Best Landscaping Apps with QuickBooks Integration

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PublishedNovember 5, 2023

Best Landscaping Apps with QuickBooks Integration

Many landscaping companies use QuickBooks for financial management, expense tracking, and tax preparation. The business management software you use for estimating, job costing, and scheduling needs to integrate with QuickBooks to automate workflows, reduce manual data entry, and eliminate syncing errors. 

Some of the best landscape software solutions with Quickbooks integration include:

  • Aspire

  • Service Program

  • Manage360

  • Smart Service

  • Arborgold

  • Jobber

  • TurfHop

  • SynkedUP

  • CLIP

  • LMN

  • SingleOps

In this guide, you will find a full comparison among these options, along with corresponding prices and top features.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of September 2023.

Best landscape business software with QuickBooks integration: Comparison table (with ratings & pricing)

When comparing landscape business software options, consider pricing structures, features, and customer reviews before choosing a solution. This comparison table shows a quick overview of the best landscape software options that offer QuickBooks integration.



Best For

Capterra Rating

Free Plan/Trial



Mid- to enterprise-level landscaping companies



Varies based on company size; unlimited users for all plans

The Service Program

Small to midsize service businesses



Starts at $99.95/mo. for one office user + $249 onboarding fee


Landscaping businesses of all sizes



Starts at $325/mo.

Smart Service

Field service companies of all sizes



Not published


Small to large companies in the green industry



Starts at $129/mo.


Small home service businesses



Starts at $45/mo. for 1 user


Lawn care companies of all sizes



Free for limited features; Starts at $39/mo. for 1 user


Small landscaping companies



Starts at $399/mo. for 2 users + $1,000 activation fee


Lawn care businesses of any size



Not published


Small to large landscaping businesses



Starts at $460/mo. + $997 setup fee


Small to midsize businesses in the green industry



Starts at $200/mo.


Consider your landscaping company’s current needs and growth plans before implementing a new software platform.

Best landscape software with QuickBooks integration by use case

Your specific business needs dictate the most important features of a solution. Here are the industry’s best software options with QuickBooks integration and their top use cases.

  • Aspire — Best overall

  • The Service Program — Best for route optimization

  • Manage360 — Best for landscape design companies

  • Smart Service — Best for scheduling

  • Arborgold — Best for tree care services

  • Jobber — Best for small home service businesses

  • TurfHop — Best for customer relationship management

  • SynkedUP — Best for maintaining budgets

  • CLIP — Best for daily workflow optimization

  • LMN — Best for building estimates

  • SingleOps — Best for specialty landscaping services

This article provides an in-depth look at each option, including top features, downsides, and pricing structure.

Platform #1: Aspire

Aspire Software provides an all-in-one business management platform for landscape companies. Its integrated functionality gives landscape contractors visibility into every aspect of their operations.

Image Source: Aspire

Aspire clients grow two times faster than their peers, according to the latest Landscape Management LM150 survey. In addition, 35% of the top 150 landscape companies included on Landscape Management’s list of top revenue-generating landscape firms are Aspire customers. 

From a CRM to crew management, scheduling, estimating, and accounting, Aspire’s software solutions support every branch of a landscape business. 

Top features

Aspire helps avoid financial mistakes and inconsistencies by keeping all data in one solution that you can trust. In addition to its QuickBooks integration, top features include:

  • Additional integrations: Aspire offers additional accounting integrations with Acumatica and MS Dynamics GP, as well as an open API to allow enterprise-tier clients to build a connection to other accounting systems like Sage or NetSuite. For payroll, Aspire integrates with Inova (formerly known as IPS, or Integrated Payroll Services).

  • Invoicing assistant: Easily generate and deliver invoices that meet project needs, regardless of service type. Track outstanding invoices by color and status to ensure nothing gets missed. Use list functions and bulk actions to send one or multiple invoices. 

  • Payroll: With time reporting via the mobile app, management can quickly review time cards each day and make adjustments before daily approval of hours and materials used. Data is seamlessly pushed into Inova or easy to export/import into the user’s preferred payroll system.

  • Job costing: Users can see direct expenses by division, branch, manager, crew leader, service type, or property for accurate job costing

Downsides to consider

Because of its extensive functionality, a few reviewers noted it takes more time to implement and has a steep learning curve. To guarantee a successful experience, new Aspire clients receive dedicated support from an implementation manager throughout the onboarding and deployment phases.


