Crew Control Payments vs. QuickBooks Online: What you need to know

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AuthorAbby Hart

PublishedMay 2, 2022

Crew Control Payments vs. QuickBooks Online: What you need to know

As we've discussed recently, smaller field service contractors are finding that they can schedule more easily and operate more efficiently using Crew Control. Now, there's another new feature to help you run your business and offer your clients a more seamless payment experience.

With faster invoicing and convenient payment options, Crew Control Payments is designed to help you conquer the challenges that come with billing clients and getting paid. If you already run your financials and payments through QuickBooks, you might be thinking that you're all set—but here’s what you might not know about Crew Control's billing and payment feature.

Misconception: If I change my billing process, it won't work with QuickBooks.

Reality: Crew Control payments has always been fully integrated with QuickBooks Online, including the ability to see invoices sent and paid. Now, Crew Control includes functionality you’d see in QuickBooks, including emailed invoices. Plus, Crew Control offers features that QuickBooks doesn’t have, like the ability to text invoices and provide a link to your website where clients can view their accounts and pay invoices directly.

Misconception: If I switch to electronic payments, I'll have to pay a fortune in fees.

Reality: Yes, electronic payments come with fees, but since most consumers prefer to pay by credit card or bank account, you can’t afford not to provide this option for your clients’ convenience. Crew Control payments allows you to offset your fees by automatically adding a 3% fee for credit card transactions to your client invoices. QuickBooks requires you to manually add fees as service line items to each invoice.

Misconception: If I switch to electronic payments, I'll have to pay a fortune in fees.

Crew Control Payments QuickBooks

2.89% + $0.20 per credit card transaction 2.9% + $0.25 per credit card transaction

.75% for ACH bank transfers 1% for ACH bank transfers

Misconception: My current process isn't the most efficient, but I'm worried my billing would take even longer if I did it differently.

Reality: Crew Control payments is designed to expedite invoicing. Recurring billing options save your accounting staff time by automatically sending invoices at a predetermined frequency, and the integrated work ticket and invoicing platform ensures that you won’t forget to bill a job.

Misconception: I have a lot of other things going on and don't have time to switch my billing process. It's not my top priority.

Reality: Starting any new process can be daunting but consider that improving your billing process will also improve your clients’ ability to pay you in a timely manner. This boosts your cashflow, gives you the ability to pay your employees quickly, and helps you buy or rent equipment and purchase materials when you need to.

Electronic payments are easier to track and manage than checks or cash, which are easily lost or spent, and your cashflow isn’t dependent on when you’re able to get to the bank and make a deposit.

Misconception: It’ll take a lot of time to get started with Crew Control payments.

Reality: If you’re already using Crew Control, getting started with payments is as easy as logging in, visiting the billing work center, and clicking “Create invoice” for a customer. And if you don’t see the billing work center, you can onboard with payments by going to Settings > Payments Onboarding. 

Don’t wait—transform your business and get started with Crew Control Payments today.


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