Best CRM apps for landscape companies

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PublishedOctober 6, 2023

Best CRM apps for landscape companies


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Landscapers who use customer relationship management software accomplish more than just organizing customer data or simplifying customer communication.

When used properly, the right CRM tools enable landscapers to: 

  • Track leads for increased sales

  • Manage pipeline and measure sales effectiveness

  • Gain visibility into the full customer lifecycle

  • Improve customer retention

  • Increase revenue with existing accounts

  • Grow profit

If you need a comprehensive CRM software solution for your growing landscaping business, this guide compares the top CRM software options to help you find the right provider.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of September 2023.

Best CRM for landscape companies: Comparison table (with ratings & pricing)

To compare CRM software options, consider software ratings, reviews, customer support availability, and prices. This at-a-glance comparison table highlights top considerations.


Best For

Capterra Rating

Free Plan/Trial



Mid- to enterprise-level landscaping companies



Varies based on company size; unlimited users for all plans


Any size business in the green industry



Starts at $129/mo.


Small to large landscaping businesses



Free to $460/mo. with limited users


Small home-service businesses



$49-$249/mo. with limited users


Small to midsize businesses in the green industry



$200-$500/mo. with limited users

Service Autopilot

Any size field-service business



$49-$309/mo. with limited users


Small to large landscape and lawn care businesses



Not listed online


Small businesses





Small landscaping businesses



Free to $49.99/mo.

Pipeline CRM

Sales teams in a variety of industries



$25-$49/mo. with limited users


Small businesses in several industries





Small to midsize field service businesses



Not listed online

In your search for the best CRM software in the landscaping industry, you’ll also want to consider software design, features, and use cases.

Best CRM for landscape companies by use case

Your specific landscaping business needs dictate which features rank at the top. Below, find a list of the best CRM for landscape companies by use case.

  • Aspire — Best overall

  • Arborgold — Best for tree care services

  • LMN — Best for budgeting

  • Jobber — Best for small home-service businesses

  • SingleOps — Best for specialty landscaping services

  • Service Autopilot — Best for scheduling

  • RealGreen — Best for dispatch

  • HoneyBook — Best for client management

  • Yardbook — Best for startups

  • Pipeline CRM — Best for sales teams

  • Salesforce — Best for customer data management

  • WorkWave — Best for field service tasks

An in-depth comparison of top CRM solutions for landscaping and lawn care businesses follows below.

Platform #1: Aspire

Aspire’s all-in-one landscape business management software gives landscaping maintenance, lawn care, landscaping design, and snow/ice management companies the ability to operate more efficiently and effectively scale their businesses.

Image Source: Aspire

The cloud-based platform integrates CRM with every aspect of landscaping projects, from initial estimate to final invoice. With Aspire, landscapers gain a real-time, 360-degree view of leads and projects to:

  • Create winning bids with estimate templates

  • Improve landscaping project management

  • Track and follow up on leads

  • Boost sales

  • Strengthen customer relationships

  • Increase the revenue potential of current accounts

Top features

Aspire streamlines the sales process, lead management, pipeline reporting, and customer communication, providing industry-leading tools for the entire customer lifecycle.

Top CRM features include:

  • Centralized CRM system: Separate customer and property databases provide full pipeline visibility and preserve historical data for estimate and bid requests, contract renewals, budgets, forecasting, issues management, and profitability reporting.

  • Self-servicing customer portal: Give customers a user-friendly way to view serviced properties and project statuses, report or respond to issues, digitally sign proposals, view invoices, and pay online.

  • Mobile app: A mobile app for Android and iOS devices provides visibility into daily work tickets, enables tracking of mobile labor time, and improves communication. Sync last-minute schedule changes in real time so crews immediately respond to maintain excellent customer service.

  • CRM integrations: Aspire’s calendar and email system integrate and sync with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Accounting integrations include QuickBooks and Acumatica. Additional landscaping integrations provide GPS tracking and streamline estimate creation with current supplier pricing from SiteOne or LandscapeHub and takeoff measurements captured in PropertyIntel, an Aspire solution.

Downsides to consider

The robust functionality of Aspire’s end-to-end business management platform may take time to implement and require users to modify business workflows to align with industry best practices upon which the system is based.


Unlike many other landscaping CRM software, Aspire plans include the same key features and an unlimited number of users.

  • Corporate: For landscaping businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million

  • Enterprise: For landscaping businesses with annual revenue above $15 million

For smaller landscaping and lawn care companies, Aspire offers:

  • Crew Control: $30 per month, per crew

  • Crew Control Plus: $50 per month, per crew

Platform #2: Arborgold

Arborgold landscape management software simplifies operations for landscaping, lawn care, tree care, and arborist businesses.

