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PublishedJune 12, 2023

Best Arborgold Alternatives


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Many arborists rely on Arborgold software to sell more services, improve invoicing, and reduce overhead costs. But as they branch out into more general lawn care and landscaping services, they need a more sophisticated solution to streamline business operations.

If your growing tree care business is blossoming into new trades, consider these Arborgold alternatives:

  • Aspire

  • Asset

  • BOSS

  • Housecall Pro

  • Jobber 

  • SynkedUP

How to find the best Arborgold alternatives

A key part of growing a field service business involves expanding into new verticals and offering additional services. Since arbor care revolves fully around tree care, many companies lose out on new revenue streams by not expanding into related verticals their existing customers need, such as lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal. 

As you search for Arborgold alternatives, you’ll want to ensure any software you choose provides the functionality to pivot seamlessly between verticals. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with disconnected single-point solutions. 

The best software solutions not only allow you to implement the same workflow across multiple service verticals, but they also provide a full suite of features without charging additional costs for premium features or the number of users in your business, so you can scale without limitations.

What is Arborgold?

Arborgold is a specialized field service management software tailored for the arboriculture industry. It offers comprehensive features and tools, including a tree and plant inventory management system, that enables arborists and tree care professionals to efficiently manage operations, streamline workflows, and enhance customer service.

Key features include:

  • Plant and tree inventory

  • Chemical tracking

  • Project management

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Estimating and quoting

  • Invoicing and payments

  • CRM

  • Reporting

And with a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, tree care companies can run their businesses from the office or on-site.

Ultimately, Arborgold empowers tree care businesses to optimize processes, maximize productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Operating within a single technology system connects production, sales, and office workers so your team is prepared for any job. This allows them to respond faster to existing customer needs, as well as nurture leads and convert them to paying customers.

Why look for Arborgold alternatives?

Some Arborgold reviews note a clunky interface and lengthy load times on the software. While Arborgold benefits small businesses, as you scale your operation, you may seek more specialized functionalities or integrations with existing tools and systems. 

Whether you’re shopping for field service management software for the first time or are an Arborgold user looking for better options, weigh the pros and cons of alternatives to find the best solution for your business needs. 

→ Book demos or use free trials to assess software solutions before choosing a system. 

Some software providers tack on additional fees to unlock features or add more users, so it’s important to analyze the available features and pricing structures to ensure your costs won’t increase as your company grows. 

By differentiating each software, you can find a cutting-edge solution that helps you trim the competition. 


Aspire, an all-in-one business software solution, provides the same tree-care-specific functionality Aborgold clients rely on while helping arborists expand into other profitable services.

Key features of Aspire

The cloud-based platform for landscaping businesses provides visibility into every aspect of a company’s operations. It includes features for:

In addition, Aspire offers streamlined functionalities for task assignment, quality control, employee management, and reporting

The mobile app streamlines communication between managers and employees and enables crew members in the field to gather and report detailed job costing data such as: 

  • Tracking time and materials to properties

  • Managing checklists from the field

  • Attaching pictures and videos to issue tickets

Real-time tracking ensures payroll accuracy, while GPS capabilities and photo documentation provides customers and managers with key work progress insights. 

Benefits of Aspire

Tree care and landscaping companies who use Aspire realize the following benefits:

Industry-leading implementation process: Aspire assigns a dedicated implementation manager to guide new client cohorts through the onboarding process. After your company goes live with Aspire, you partner with a client success manager to ensure ongoing success. 

Efficient processes and improved service: Intuitive features streamline crucial business operation tasks, including job costing, estimating, scheduling, and payroll. The integrated CRM allows businesses to enhance customer management and provide timely service.

Informed decision-making: Armed with real-time data readily accessible via Aspire’s custom reports and dashboards, landscaping businesses can make timely, informed decisions that dramatically improve sales, productivity, accountability, and profits.

Scalability and flexibility: From Crew Control for growing arborists and landscapers to end-to-end business management for enterprise-level brands, Aspire Software’s family of solutions grow with your company. And there is no per-user fee that penalizes your business growth and success. 


Asset, an Include software solution, allows landscapers to simplify and streamline services into a single business management tool.

Key features of Asset

Having been in business for 30+ years, Asset has a record of helping landscape and snow removal businesses grow profits. And with all functions and teams in a single platform, office staff and crews work in lockstep. 

Asset’s comprehensive management software includes tools for: 

  • CRM

  • Scheduling

  • Accounting

  • Inventory

Benefits of Asset

Asset benefits include:

All-in-one functionality: With the ability to manage all functions and teams in one centralized location, business owners improve operational efficiency. 

Lower price point: Starting at $130 per user per month, Asset boasts an accessible entry price point. Note that additional data conversion, installation, and setup fees may apply. 

Additional apps: To further streamline business operations and improve the customer experience, landscapers can take advantage of other integrated apps within the Include software family: Payments, iCREWtek for crew management, iKPI for visual dashboards, and iEsign to accept digital signatures.


BOSS is a cloud-based field management software that caters to arbor care companies, as well as landscapers, roofers, food service, supply chain management, and more. 

Key Features of BOSS

BOSS makes it easy to see a high-level view of all of your arbor care branches in a single view, or you can drill down into granular details of individual branches and teams.  

Core features include:

  • CRM

  • Estimating

  • Lead management

  • Reporting

In addition, BOSS offers robust security capabilities to protect your most critical customer and business data. The software advertises 130 permission settings so business leaders can allocate permissions depending on an employee’s role and job function.

