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Reduce downtime with better equipment management in Aspire

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Understand what's going on with your equipment—in the field and in the shop.

Manage and maintain your vehicles and equipment proactively with better visibility into their use with Aspire's equipment-tracking functionality, available to corporate- and enterprise-tier clients.

Reduce downtime and increase the service life of your assets.

Proactively track usage of your vehicles and equipment to ensure regular maintenance or required service is performed.

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Automate tracking and receive real-time GPS alerts from the field.

Simplify reading log entry and maintain awareness of employee and vehicle locations with optional GPS integration.

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Monitor use to better understand your vehicle and equipment needs.

Identify usage trends and inventory gaps so you can forecast future needs and budget accordingly.

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Proactive prevention.

The Aspire platform’s equipment functionality provides visibility into your asset inventory by allowing you to enter and track your vehicles and equipment, large or small, in a number of ways: by manufacturer, size, model, class—or even by route.

Once your vehicles and other assets are entered, the hours and/or miles you log in the system will automatically trigger maintenance alerts at the intervals you specify. When it comes to service, Aspire's Crew Mobile app allows your employees to easily send requests for service to your fleet manager or mechanic when equipment issues are encountered in the field. Aspire also tracks details related to service performed, including date, type of service, mechanic, cost, and hours as well as additional comments and an updated reading log, if needed.

As an added bonus, when tax season rolls around, Aspire allows you to quickly run depreciation reports; likewise, when it’s time to dispose of any assets, you can track the disposal date and amount within the system as well.

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Automated tracking.

When you partner with FleetSharp, Aspire Software’s preferred GPS provider, you gain the ability to automate tracking and entry of reading logs within the Aspire platform. You can also choose to receive alerts from the field based on your selected event triggers like speeding or harsh braking in traffic. From a safety standpoint, these alerts can help you identify and address unsafe driving habits or other concerns. GPS tracking can aid the recovery of stolen trucks or other high-value equipment as well.

Aspire’s integration with FleetSharp GPS can also act as a ‘trust factor’ by enabling equipment-location search from the schedule board and providing back-up documentation of your employees' activity in the field for your invoicing records.

Advance planning.

When you have a sizeable number of vehicles and equipment, it’s hard to keep track of what’s being used and what isn’t. With the insight provided by the Aspire platform, you can easily determine which assets are necessary as well as those that are not.

Aspire’s equipment functionality can even help simplify planning for next year’s forecast and budget needs. By utilizing the data within Aspire, you can build out routes in advance according to your projected growth plan to see exactly what equipment is needed for your techs, teams, or crews.

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Equipment FAQs

How does Aspire handle shop work orders for equipment?

Aspire creates a service ticket for all repeat and preventive maintenance on any piece of equipment that you log into the system. The shop mechanics can log hours and part costs to that service ticket which will create a history of all services performed on a piece of equipment.

Is there a way to set up and track equipment maintenance needs in Aspire?

Aspire will track any piece of equipment and its history. You can also easily assign a piece of equipment to a specific crew or site. In the case of snow removal, the crew can create a service ticket for repairs from the mobile app.

If you elect to use an integrated GPS fleet tracking system, meter readings (i.e. miles and hours) can also be tracked and documented for each piece of equipment.

Will the system track small equipment, and how?

Aspire can track any piece of equipment, no matter the size. When you purchase equipment, you can log it into the software and assign it to crews or locations which will allow you to monitor loss, theft, and transfer between crews and locations.

What reporting is available at the equipment level?

Aspire can produce reporting for preventive maintenance, schedules, total repair and maintenance, cost, depreciation, and equipment utilization.

Does equipment integrate with GPS tracking systems?

Aspire has a built-in integration option with Azuga and FleetSharp's fleet-tracking system. This includes complete integration with crew, time, and attendance reporting. Other tracked data includes driver performance metrics, route history, and equipment utilization.

Does Aspire have a fixed-asset module?

Aspire's equipment module is also a fixed-asset module, allowing you to create depreciation schedules, monitor equipment lifecycle, and manage final asset disposition.