Image Source: Aborgold

Arborgold’s CRM features help landscaping businesses organize customer data, track jobs, implement plant and tree inventory management, and increase team member accountability.

Top features

Arborgold’s top features include:

  • Lead management tools: Track contacts by lead source and category.

  • Job tracking: Use unlimited job sites per customer to track work orders and other activities.

  • Mobile app: Use a mobile app to plan and manage routes, access customer contact details, and communicate with customers from the field. The app is also available in Spanish.

Downsides to consider

Arborgold’s functionality is lacking in some areas, especially regarding the mobile app.


Arborgold offers starter, professional, and enterprise packages with varying features. The software also offers mobile-only licenses. Those interested in pricing must contact the company.

Comparing Arborgold and Aspire

When comparing Arborgold and Aspire’s CRM features, Aspire outperforms Arborgold in the following areas:

  • A dynamic CRM platform enables three-way communication among crews, management, and clients with the ability to save all customer communication

  • Unlimited, customizable fields and tags that enable landscapers to filter properties in infinite ways, including open issues or unresponsive prospects, improving customer service and closing more sales

  • A customizable dashboard to view real-time sales reports, identifying won and lost business and upsells by time period, branch, or account manager

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, visit this comparison hub.

Platform #3: LMN

LMN’s landscape business software streamlines operations for landscape maintenance, design/build, and snow management companies. 

Image Source: LMN

Its CRM features enable landscapers to keep customer proposals, approvals, and messages within a customer account.

Top features

LMN’s top CRM features include:

  • Customer communication: A customer portal provides one place for customers to view estimates, job photos, invoices, and payments.

  • Digital invoices: Create and send customers professional-looking invoices.

  • Online payments: Accept customer credit card payments online.

Downsides to consider

LMN only offers digital job binders on its highest-priced plan, which gives crews in the field access to all job-related information. The same applies to automated customer invoicing, which means users with lower-priced plans must invoice manually.


LMN offers the following plans:

  • Free: Limited to five users

  • LMN Pro: $335/mo.; $19.97 per user

  • LMN Pro Plus: $460/mo.; $19.97 per user

Comparing LMN and Aspire

Landscaping contractors choose Aspire to accelerate scalability and drive growth because Aspire provides:

  • Complete CRM visibility, including leads, projects, and customer relationships

  • Real-time job costing to improve profit margins and increase revenue

  • The ability to support multiple branches, divisions, or business units

  • The same core features and an unlimited number of users, no matter the size of the landscaping company

For a feature-to-feature comparison, visit the Aspire vs. LMN comparison page.

Platform #4: Jobber

Small businesses that work in home services industries use Jobber to simplify operations and improve their customer service. 

Image Source: Jobber

Jobber’s CRM features provide communication tools to simplify and enhance customer messaging.

Top features

  • Client manager: Keep a customer’s full history in one place.

  • Client communication options: Send customers email or text notifications for booking confirmations, appointment reminders, or follow-ups. Jobber also offers two-way text messaging with clients.

  • Convenient payments: Accept credit card payments online or in the field.

Downsides to consider

Jobber offers limited customization options, especially when it comes to estimating and reporting.


Jobber’s plans include:

  • Core: $49/mo. for one user. Additional users $29/mo. each.

  • Connect: $129/mo. for up to five users. Additional users $29/mo. each.

  • Grow: $249/mo. for up to 15 users. Additional users $29/mo. each.

Comparing Jobber and Aspire

While Jobber provides tools for small home-service businesses, Aspire empowers landscaping companies to scale and grow through:

  • Estimating templates and kits for bidding similar types of work, quickly and accurately 

  • Support of multi-year and evergreen landscaping contracts

  • Customer account management based on location, which is especially important when landscapers work with commercial accounts, landlords, or homeowner associations

  • Real-time, customizable reporting to query business performance data in any way

For a complete feature comparison, visit the Aspire vs. Jobber comparison guide.

Platform #5: SingleOps

SingleOps provides business management software for landscaping and lawn care companies. 

Image Source: SingleOps

Sales tools, such as digital proposals and automated follow-ups, help landscapers eliminate paper spreadsheets and other manual methods.

Top features

SingleOps CRM features include:

  • Sales management: Track leads, log call notes, and upload photos and files.

  • Digital proposals: Include optional line items for upsells. Customers can digitally sign proposals on-site or on any device.

  • Customer follow-ups: Send automated reminders for outstanding proposals.

Downsides to consider

Users report syncing issues with Google Calendar and QuickBooks.