Unlike most software options, Aspire plans include the same functions for an unlimited number of users.

  • Corporate: For landscaping businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million

  • Enterprise: For landscaping businesses with annual revenue above $15 million

For small businesses, Aspire offers:

  • Crew Control

    : $30 per month, per crew

  • Crew Control Plus: $50 per month, per crew

Platform #2: The Service Program

The Service Program is a QuickBooks add-on that helps service businesses manage contacts, track leads, schedule appointments, plan routes, generate estimates, manage equipment rentals, and create invoices.


Image Source: The Service Program

The software add-on is designed to be accessible to small businesses. The Service Program provides users with a custom branded app for customers to request service, report problems, view service history, sign invoices, view customer-specific pricing, and much more. In addition, The Service Program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Top features

The Service Program software was created exclusively for QuickBooks users. As a QuickBooks add-on, this software enables users to add industry-specific functionality to their existing accounting software without manually entering data. Standout features include:

  • Quick data import and daily syncs: Automatically import customer records from QuickBooks with one click to avoid manual data entry and costly errors. Syncs daily. 

  • Inventory management: When you add an inventory item from QuickBooks, The Service Program will automatically deduct that item from its QuickBooks inventory records.

  • Invoice accuracy: When you create an invoice in The Service Program, it’s automatically posted in QuickBooks as an invoice. 

  • Payments: Receive payments in the field through a mobile device or from a customer portal, and have them automatically post to QuickBooks.

Downsides to consider

While The Service Program offers route optimization and a customer portal, the features of this add-on software aren’t as robust as a more custom landscape business management solution. Reviews also note common software glitches and no offline mode. 


The Service Program offers the following plans: 

  • One office user: $99/month, plus a $249 onboarding fee

  • Two office users: $134/month, plus a $349 onboarding fee

  • Three office users: $169/month, plus a $449 onboarding fee

  • Five office users: $219/month, plus a $649 onboarding fee

  • 10 office users: $344/month, plus a $1,249 onboarding fee

After purchasing an office subscription plan, the mobile solution for field techs can be added for $79.95 a month for up to 14 users and $129.95 a month for 15–50 users. Use of the customer portal adds another $59.95 per month.

Comparing The Service Program and Aspire

When compared to The Service Program, Aspire offers:

  • Core features and unlimited users with no added costs empower landscape business owners to scale and


    grow their landscaping companies


  • Personalized onboarding and implementation with a dedicated implementation manager to ensure client knowledge and success.

  • Customizable drill-down reporting dashboards provide users with the information they need to make responsive decisions to protect profits.

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, check out our Comparison Hub.

Platform #3: Manage360

Manage360 is a comprehensive landscape management software solution designed to empower service businesses in the landscaping industry.


Image Source: Manage360

In addition to serving as CRM, billing, and bidding software, Manage360 offers unlimited file, photo, and video storage. Manage360 is operated by DynaScape, which provides landscape design software used by thousands of professional landscapers across the industry and taught in 100+ schools.

Top features

Manage360 integrates with QuickBooks to provide the following features:

  • Information mapping: Map your customers, taxes, employees, and suppliers in Manage360 to QuickBooks for accurate information transfer.

  • Streamlined invoicing: Create invoices in Manage360, and sync them straight into QuickBooks for faster and more accurate billing.

  • Automated invoicing: For long-term projects, automate billing to produce invoices at the desired interval. 

  • Job costing: Use Manage360’s cost book for accurate pricing information to keep estimates up to date with the latest changes in pricing.

Downsides to consider

Reviews note the software is slow to load, especially after receiving updates. In addition, customers report a sluggish response time from customer service.

Manage360 uses binary permission settings, so business owners must choose between providing all users with total data access and creating security vulnerabilities or limiting software access and usability to only a few key team members. 


To integrate with QuickBooks, users need the All In! plan, which costs $325 a month.

Comparing Manage360 and Aspire

When compared to Manage360, Aspire offers:

  • Diverse data access permission settings for different user roles for granular control of a company’s data.

  • Payroll integrations or the ability to export/import timesheets into the user’s preferred payroll system.

  • CRM that provides full pipeline visibility and keeps historical data for estimate and bid requests, site audits, contract renewals, budgets, and profitability reporting.

  • Dedicated implementation manager, as well as ongoing support through AspireCare support at no additional cost. Manage360 charges an additional fee for onboarding and training support.

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, check out our Comparison Hub.

