Best landscaping business payroll apps

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PublishedMay 26, 2023

Best landscaping business payroll apps


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While payroll is an essential part of operating a landscaping business, it can quickly become a time-consuming task.

Manual time tracking and payroll methods may result in inefficiencies and inaccuracies, which affect not only your employees but also your bottom line.

Landscapers who implement landscape management software to simplify their payroll process find they spend less time correcting mistakes and more time growing their profit margin.

If you’re looking to streamline your accounting and payroll workflows, consider the following top landscaping payroll app options

What is a landscaping payroll app?

Payroll apps help landscaping and lawn care businesses easily manage labor cost processes. 

The best business management software automates key processes, including:

  • Calculating employee wages

  • Tracking labor hours on the job site

  • Managing taxes and deductions

Payroll software helps large and small businesses in the landscaping industry streamline payroll to easily pay employees by direct deposit or other methods. It also allows business owners to generate reports relating to key business areas so they can make more profitable decisions.

Looking for payroll management options? This blog compares features of landscaping and lawn care software, including integrations and cost.

Best landscaping software solutions with payroll management

  1. Aspire

  2. Jobber

  3. Service Fusion

  4. SingleOps

  5. Synchroteam

  6. Service Autopilot

1. Aspire: An end-to-end solution with complete payroll functionality

Financial data integrity

Aspire landscape business software provides a secure, cloud-based platform to protect the integrity of a landscaping company’s financial data. Aspire’s system offers full visibility and safeguards all business and customer data.

Accurate payroll 

Aspire landscape accounting and payroll software simplifies payroll by bringing related processes into a centralized platform, including:

  • Expenses

  • Revenue

  • Timekeeping 

A streamlined payroll process means accurate employee timesheets, fewer chances for manual errors, and more efficient use of office staff time.

With a mobile app, crew members can clock in and out from the field on iOS or Android mobile devices, enabling companies to better track time and measure job costs. 

Managers can easily review employee time cards and make adjustments before approval. A select one-way sync of key data to a company’s bookkeeping software eliminates duplication and safeguards accuracy.

Standardized processes 

Aspire standardizes daily processes to improve job management and drive efficiency. For example, Aspire’s accounting system integration ensures materials and supplies can only be ordered from designated suppliers with authorized price points. In one robust system, Aspire standardizes your process from job scheduling to completion.

2. Jobber

Core and advanced features

Jobber, a web-based software for home service companies in several field service industries, offers a Core plan for $49 a month, which includes features such as:

  • Scheduling

  • Accepting online requests

  • Invoicing

  • Managing clients

  • Accessing up to 20 built-in reports. 

The timesheet feature is available only on its two highest-priced plans. With this feature, users can edit, review, and approve team hours. It also offers payroll processing.

Integration capabilities

Jobber offers a mobile app, but mobile time recording capabilities are available only on its two most expensive plans. Jobber also offers a QuickBooks Online sync for its top two plans.

Support and training

Jobber offers customer support through chat, email, and phone. It also offers online guides and resources for its customers, such as online tutorials and videos.


  • Lite: $9/mo. for one user

  • Core: $49/mo. for one user. Additional users $29/mo. each

  • Connect: $129/mo. for up to 5 users. Additional users $29/mo. Each

  • Grow: $249/mo. for up to 15 users. Additional users $29/mo. each

Data security

Jobber uses secure connections with encryption, secure data storage, and trusted third parties for payment processing.

3. Service Fusion

Core and advanced features

Service Fusion offers field management software to help small or midsize service contractors with project management. 

The starter plan includes:

  • Customer management

  • Scheduling

  • Estimates

  • Invoicing

  • Payment processing

Those who upgrade to the Pro plan receive additional features, such as:

  • Progress billing

  • Recurring invoices

  • An open API

In conjunction with the mobile technician app, the software also can track staff work hours and clocking in and out, and populate time-based payroll reports with regular overtime pay.

Integration capabilities

All three Service Fusion plans feature a QuickBooks integration to automatically synchronize job deposits, invoices, and payments. They also offer FusionPay for payment processing on the web and in the field as an add-on feature.

Support and training

Service Fusion offers customer support through chat, email, and phone. It also offers live and recorded training programs, videos, online articles, e-books, and guides.


  • Starter: $126/mo. for unlimited users

  • Plus: $186/mo. for unlimited users

  • Pro: $339/mo. for unlimited users

Data security

Service Fusion implements security procedures and practices to protect data.

4. SingleOps

Core and advanced features

SingleOps offers cloud-based business management software for the green industry. Its essential plan offers:

  • Job management

  • Client management

  • Invoicing

  • Payments

  • Reporting

The Premier plan includes more advanced functionality, such as:

  • Automations

  • Route optimization and memorization

  • GPS tracking

  • Purchase orders and inventory

  • Business insight reporting

The software offers mobile timesheets for time clock and labor tracking, but only in its two highest-priced plans.

Integration capabilities

SingleOps offers a Quickbooks Online integration with its essential plan and QuickBooks Online and Desktop integration with its two highest-priced plans. 

