Improve your business and save time with landscape management software

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Oct 25, 2022

Improve your business and save time with landscape management software

As a landscaping business owner, you help customers solve their growing problems on a daily basis. When it comes to growing your landscaping company, however, the path to success may not seem as straightforward. 

You know your company’s productivity and profitability can improve, but where do you start? 

Paper processes and disconnected systems or apps (like Google Calendar for scheduling, Venmo for payment, Excel spreadsheets for accounting) make it difficult to measure results—gut instinct and guesswork can take you only so far.

What does management software do for landscapers?

Landscape contractors seeking to run their businesses more efficiently and with fewer headaches are turning to landscape management software. This industry-specific software is designed specifically for contractors in the green industry, with tools and functionality intentionally developed for their specific needs. Business software for landscapers isn’t just another software system to implement, or another tech fee to relegate to your IT department. It’s a business-improvement investment, giving you the technology to:

→ Enhance team efficiency and performance

→ Streamline and improve business processes

→ Boost revenue and profits

→ Make proactive, informed decisions

This all-in-one solution helps both small businesses and large enterprises alike save time, operate more efficiently, win more work, retain and gain more customers, and lay the groundwork for scalable growth.

What is landscaping business management software?

Cloud-based landscape business software is a management tool used to streamline and automate your operations, freeing up your time so you can focus on what matters most in your business.

An end-to-end software solution offering training and support works with programs you already use (like QuickBooks), enabling landscaping contractors to successfully:

  • Create bids
  • Plan jobs
  • Schedule crews
  • Stay on top of project costs
  • Manage customer relationships
  • Get paid faster
  • Capture real-time data

Landscaping software eliminates redundant, time-consuming manual processes, streamlining your operations and giving you greater visibility into your landscape jobs––and your company’s overall performance.

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Boost productivity with project management software for landscapers

Whether you own a lawn care business providing lawn maintenance and snow removal services, or a landscape design company specializing in hardscape installation, software increases your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Software based on a work-ticket system simplifies:

  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Job costing
  • Monitoring job progress
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Purchasing
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Payroll

Comprehensive lawn care software centralizes your data and saves time by reducing your back-office work. It increases accuracy by reducing the chances of manual error and improves communication between the office and field.

Standardized workflows enhance accuracy and accountability

When it comes to improved business operations, standardized workflows provide the consistency, accuracy, and accountability needed for sustainable growth.

Landscaping software immediately improves business processes through a seamless work-ticket management system, which automates data entry and streamlines your team’s workflow. This ensures your data remains accurate and your processes consistent, from work order creation to job completion.

Get the management tools you need to scale your business

Landscaping software improves your operations by providing:

→ Drag-and-drop scheduling for effortless job management and route optimization.

→ Accurate time and materials tracking through a mobile landscaping app. Crew members can clock in and out from the field, resulting in more accurate timesheets and reduced unallocated time. Crews can also report the type and quantity of materials used on a job through the mobile app contributing to real-time inventory records and better purchasing decisions.

→ Enhanced customer service, with a full view of customer information and service history. Send customers SMS text notifications to increase communication and improve customer satisfaction. Provide access to a customer portal where your clients can view all of their properties being serviced, e-sign new proposals, and complete electronic payments.

→ Seamless invoicing and payment processing for better invoice management and improved cash flow. 

Consistent workflows assist in employee development and onboarding, and when it’s time to train your new hires, these processes ensure repeatability and scalability among your team.

Achieve greater profit margins with business software for landscapers

Not only does landscaping software streamline operations, it improves profit margins so your company reaches the next level.

Software explicitly built for landscaping companies gives you the tools to quickly create profitable and consistent proposals and keep tabs on project costs. 

A business management system like Aspire connects your jobs from start to finish, giving you unparalleled insight into how your job costs and production actuals compare to your estimates and past performance.

Improve customer satisfaction and safeguard your margins

For many landscaping companies, this data helps them manage profit margins and know when to adjust customer prices. Knowing your costs ahead of time and communicating with customers in advance provides the opportunity to budget accordingly, often resulting in more contract renewals.

“It gives you the advantage,” says Nial Magoffin, operations manager at TruCo Services in Utah. “Because you go in with confidence saying, ‘If you want to bid this out, fine. I know you’ll be back because other companies don’t know their true costs and hours. We do.’”

Gain insight and make better decisions with real-time data reporting

For landscaping companies who rely on Excel spreadsheets and manual processes for reporting, it’s difficult to get a complete picture of company performance. Without precise data, owners or managers may make decisions based on outdated numbers or assumptions.

Experience certainty in every aspect of your business

Landscape management software like Aspire provides data transparency for accurate, real-time reporting, leading to meaningful insights and better decisions. 

With granular data at their fingertips, landscaping contractors using Aspire’s plans gain full visibility into each job and can quickly make the necessary adjustments to stay on track.

Accurate and fully customizable reporting empowers landscape contractors to develop strategies to meet revenue goals, improve profit margins, and confidently plan for growth.

>>Ready to find out which landscape software is right for you? Download this ultimate buyer’s guide to help you discover the best solution to grow your business.


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