SingleOps offers the following plans:

  • Essential: $200/mo. for one office or sales user and unlimited crew users. Additional users $50/mo.

  • Plus: $350/mo. for one office or sales user and unlimited crew users. Additional users $100/mo.

  • Premier: $500/mo. for one officer or sales user and unlimited crew users. Additional users $125/mo.

Comparing SingleOps and Aspire

Aspire gives landscapers a complete platform to streamline and grow their business by providing:

  • A robust platform with included features, such as route optimization, landscaping purchasing and inventory management, and real-time reporting

  • A CRM system with in-app alerts when a customer email fails to deliver, a payment is rejected, or an estimate needs approval

  • A host of landscaping integrations to improve landscape business operations, including calendar, email, accounting, GPS tracking, and virtual or done-for-you measurements for takeoffs

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions.

Platform #6: Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot provides software to help service businesses, including lawn care businesses, automate operations. 

Image Source: Service Autopilot

Its CRM provides a single location to store and organize customer information.

Top features

Service Autopilot’s CRM features include:

  • Organize data: Keep your client account history in one place, including jobs, quotes, and invoices.

  • Digital invoicing: Instantly send customer invoices.

  • Process payments: Auto-update credit cards, charge invoices, and run payments.

Downsides to consider

Automated CRM features, including estimate and invoice follow-ups and upselling services through email or text, are only available on the highest-priced plan.


Service Autopilot offers the following plans:

  • Startup: $49/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea. for mobile users. 

  • Pro: $119/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea. for mobile users. Additional monthly fees for certain integrations.

  • Pro Plus: $309/mo. for one user. Additional $29/ea. for office users and $19/ea. for mobile users. Additional monthly fees for certain integrations.

Comparing Service Autopilot and Aspire

Compared to Service Autopilot, Aspire provides automated features and integrations at no additional cost. Aspire gives landscapers greater control of their business with:

  • Standardized workflows through a ticket system with data flowing from estimating to invoicing to increase data accuracy, efficiency, and performance

  • Full visibility for effective management of contracts, renewals, and complex projects

  • A complete set of features for unlimited users, enabling landscapers to focus on growth and achieving higher profits

For a side-by-side software comparison, visit the Aspire vs. Service Autopilot page.

Platform #7: RealGreen

RealGreen by WorkWave provides operational and marketing software to businesses in the green industry. 

Image Source: RealGreen

It offers customer data management and increases customer convenience online.

Top features

RealGreen’s CRM features include:

  • Enhanced communication: Customers can request estimates and service calls online.

  • Payment processing: Customers can purchase additional services online, make secure online payments, and sign up for autopay.

  • Customer referrals: Accept customer referrals online.

Downsides to consider

Users report customer support issues and problems with invoicing functions.


RealGreen does not publish pricing for its plans online.

Comparing RealGreen and Aspire

Compared to RealGreen, Aspire provides highly rated customer support to ensure customer success, with a dedicated team member for personalized implementation. In addition, Aspire provides:

  • Lifelong AspireCare for troubleshooting and support

  • Ongoing training to ensure successful system utilization

  • Resources for customers to apply best practices to their existing business processes

  • End-to-end functionality, empowering landscapers to scale and grow their business

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions.

Platform #8: HoneyBook

HoneyBook provides cloud-based client management for small businesses. 

Image Source: HoneyBook

Its tools help landscaping businesses schedule meetings, communicate with customers, manage proposals and contracts, and send invoices.

Top features

HoneyBook features include:

  • Paperless proposals: Use templates to create digital proposals.

  • Digital signatures: Receive notifications when clients receive, open, view, or sign contracts online.

  • Invoicing: Set up payment schedules and reminders and accept credit card payments from customers.

Downsides to consider

Since HoneyBook is built for independent businesses, its workflow isn’t based on a work order system.


HoneyBook offers the following plans:

  • Starter: $8/mo.

  • Essentials: $16/mo. for up to two team members

  • Premium: $33/mo. for unlimited team members

Comparing HoneyBook and Aspire

Aspire provides a complete suite of features built specifically for landscaping and lawn care companies. Its work ticket system increases the efficiency of landscaping jobs through:

  • Drag-and-drop job scheduling with route optimization

  • Full visibility at every stage of the job, improving the management of purchase orders, inventory, and labor and material costs

  • The ability to manage jobs based on location, as some customer contracts include multiple property locations

To see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, visit this comparison hub.

Platform #9: Yardbook

Yardbook provides free tools to help landscapers with business operations, sales, and finances.

Image Source: Yardbook 

Its sponsored ad business model makes the software free of charge, although it offers optional premium features.