Benefits of BOSS

BOSS offers the following benefits:

Advanced graphics interface: BOSS’s real-time data dashboard makes it easy to view critical data and KPIs so your management team can make data-driven decisions to move the business forward.

Integrations with popular tools: BOSS software integrates with QuickBooks accounting software for seamless financial management. With the Sitefotos integration, all photos, property maps, measurements, and timestamps sync seamlessly within BOSS. Other integrations include tools for:

  • Equipment rental and supply management

  • Business consulting and marketing

  • Biometric and GPS time clock tracking

  • And more

Low start-up costs: Although BOSS doesn’t list pricing information publicly, the company offers several plan tiers, from basic to enterprise. Customer reviews note the low price for entry-level plans.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro offers a SaaS platform to help home service companies manage all aspects of their businesses. 

Key features of Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro’s all-in-one field service management software empowers small- to medium-sized home service businesses with the following features, among others: 

  • Scheduling

  • Dispatching

  • Invoicing 

  • Payments

Housecall Pro also offers an app for crews to access job details, update their status, and collect customer signatures.

Benefits of Housecall Pro

Industry leader: While Housecall Pro includes landscaping software in their offerings, they provide the most robust features for home service businesses in the garage door, auto detailing, home cleaning, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing verticals.

Simple, modern interface: Reviews note the Housecall Pro interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to roll out across the business. 

Intuitive and streamlined invoicing: Housecall Pro’s invoicing solutions allow landscape companies to send invoices and automatic follow-up reminders with a single click, ensuring a steady cash flow. 


Jobber provides comprehensive field management software for landscaping, landscape design, lawn care, tree care, snow removal, and pest control companies. 

Key features of Jobber

In addition to an intuitive mobile app that allows field techs to access job details, update job status, and capture photos, Jobber’s features include:

  • Scheduling

  • CRM

  • Invoicing 

  • Estimating

  • Issue management

Benefits of Jobber

Jobber benefits include:

Streamlined scheduling and job management: Jobber’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to schedule jobs and optimize routes. The scheduling software also makes it easy to communicate schedule changes with in-platform text messaging notifications to your whole crew. Managers can create custom forms and checklists for crews to use on the job and then send the customer to show completed work. 

Marketing campaign automation: Through a partnership with Mailchimp, landscapers can sync their contact lists, remove duplicates, choose from postcard and email templates, and set up one-time or automated recurring marketing campaigns.

Accessible pricing: Jobber’s entry plan starts at just $9 a month and is restricted to one user. There are three additional plans, with the most expensive plan, Grow, costing $249 a month for 15 users. Additional users can be added for $12 a month. The software also offers a free trial period. 


SynkedUP’s field service software helps landscaping and hardscaping businesses simplify business operations and gain real-time insights into job performance.

Key features of SynkedUP

SynkedUP’s cloud-based software equips businesses of all sizes with the following core features:

  • Job costing

  • Time tracking

  • Invoicing 

  • Lead generation and CRM

Additionally, SynkedUP’s fully featured mobile app enables techs in the field to communicate with office staff, access key job, and customer details, and update job notes and project photos.

Benefits of SynkedUP

Low start-up costs: At just $399 per month, SynkedUP provides a low barrier to entry for arbor-care shops. A basic plan includes two users, while each additional user costs $20 per month. Note: SynkedUP charges a one-time activation fee of $1,000.

Seamless accounting: Via a direct QuickBooks online integration, SynkedUP simplified financial management and invoicing, while QuickBooks Payments enables easy online payment processing with a credit card.

Streamline operations: SynkedUP uses automation to streamline many aspects of running a service business, from accurate job costing and estimating to project management and time tracking.

Tips for choosing the best Arborgold alternative

It takes time to find the ideal software solution for your business because it’s critical to compare not just the features but the scope and nuance of their functionality. 

Arborgold caters mostly to the tree service industry, so the software may impede your ability to scale or expand to new service verticals, such as lawn care, pest control, or off-season offerings.

As you examine different management solutions, consider the key features, benefits, and pricing to find the best fit for your arboriculture business. Consider how each software supports your current needs, as well as your ability to grow in the future. Also, examine included integrations, like QuickBooks, and check social media reviews on customer support. 

Finally, don’t hesitate to take each software for a test drive. Each provider will be more than happy to conduct a free demo to walk you through the software.

Reasons arboriculture businesses switch to Aspire to scale their organizations

Because of the limitations of other software solutions, many business owners choose Aspire to run their companies. Aspire is designed specifically for businesses in the green industry, allowing you to scale into new verticals. Aspire’s comprehensive management solution helps contractors simplify project and crew management to grow their businesses efficiently and profitably.

Some of the key reasons arboriculture businesses switch to Aspire include:

Gain valuable business insights: Aspire’s customizable reporting and data dashboard provides complete visibility into all aspects of business performance, so you can protect profits and boost revenue.

Key accounting integrations: One-way data sync with integrated accounting tools, including QuickBooks and Acumatica, ensures you always see real-time, trustworthy financial data to back critical business decisions.

Full customization: Aspire allows field service businesses to customize their software to match their business, including dashboards, estimating and invoicing templates, and more.

See how Aspire helps arborists achieve more in lawn care and landscaping

Some software providers charge more for pro features or tack on a per-user fee as your company grows. Because of this, it’s critical to compare features, benefits, and pricing before investing in a landscape or lawn care software solution. 

Ultimately, you want a high-quality platform that scales and grows with your business so you never have to implement a new business application. With integrated functionality, the Aspire business management platform provides a complete solution for growing arbor-care companies branching out into additional green industry verticals. 

Book a demo today to see how Aspire software can grow alongside your business. 

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