Platform #4: Smart Service

Smart Service is a scheduling and dispatching add-on for QuickBooks. 


Image Source: Smart Service


The Smart Service mobile app provides techs with instant access to schedules, contact information, equipment records, service histories, and company forms. Smart Service supports QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online. They staff an in-house call center to respond to customer needs.

Top features

Because Smart Service functions as a QuickBooks add-on, all the work you do in the software updates to QuickBooks in real time. Other benefits include:

  • Time tracking: Techs can clock into each job using their mobile device, making it easy to log time for billing and payroll.

  • Fast scheduling: The Smart Service imports existing customer, employee, product, and service information from QuickBooks, letting users schedule work for their customers in minutes.

  • Easy invoicing: Convert work orders into invoices with one tap and email the bill to the customer or collect payment and signature on the spot.

  • Mobile app: Techs can track time, reference schedules, look up service histories, log equipment information, build work orders, and collect payments, all from their smartphone or tablet via The Smart Service mobile app.

Downsides to consider

As a QuickBooks add-on, Smart Service lacks the robust functionality of a custom landscape business management solution. Reviews note the system lacks security features to prevent techs from downloading customer files. 


Smart Service pricing plans are based on total concurrent user count. They offer a pricing calculator to receive a rough estimate, which requires inputting your contact information.

Comparing Smart Service and Aspire

When compared to Smart Service, Aspire offers:

  • An end-to-end solution providing flexibility and scalability as the business grows.

  • Purchasing


    assistant that streamlines purchasing and eliminates excessive spending by generating purchase orders from estimates and comparing material prices.

  • Real-time job costing to improve profit margins and increase revenue.

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, check out our Comparison Hub.

Platform #5: Arborgold

Arborgold, established in 1994, is a field management software built specifically for tree, lawn, and landscape companies.

Image Source: Arborgold

Today, the company also serves the pest-control and snow-removal industries. To better service customers, Arborgold maintains a roster of preferred partners to help green industry businesses with virtual assistance, digital marketing, business consulting, and implementation. 

Top features

In addition to a seamless QuickBooks integration that separates your accounting program’s confidential payroll and cash flow information from your day-to-day operation teams, Arborgold provides the following top features:

  • Invoicing: The system lines up billable jobs for invoicing once they are marked as complete. Invoices are automatically prepared to be sent to customers via email or printed copy.

  • Online payments: E-payment solutions allow customers to pay online using their preferred credit card via Open Edge merchant solutions.

  • Financial reporting: Arborgold provides tools for generating profit-and-loss statements, helping you assess your business's financial health and make informed decisions.

  • Additional integrations: Arborgold also integrates with SendGrid for email marketing, Twilio for customer and crew communication, and the full Google suite.

Downsides to consider

Mobile app features are limited, and the user interface is clunky.


Arborgold’s starting price is $129/mo. It offers starter, professional, and enterprise plans but does not publish pricing.

Comparing Arborgold and Aspire

When compared to Arborgold, Aspire offers:

  • Intuitive features to improve work flows and service.

  • Unlimited customizable fields and tags that enable landscapers to filter properties for open issues or unresponsive prospects, improving customer service and closing more sales.

  • Automated payroll files that are simple to approve and export to a preferred payroll provider, as well as payroll integrations.

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, check out our Comparison Hub.

Platform #6: Jobber

Jobber is a cloud-based business management software built for the field service industry.


Image Source: Jobber

The platform is used by 200K+ service professionals across 60+ countries. Jobber makes running a service business easier with quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and payments in one place.

Top features

With the ability to easily sync information on customers, timesheets, invoices, and payments from Jobber to QuickBooks Online, Jobber offers the following benefits:

  • Simplified payroll: Track time in the field with Jobber and sync back to QuickBooks Online for easy payroll.

  • Integrations: 20+ app integrations to streamline business processes, including Google Local Service Ads, Stripe, and Mailchimp. 

  • Invoice management: Quick invoice management, batch invoicing, and the ability to send automated invoice follow-ups via text or email. 

  • Online booking: Customers can book services online based on unique preferences. 

Downsides to consider

Jobber isn’t built specifically for the landscaping industry. In addition, its reporting doesn’t allow businesses to fully customize reports for in-depth performance data.


Jobber’s plans include:

  • Core: $49/mo. for one user. Additional users, $29/mo. each.

  • Connect: $129/mo. for up to five users. Additional users, $29/mo. each.