At any price point, the software offers a mobile app for crews, but a GPS timesheet integration is available only with the highest-priced plan.

Support and training

SingleOps offers customer support through chat, email, and phone. It also offers online guides, articles, and videos.


  • Essential: $200/mo. for one office or sales user and unlimited crew users Additional $50/mo. per office or sales user

  • Plus: $350/mo. for one office or sales user and unlimited crew users Additional $100/mo. per office or sales user

  • Premier: $500/mo. for one office or sales user and unlimited crew users Additional $125/mo. per office or sales user

Data security

SingleOps implements security methods and takes measures to protect customer data.

5. Synchroteam

Core and advanced features

Synchroteam offers cloud-based field service management software for customers in several countries. The software offers a mobile technician time-tracking feature.

Integration capabilities

Synchroteam features automatic synchronization with QuickBooks.

Support and training

Customers reach Synchroteam’s customer support through an online request form. They also provide an online help center with guides.


  • Annual: $26/mo. per user login. Mobile users have access from one device. Includes one free administrator login

  • Monthly: $33/mo. per user login. Mobile users have access from one device. Includes one free administrator login

Data security

Synchroteam takes security measures to keep data safe.

6. Service Autopilot

Core and advanced features

Service Autopilot provides software for field service businesses in several industries. The software’s startup plan provides:

  • Scheduling

  • CRM

  • Estimate creation

  • Invoicing

  • Credit card processing 

The Pro Plus plan includes automation. The software offers time tracking and timesheets with its two highest-priced plans. 

The price of each plan covers one user, with additional monthly fees for each office or mobile user.

Integration capabilities

Service Autopilot offers a mobile app to track time and other functions. A two-way QuickBooks sync is available on its two highest-priced plans and requires an additional $29 per month fee.

Support and training

Service Autopilot offers customer support through chat, email, and phone. Its Pro plan offers one one-on-one custom private training session, and its Pro Plus plan offers two sessions. It offers basic and advanced virtual training, online videos, interactive courses, and user guides.


  • Startup: $49/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea. for mobile users. One-time signup fee is $97.

  • Pro: $109/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea for mobile users. One-time signup fee is $109. Additional monthly fees are required for certain integrations.

  • Pro Plus: $279/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea. for mobile users. One-time signup fee is $275. Additional monthly fees are required for certain integrations.

Data security

Service Autopilot uses the highest-level encryption method to keep data secure, and user data is stored and backed up in several locations. Credit card transactions are processed with secure encryption.

Why a landscape payroll app is only part of optimizing management processes

The importance of an end-to-end software platform

Landscape payroll apps are crucial for accurate accounting and payroll but address only one part of business operations. To scale and grow, landscaping companies must implement a comprehensive solution for all operations, including:

A centralized system connects business data and prevents landscapers from switching back and forth between different programs to get a job done. Instead, they can complete tasks from one platform, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Why Aspire is the best all-in-one business management platform for landscaping businesses

Comprehensive feature set 

Aspire's end-to-end software platform provides comprehensive features to streamline processes from customer management and estimate creation to invoicing and reporting. As a scalable solution, it’s the last program your landscaping team will need to implement and learn, no matter how large you grow.

Aspire’s work order system automates key processes and provides critical notifications so nothing gets overlooked. The software’s functionality delivers benefits for enterprise landscaping businesses such as:

  1. Saving time in daily operations

  2. Increasing job costing and cash flow accuracy 

  3. Boosts profits by optimizing workflows

Manage your entire business in one place

Aspire empowers landscapers to streamline all aspects of their business. Unlike other software options, users can monitor key business finances with Aspire’s unique capabilities:

  • In-depth job costing

  • Accounts receivable integrations

  • Mobile platform features

  • Integrations, including an open API

Because it’s software designed by industry experts, it works the way you do, providing full visibility and deeper insight into profitability.

Aspire’s end-to-end functionality and integration capabilities are essential to running a successful landscaping business while eliminating the need for multiple software systems.

Accounting integrations

Aspire helps landscaping companies maintain accurate ledgers in real time with a native QuickBooks integration. The software features a one-way data push for accurate accounting, keeping it free from syncing errors and inconsistencies and ensuring you can always trust your data. 

There is also native integration with Acumatica, an intuitive cloud ERP system, letting users streamline accounting and create individualized business solutions.

Aspire provides enterprise-tier clients API integration options to build customized connections with additional accounting systems, offering unlimited accounting solutions.

Payroll integrations

Using Aspire’s Inova Payroll integration, landscaping companies benefit from a seamless exchange of data while streamlining payroll, human resources, and benefits management. Integrations eliminate manual data entry and duplicate processes, saving landscapers time and money.

Aspire users also can export payroll data to their preferred payroll processor to streamline their payroll process.

Try Aspire for a complete landscape business management platform

By standardizing accounting and payroll processes, Aspire simplifies landscape business operations and ensures accurate and timely payroll. Aspire empowers landscapers to improve efficiency and increase profitability, providing the tools needed to scale and grow.

>> Want to see how Aspire unlocks profit in your landscaping business? Request a demo to see its features in action.

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