Top features

Yardbook CRM features include:

  • Customer account management: Organize customer estimates and invoicing.

  • Invoice creation: Create invoices from jobs and set up recurring bill templates.

  • Customer communication: Communicate with customers through email or text.

Downsides to consider

As a landscaping company expands, it may outgrow some of Yardbook’s features and require more automation to save time and increase efficiency. It offers a QuickBooks sync only with its highest-priced plan.


Yardbook offers the following plans:

  • Starter: Free

  • Business: $34.99/mo.

  • Enterprise: $49.99/mo.

Comparing Yardbook and Aspire

Aspire supports landscaping company scalability and growth, so a landscape business won’t need to switch to a different software later. Aspire enables landscaping businesses to increase profitability by providing:

  • Bidding templates and kits that ensure accuracy and consistency

  • The ability to integrate data from estimates, takeoffs and design, purchase orders, and more

  • Advanced reporting and API options to build customized solutions for enterprise businesses

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions.

Platform #10: Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM provides businesses with tools to simplify CRM.

Image Source: Pipeline CRM

The software provides sales pipeline management, lead management, job management, and customer management.

Top features

Pipeline CRM features include:

  • CRM customization: Create fields to customize customer details.

  • Bid and estimate tracking: Keep track of when bids and estimates close.

  • Lead tracking: Automate and manage email campaigns.

Downsides to consider

Pipeline CRM provides features for tracking sales and doesn’t offer comprehensive software for service-based businesses like landscaping and lawn care.


Pipeline CRM plans include:

  • Start Plan: $25/mo. for one sales pipeline and 250 deals per account

  • Develop: $33/mo. for two sales pipelines and 2,500 deals per account

  • Grow: $49/mo. for five sales pipelines and unlimited deals per account

Comparing Pipeline CRM and Aspire

When comparing Pipeline CRM and Aspire, Aspire’s comprehensive feature set boosts landscaping business efficiency in the following ways:

  • Streamlined workflows for scheduling, estimating, project management, customer and contract management, and invoicing

  • Real-time job costing and reporting to delve into the granular details of projects and performance

  • A convenient customer portal where customers can view serviced properties, review and respond to property issues, sign proposals, and pay online

See how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions by visiting this comparison hub.

Platform #11: Salesforce

Salesforce provides CRM software for small businesses to improve customer and sales team management. 

Image Source: Salesforce

The software combines sales, service, and marketing to increase efficiency and visibility.

Top features

Salesforce's top features include:

  • Centralize customer information: Teams can access customer information in one place.

  • Customer support: Communicate with customers on any channel or use chatbots.

  • Sales reporting: Provides customizable data and artificial intelligence-driven analytics.

Downsides to consider

Salesforce does not provide features specifically for the landscaping industry.


Salesforce offers the following plans:

  • Essentials: $25/month

  • Professional: $80/month

  • Enterprise: $165/month

  • Unlimited: $330/month

Comparing Salesforce and Aspire

Aspire provides landscape-specific tools to improve business operations and drive growth, including:

  • Live work ticket management to keep landscapers on top of every job detail

  • A mobile app to provide up-to-date job changes to crews in the field

  • Key integrations like PropertyIntel, which enables landscapers to accurately measure properties and create takeoffs using hi-res, aerial imagery and build visual proposals to customers

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions.

Platform #12: WorkWave

WorkWave’s business management software simplifies operations for various businesses in the service industry, including landscaping and lawn care businesses.

Image Source: WorkWave

WorkWave’s CRM features simplify customer management and invoicing.

Top features

WorkWave CRM features include:

  • Customer management: Keep all customer information in one place, including work orders and jobs.

  • Billing and payments: Quickly access quotes, billing, and invoicing.

  • Customer portal: Customers can pay, prepay, or order additional services online.

Downsides to consider

Customers cite functionality issues, especially regarding payment processing.


WorkWave does not publish its plan pricing online.

Comparing WorkWave and Aspire

When compared to WorkWave, Aspire offers integrated functionality to connect every aspect of business operations. Aspire enables landscaping contractors to improve productivity and profit by providing:

  • A single, dynamic platform containing all data for a property, customer, or prospects

  • Tools to standardize and streamline business workflows

  • A complete, real-time view of profitability, margins, and pipeline to effectively forecast and plan for growth

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions.

Looking for a landscaping CRM?

Comprehensive CRM software empowers landscapers to manage opportunities and leads effectively, streamline workflows for improved performance and customer satisfaction, and make better business decisions.

Aspire’s powerful platform allows landscape business owners to simplify lead and customer management while customizable reporting delivers live performance insights, unlocking profits and driving new growth.

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