  • Grow: $249/mo. for up to 15 users. Additional users, $29/mo. each.

Comparing Jobber and Aspire

When compared to Jobber, Aspire offers:

  • Centralized historical direct-cost data to ensure profitable job pricing in the future and better financial forecasting.

  • Estimating templates and


    product kits for quick and accurate bidding of similar types of work, including multi-year and evergreen


    landscaping contracts


  • Advanced API to allow customized integrations for the solutions and apps essential to your organization’s workflow.

For a complete feature comparison, visit the Aspire vs. Jobber comparison guide.

Platform #7: TurfHop

TurfHop is a comprehensive software platform tailored for lawn care and landscaping businesses.


Image Source: TurfHop


TurfHop is owned and operated by an Alabama-based software development company called RIIPL. It offers a range of features to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and optimize efficiency.

Top features

Among TurfHop’s feature set are:

  • Online payments: Get paid faster with TurfHop online payments, which offers low credit card processing fees.

  • Expense reporting: Gain full visibility and oversight of your expenses to quickly and easily spot trends and track daily spending.

  • Invoicing: Ability to quickly create professional invoices, set up recurring invoices for ongoing jobs, and send automated follow-ups for unpaid invoices.

Downsides to consider

Reviewers note TurfHop doesn’t provide adequate training and support when implementing the software.


TurfHop’s plans include:

  • Free for one user.

  • Solo: One user + unlimited employees for $39/mo. 

  • Team: $119/mo. for up to 10 users + unlimited employees.

Enterprise accounts with enhanced features are available for $5M+ organizations. 

Comparing TurfHop and Aspire

When compared to TurfHop, Aspire offers:

  • Real-time job costing to compare actual quantities of materials and labor with your estimated profit and costs for your jobs.

  • Personalized onboarding with a dedicated implementation manager to ensure client knowledge and success. TurfHop only offers hands-on training and support for enterprise clients.

  • Daily checklists to ensure techs or crews have all the


    materials and equipment


    necessary before heading to a job 

  • Core features and unlimited users with no added costs to empower


    landscape business owners to scale


    their companies.

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, check out our Comparison Hub.

Platform #8: SynkedUP

Built by a landscaping company frustrated with the point solutions on the market for business management software, SynkedUP offers a system for everyone in a landscaping organization to work within. 


Image Source: SynkedUP

SynkedUP features include scheduling, estimating, project management, customer and lead management, time tracking, job costing, and invoicing.

Top features

SynkedUP integrates with QuickBooks Online and offers the following top features:

  • Estimating: Ability to create fast, accurate estimates with templates based on either fixed prices, time and materials, flat rate, or unbillable pricing types. 

  • Time tracking: Accurate time tracking assigned to jobs and easily submitted for payroll processing.

  • Invoicing: Automated down-payment invoices are sent to customers upon estimate approval.

  • CRM: Track customers and leads, including acquisition source and conversion rate.

Downsides to consider

SynkedUP does not integrate with QuickBooks Desktop. SynkedUP offers plans for limited users, so you’ll pay more each month for additional users


SynkedUP offers two plans:

  • Standard: $399/mo. for two users, plus a $1,000 onboarding fee. Each additional user is $20/mo. 

  • Pro: $599/mo. for five users, plus a $1,000 onboarding fee. Each additional user is $20/mo. 

Comparing SynkedUP and Aspire

When compared to SynkedUP, Aspire offers:

  • Unlimited users on plans, so you can grow your landscape business without investing more into your software.

  • Integrations with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop. 

  • CRM that provides full pipeline visibility and keeps historical data for estimate and bid requests, site audits, contract renewals, budgets, and profitability reporting.

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, check out our Comparison Hub.

Platform #9: CLIP

CLIP (Computerized Lawn Industry Program) provides lawn care business software to reduce administrative workloads and supercharge efficiency. 


Image Source: CLIP

Developed specifically for lawn care companies by lawn care pros, CLIP prioritizes being intuitive and easy to use. CLIP supports scheduling, routing, invoicing, and tracking EPA data.

Top features

CLIP’s two-way integration with QuickBooks allows users to always know their bottom line.  Additional features include:

  • Estimating: Quickly create detailed estimates that Include cost breakdowns, materials, labor, and more.

  • Payment processing: Accept online payments and use batch billing to send out all your invoices at once. 

  • Reporting

    : Assess financial health at the click of a button or create custom reports. 

