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PublishedSeptember 18, 2023


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The range of landscaping management solutions has no end to their variety, functionality, and quality. There are extensive options to explore, and navigating which is the best can be challenging. 

Online resources, such as dedicated websites, will break down a software’s core functions, but to find the best platform, you must understand what those functions mean for your landscaping business.

Knowing what functionality means to you

All-in-one functionality is hard to define. Every company relies on unique processes and workflows to maintain business flow. At a minimum, a business management solution must meet specific criteria of core capabilities to trust onboarding your organization.

It’s essential to evaluate which functionalities are vital to your business operations.

Below are the key features you need to fully benefit from implementing management software.

  • CRM


Customer relationship management (CRM) is integral to building brand loyalty and winning more business with prospective and existing customers.

Strong CRM capabilities don’t just house customer information and service history. They simplify client communications and keep your team aware of rising business opportunities to close deals and maintain repeat business opportunities.



  • Estimating

Being ready for every opportunity in the landscaping industry means having access to highly accurate estimates on the fly.

Your team should be able to deliver all the information they need and have access to job-costing insights and work order creation in the field to turn customer interest into signed contracts.

This means using estimate templates that can automate data from your software straight to your crews’ mobile devices.


  • Increased job-costing accuracy

  • Quicker, more efficient job bids


  • Scheduling & Routing

A clear view of a landscaping crew’s location throughout the workday is vital to instilling accountability throughout your business.

Comprehensive job scheduling software assists with route optimization and reducing windshield time.

Geolocation tracking keeps you updated on where your crews are, and time-stamp notifications provide insight into the progress of their daily routines.



  • Reporting

Data drives your business and informs every decision. Comprehensive reporting is necessary for landscaping contractors to make smarter, faster business decisions and should eliminate assumption-driven strategies.

This includes detailed historical data that can help you identify high-profit opportunities, real-time job data to help you adjust on the fly, and precise performance metrics that allow you to evaluate employee performance. 



  • Invoicing & A/R

Many landscaping companies lose out on profit potential by wasting time manually scouring their database to see who still owes payment.

On-time, accurate invoicing and streamlined A/R processes guarantee you never miss a billing and improve your cash flow with on-time payments. 

Automated invoicing and A/R functionality keep your managers notified and on top of your payments.



  • Accounting & Payroll

Having total control and understanding of your finances is essential as you grow.

Your business must rely on financial reports that generate clean, accurate data for your bookkeeping and payroll processing, including the figures in your accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

Consider the saved time and improved accuracy if your field service management software is integrated with your platforms for accounting and payroll.


Optimized purchasing features give you a deeper understanding of your buying habits and better insight into what’s necessary for your business.

Project management software that includes purchasing features will help you revolutionize your buying process to be proactive toward your goals.

In-platform purchasing, inventory management, and resource allocation keep you adaptable, knowing when to switch vendors, how to accommodate pricing fluctuations, and when bulk purchases have the best advantages.



  • Job Costing

How well are your estimates aligned with your actual costs? Real-time job costing is essential to understand your actual versus estimated labor and material costs.

Each job-costing insight is critical for a field service business to keep margins steady. If business owners wait to analyze these insights, they risk hindering profits.



  • Equipment

A management tool in the green industry should leave no expense or tool unaccounted for.

You need a solution to inform you what’s happening with your equipment and vehicles, whether in the field or your shop, including a customizable schedule for routine maintenance, usage records, and repair history.



  • Mobile

Connecting your business through accessible communication features is crucial to growth. Comprehensive landscape business management software with mobile app functionality enables time tracking and real-time collaboration from the field with in-platform messaging.

Address job site issues faster when you attach photos and videos to communications to give customers and operations detailed explanations that empower fast resolutions.



  • Third-party integrations

Your teams must operate out of one central, cloud-based hub with access to everything your leaders need to grow your business.

That requires choosing a software option that integrates with other job management tools, including those for monitoring your business, aiding varying roles in their responsibilities, and connecting siloed departments. 


Start building your comparisons here

With a clear idea of each function and feature, you’ll have an easier time seeing how the different solutions compare in streamlining landscaping job management. Now you just have to go out and find the top web-based platforms worth analyzing. Fortunately, we have resources to help.

Fill out the form to access our leading Landscape Management Solution Comparison Chart. It compares the key features of top competitors in the market with a quick overview of which options truly aim for full end-to-end functionality.

If you’re need of more information, expand your search for a new management platform with these resources:

And when you’re ready to see some of this functionality for yourself, start with a personalized demo of Aspire’s user-friendly management software.


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