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While offering traditional services like lawn maintenance and garden design is key to running a successful landscaping business, diversifying your services unlocks new opportunities for growth, differentiation, and client satisfaction. 

Is your business offering the right services to increase revenue and stand out in a crowded field? Find out by downloading the complete list of in-demand landscaping services below.

1. Lawn maintenance services

Recurring maintenance services provide a consistent revenue stream, boost customer loyalty, and help lawn and landscaping businesses increase profits during slow seasons.

Rather than considering each job a single transaction, build maintenance packages and recurring service agreements that require returning to the customer’s home or business. 

Lawns and flower beds require consistent maintenance to look their best. Let customers know you offer various maintenance services to keep their outdoor living spaces clean and tidy all year.

Common maintenance services include:

  • Mowing

  • Edging

  • Fertilization

  • Weed control

  • Lawn aeration and dethatching

  • Overseeding

  • Garden maintenance

  • Bed and yard cleanup

  • Mulch refresh

Field management software, like Aspire, makes it easier to manage service agreements across the project lifecycle. Real-time dashboards show budgeted vs actual costs to ensure profitability, while automated reminders alert customers to upcoming appointments and contract renewals.

Historical job data analysis can help management identify the most profitable maintenance services and build service packages that optimize crew time and increase team efficiency on the job site. Aspire securely houses drill-down reports for closed and ongoing contracts, fueling data-driven decisions in your services list. 

2. Landscape design and installation

Offering design and installation services creates more opportunities for your lawn care or landscaping business to earn revenue and demonstrate exceptional customer service. 

If a customer hires you to design an outdoor space, let them know you can also install it. You already understand the project scope and customer needs, which makes you a great candidate for the job. This will also save the customer from obtaining additional bids for the installation work.

Consider the following installation and design services to boost your bottom line:

  • Custom landscape design

  • Plant selection and installation

  • Water feature design

  • Hardscape installation (patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls)

  • Deck construction

  • Outdoor kitchen installation

  • Irrigation system installation

3. Tree and shrub care

Providing shrub and tree services gives potential customers more reasons to contact your business. All homes and businesses have trees and shrubs that benefit from routine maintenance and upkeep.

To earn regular revenue, you can also offer tree and shrub care as part of recurring maintenance packages. For instance, provide monthly pruning of bushes and shrubs or offer seasonal tree care packages that help trees thrive during all four seasons. 

Some common tree and shrub care services include:

  • Pruning

  • Trimming

  • Tree and shrub planting

  • Disease identification and pest control

Consider adding a certified arborist to your team to give your company a competitive edge.

4. Seasonal cleanup

Seasonal cleanup is an important part of year-round lawn care and landscaping services. Depending on where you operate your business, it may involve pruning palm trees or eliminating ice dams. 

While these services don’t always result in high-dollar invoices, they bring in revenue during the slow season and help your company stay top of mind throughout the year.

Seasonal cleanup includes:

  • Leaf removal services

  • Yard waste removal

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Bed edging

  • Spring and Fall cleanup

  • Winterization services

Ice and snow removal services can diversify a lawn care or landscaping business. Beyond bringing in new revenue, it provides employees with steady work during winter. Remember to account for snowblowers and other necessary equipment as you set budgets for the year.

Aspire was designed for the landscaping industry, including diversifying into snow and ice removal to maintain year-round operations. When users are ready to expand their services, Aspire has the functionality to bid snow contracts quickly, manage subcontractors, and automate winter invoices.

The PropertyIntel add-on allows account managers to bid contracts from the office with aerial photography, digital takeoffs, and even done-for-you measurements for parking lots and roads.

5. Mulching and bed maintenance

Customers need mulch and bed maintenance services weeks before lawn mowing and fertilizing. Applying mulch in the early spring brings in revenue and helps you start the year on a strong footing.

If you don’t offer these services, you may find yourself searching for work in early spring while competitors stay busy.

You can offer mulching and bed cleanup as part of your maintenance packages. Many homeowners prefer regular applications throughout the year.

6. Water features

Building water features adds another dimension to your landscaping company and allows you to cater to a broader range of client needs and preferences.

Benefits of offering water feature construction include:

  • Competitive advantage: Highlighting this expertise gives your service business a competitive edge in the market.