  • Compliance: Track chemical use by job, then compile it all for EPA reporting with the click of a button.

Downsides to consider

Reviews note common software glitches and slow customer support.


CLIP does not publish pricing information.

Comparing CLIP and Aspire

When compared to CLIP, Aspire offers:

  • Real-time job costing to improve profit margins and increase revenue.

  • Complete CRM visibility, including leads, opportunities, projects, and customer relationships.

  • Key integrations, such as


    , enable landscapers to accurately measure, create takeoffs from aerial imagery, and build visual proposals to customers.

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, check out our Comparison Hub.

Platform #10: LMN

LMN is a landscape business software solution streamlining operations for landscape maintenance, design/build, and snow removal companies. 


Image Source: LMN

According to its website, customers achieve 10% more profit in their first year with the software and close up to 20% more jobs. In addition, payroll processing time is cut in half.

Top features

Besides a QuickBooks integration, LMN offers 5,000+ integrations through Zapier. Other top features include:

  • Digital invoices: Create and send customers professional-looking invoices.

  • Online payments: Accept customer credit card payments online.

  • Budget benchmarks: Compare your budget against LMN-exclusive industry benchmarks to determine where you may be over- or under-spending for labor, materials, and equipment.

  • Job costing: Track job costs by materials, equipment, and labor hours to identify which areas you may be over-spending, helping your business take the steps to reduce wasteful costs.

Downsides to consider

LMN charges per user on top of base fees, which means your software investment has to grow as you do. In addition, features are tiered by plan. 


LMN offers the following plans:

  • Free: Limited to five users.

  • LMN Pro: $335/mo, plus $19.97 per user and a setup fee of $997.

  • LMN Pro Plus: $460/mo., plus $19.97 per user and a setup fee of $997.

Comparing LMN and Aspire

When compared to LMN, Aspire offers:

  • In-platform price comparison and material management tools to streamline ordering, job management, and cost tracking.

  • Live work-ticket management to keep landscapers on top of every job detail.

  • Unlimited user seats for your employees in the office and the field, all for the same monthly price.

  • Scalability to support your business as it grows with the ability to support multiple divisions, branches, or even companies. 

For a feature-to-feature comparison, visit the Aspire vs. LMN comparison page.

Platform #11: SingleOps

SingleOps is a business management software for landscaping and lawn care companies. 

Image Source: SingleOps


SingleOps has been recognized by Inc. 500 as the fastest-growing software company in the green industry for three years in a row and a top-rated employer by both local and national media.

Top features

In addition to a QuickBooks integration, top features include:

  • Digital invoices: Flexible invoicing capabilities that can be customized for one-time services, recurring maintenance projects, hourly rates, or fixed fees.

  • Automated invoice reminders: Get paid faster with automated invoice-related reminders such as invoice due, invoice overdue, and auto-pay credit card expiration notifications.

  • Financing: Offer easy, flexible payment plans to fit any customer budget with SingleOps Financing.

  • Payments: Offer customers a seamless checkout experience via credit card or ACH with SingleOps Payments.

Downsides to consider

Users report syncing issues with Google Calendar and QuickBooks. Also, the Essential plan doesn’t offer QuickBooks integration.


SingleOps offers the following plans:

  • Essential: $200/mo. for one office or sales user and unlimited crew users. Additional users, $50/mo.

  • Plus: $350/mo. for one office or sales user and unlimited crew users. Additional users, $100/mo.

  • Premier: $500/mo. for one office or sales user and unlimited crew users. Additional users, $125/mo.

Comparing SingleOps and Aspire

When compared to SingleOps, Aspire offers:

  • CRM system with in-app alerts when a customer email fails to deliver, a payment is rejected, an estimate needs approval, and more.

  • Fully customizable reporting to give every user the view of the business they need to make informed decisions to protect profits.

  • A host of landscaping integrations to improve and connect landscape key processes, including calendar, email, GPS tracking, and measurements for takeoffs.

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, check out our Comparison Hub.

Looking for landscaping software with Quickbooks integration?

When your landscape and accounting software aren’t connected, it requires manual data entry into each, which results in duplicated efforts, inconsistent data, and difficulties reconciling financial information. Software solutions that integrate with accounting platforms ensure data fidelity and eliminate repetitive, time-consuming processes.

Aspire delivers better end-to-end functionality for businesses in the green industry, plus robust integrations, a custom API, and unparalleled customer support from landscaping and software experts to fuel lasting growth.

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