing users with a dedicated implementation specialist to help them onboard the software and maximize its capabilities within their organization.
Dec 2022
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Dec 2022
"The product itself is the best service delivery software I have ever seen in this industry!"
Will B.
Jan 2020
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Jan 2020
They are always available to help. This software will be the go-to in the future of landscaping companies.
Brian S.
Maintenance Operations Manager
Sept 2022
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Sept 2022
"Aspire protects our margins so that we capture great margins on small and large projects alike."
Leif H.
Best-in-class business management software
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Frequently Asked Questions
Get in-depth insight into how Aspire’s software solutions deliver results for business owners.

The landscaping companies that should use Aspire earn over $1 million in annual revenue but are struggling to grow because of siloed software and broken functionality in their business management processes.

Aspire is an end-to-end solution that brings all your processes into a single platform, with integrated workflows including:

Centralized, cloud-based storage means that landscaping business owners can see, at a glance, a holistic view of their business operations and respond to issues before they hurt the bottom line.

Companies ready for a better way of running their organization–focused on profitability and growth–are ideal Aspire users.

Aspire was designed for the landscaping industry with all-in-one functionality that improves the industry’s current best practices. 

The platform sets itself apart from the competition with the following:

  • Real-time job costing data capture eliminates time-consuming manual data entry. It delivers powerful insights that help landscapers accurately price their services to maintain profitability and grow into new verticals and markets that deliver reliable revenue.
  • Customizable reporting and data visualization dashboards let companies provide unique roles with only the data they need. Every time a team member logs on to their dashboard, they get insightful reporting that empowers responsive management. Aspire’s platform helps your talent do what they do with greater efficiency and efficacy.
  • Unlimited user seats with every plan, so there’s never a penalty for growing your business. Add new team members, branches, and entire divisions without added software costs. 
  • Open API capabilities at the Enterprise level, so your organization can continue to use the integrations and solutions that work for you without losing Aspire’s centralized data and a single source of truth.
  • Real-time data insights for your organization so you can respond to issues before they affect profitability and gain an unparalleled understanding of your business.
  • Ongoing software development from a team dedicated to excellence and empowering growth. Monthly updates ensure Aspire provides cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the landscape industry.

Switching to Aspire can be challenging for some organizations because the software is so effective at identifying inefficiencies and redundancies in operations. 

Transitioning siloed processes and discrete software solutions into a unified platform isn’t always easy, but Aspire isn’t just a new technology to install. It’s a new way of operating that unlocks new profitability in your existing customer base and prepares you to scale. 

Aspire goes further than other business management software providers to provide new users with supported personalized platform implementation. While LMN charges onboarding fees, an Aspire subscription includes implementation, ongoing support, and troubleshooting.

The benefit of switching to Aspire is getting a platform that helps you grow at three times the industry rate. 

As an all-in-one solution for field services businesses, Aspire enables landscape contractors to manage their daily operations and achieve lasting success. It’s the preferred software solution for more than 30% of the top 150 landscaping companies and is used by the top five fastest-growing companies, according to Landscape Management.

The benefits of switching to Aspire include the following:

  • Simple and dynamic mobile platform to bring your field and office operations together in collaborative work on Android and iOS platforms.
  • A scalable software solution that is as effective when companies are earning $3 million in annual revenue as it is at $15 million and beyond.
  • Ongoing product investment keeps the platform ahead of the competition and ensures customers have the most up-to-date technology for running their business.
  • Open API integrations at the Enterprise level ensure companies can continue using the software that works for them.
  • Unparalleled data visibility so landscapers can gain greater insight into their business to make informed, growth-driven decisions.
  • More end-to-end features than the competition to be a truly all-in-one platform with one-way data push to top accounting software, such as QuickBooks and Acumatica.

Aspire also provides new customers with a dedicated implementation specialist and robust online resources—including open office hours and webinars—to ensure they have the tools to adopt the software successfully.

Landscape business management software helps landscapers grow their businesses by:

  • Enabling them to do more work in less time
  • Find inefficiencies and redundancies
  • Identify and eliminate low-profit services or waste
  • Pivot into the most profitable niches in their industry
  • Understanding their actual costs to price and estimate work more profitably
  • Automate processes to enable more closed deals

As you grow from a small business start-up into a robust multimillion-dollar business, it’s natural to adopt siloed software for every aspect of your business, such as estimate creation, CRM, scheduling, and routing.

Using all-in-one field service management software like Aspire brings every aspect of your organization into a single, cloud-based platform.

By acting on the benefits delivered by our solution, businesses in the green industry actualize growth in several ways:

  • Unlock new profitability in existing operations
  • Automate the sales process and get better pipeline visibility to grow your customer base
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing better service
  • Identify areas of growth to make responsive management decisions that help you scale.

Aspire isn’t just a SaaS platform. We’re a partner invested in our customer’s success. Whether you’re struggling to maintain cash flow or are merely stalled in your current operations, Aspire will ignite new growth within your organization.

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