  • Higher revenue potential: Customers are willing to invest in high-quality water features that hold up over time, boosting revenue potential. 

  • Comprehensive landscape design: Water features complement other landscaping elements such as plants, hardscapes, and lighting, allowing landscaping companies to offer comprehensive design solutions and earn more revenue.

7. Landscape lighting

Like water features, offering landscape lighting adds a specialized service and can help you stand out from other companies in your market. Options include installing new lighting systems or routine service as part of a landscape maintenance package.  

Lighting services often include:

  • Design and installation of outdoor lighting systems

  • Lighting repairs and maintenance

  • LED lighting upgrades for energy efficiency

  • Routine maintenance of existing lighting systems

  • Holiday lighting installation

Employ skilled workers who can safely handle electricity. Most states require a licensed electrician to install or maintain lighting systems. Using unlicensed workers can hurt your business reputation, so check local regulations.

8. Sod installation and lawn renovation

Beyond basic lawn mowing services, offering sod insulation and lawn repair adds in-demand services to help you grow your lawn care business

Sod installation commands a higher price compared to routine lawn maintenance tasks. Adding sod installation to your services lineup leads to increased revenue and higher average tickets.

Additional benefits of offering sod installation and lawn renovation include:

  • Upsell opportunities: Sod installation opens doors for upselling add-on services, such as sprinkler system installation, grub control, or overseeding. 

  • Business expansion: Sod installation attracts homeowners who are looking to renovate their lawns and property developers who need lawn care services for new construction.

  • Customer loyalty: Sod installation provides instant gratification to customers who desire immediate results. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers and refer their friends and family.

Digital takeoff software like PropertyIntel makes it easy to estimate sod installation and lawn innovation by generating property measurements and takeoffs without leaving the office, quickly tagging add-on services to customer estimates to drive new revenue from your existing customer base.

9. Property drainage solutions

Drainage issues routinely affect lawns and landscaping. Adding drainage solutions to your scope of services diversifies your company, attracts year-round business, and opens up a new revenue stream.

Note: Property drainage solutions require special skills and equipment. By offering these services, lawn care professionals demonstrate expertise and professionalism, further building customer trust.

Drainage solutions include:

  • Property evaluation

  • French drain installation

  • Grading and resloping

  • Downspout extensions and gutter repair

Ground cover and erosion control

10. Green roof and living wall installation

Customers today embrace eco-friendly practices and want their lawns and landscaping to demonstrate environmental sustainability. Offering green roof and living wall installation gives your business a unique edge.

Benefits of eco-friendly services include:

  • Energy efficiency: Green roof installations reduce utility costs and enhance energy efficiency.

  • Unique differentiator: These services help professional landscaping services stand out from competitors and position themselves as innovative and environmentally conscious providers of landscaping solutions.

  • Customer relationships: Green roof and living wall installations require regular maintenance. Offering maintenance packages tailored for these installations builds long-term relationships and ensures repeat business.

The only real drawback? These are highly niche services, meaning they may only appeal to a select group of customers.

11. Consultation and landscape planning

Consultation and landscape planning allow landscaping service providers to deliver personalized, custom designs while showcasing their expertise.

Providing consultation and planning services enables landscaping and lawn care companies to work closely with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and budget constraints. 

Consultation services include:

  • Garden bed and pathway design

  • Site evaluation

  • Landscape planning and budgeting

  • Plant consultation and selection

  • Recommendations for sustainable landscaping practices

Ultimately, a personalized approach enhances client satisfaction by ensuring the final landscape design meets or exceeds their expectations.

Why you need a landscaping services list

Focusing solely on everyday services like mowing lawns and raking leaves can be easy for a landscaping business owner. However, diversifying the scope of services expands your customer base and increases revenue throughout the year.

Aspire software and the PropertyIntel integration help lawn and landscaping businesses enhance business operations and customer relationships. The comprehensive software includes powerful features, including:

  • CRM

  • Scheduling and routing

  • Crew management with mobile app functionality

  • Data and analytics reporting

  • Job costing

  • Invoicing and bookkeeping

  • Estimating

  • Equipment management

  • Digital measuring and takeoffs with PropertyIntel

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