Landscaping CRM app benefits every business should know

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Gage Roberts


Apr 17, 2023

Landscaping CRM App Benefits Every Business Should Know

Landscaping business owners understand the importance of using the right tools to get the job done quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

As you grow your landscaping business, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your customer base with paper files and manual processes, collaborate as a team, and understand the ROI of core marketing strategies.

An end-to-end business management platform unlocks new efficiencies in your operations

Landscape and lawn care service businesses focused on growth adopt cloud-based customer relationship management software (CRM) for many reasons, such as:

  • Simplifying business needs
  • Driving customer satisfaction
  • Greater pipeline visibility
  • Improving communication
  • Monitor and optimize digital marketing campaigns.

This article explains the top features and functionality to look for when choosing a landscaping and lawn care project management tool. The right CRM software will:

  1. Enhance communication
  2. Improve customer retention
  3. Boosts your profitability

Read on to learn about the key benefits and core features of the best CRM platforms.

What is a landscaping CRM app?

A landscaping CRM app helps landscapers to:

  • Streamline day-to-day operations
  • Target and qualify leads
  • Simplify contact management and customer support
  • Understand the ROI of key initiatives. 

The best CRM solutions use cloud technology to enable employees in the field and office to access the platform from wherever they are and seamlessly communicate, share notes, and analyze actionable data from a single hub.

Advantages of using a landscaping CRM app

CRM software benefits companies in the landscaping industry beyond simply storing customer contact information. 

Landscapers with powerful CRM tools can design workflows to ensure account managers and operations never miss an opportunity, use automation and bulk actions to simplify business processes, and leverage customer information and property data to inform marketing and grow your bottom line.

As you evaluate various landscaping CRM tools, look for an end-to-end solution that comes equipped with the capabilities to:

Strengthen client relationships 

Business owners understand top-notch service and clear communication are essential to building relationships and generating long-term customers. 

→ CRM software provides a 360-degree view of your customer data, making it easy to proactively manage customer relationships and stay on top of contract renewals. 

With CRM software, you can quickly view customer profiles–by client or property–to see upcoming expiring service contracts. Having accessible information makes it easy to make personal connections or use automation and send bulk renewal notices to streamline contract management.

Increase cross-selling opportunities

CRM software also reveals opportunities to upsell services on every job or cross-sell add-on services to your existing customers. Identifying cross-selling opportunities within your existing customer base can be a strategic way to expand into new markets and service verticals.

Your team can quickly identify growth opportunities with real-time insights into your customer data, such as:

  • Client budgets
  • Property details 
  • Previous proposals

A more in-depth CRM empowers the kind of decision-making that drives profit-focused decisions that help companies to scale.

Boost customer satisfaction

Landscaping CRM software provides comprehensive visibility into every property in your existing customer base and prospects. 

Landscapers can quickly visualize account activity, such as prior work, repairs, and customer communications. Cloud-based software enables your landscaping crews to arrive at each job fully informed with:

  • Complete customer history
  • Notes and photos from previous contracts or issues
  • Current job tasks for the contract

This information is all paperless and easily accessible via a mobile app with both iOS and Android compatibility.

The best landscaping CRM software provides customers with self-service functionality via the customer portal for:

  • Reviewing and e-signing contracts
  • Making payments via credit card or ACH bank transfer
  • Contacting account managers with questions or issues

With a comprehensive landscape business platform, customers can request services, review job history and invoices, and pay online without ever picking up the phone.

Improve marketing

A CRM tool can optimize your marketing efforts by managing the opportunities in your sales pipeline. 

Each time your sales team adds new leads from a site visit or landscaping trade show, you can apply custom fields and tags to signify specific details about an opportunity or property, such as:

  • Tagging leads at any stage of the sales funnel
  • Categorizing properties by age
  • Categorizing by contract type
  • Tagging properties as residential or commercial

These tags make it easy to segment your customer base so that you can deliver the right message at the right time.

How to find the best CRM for landscape companies

As you narrow your search for a landscaping CRM system, the best solution is the one that best suits your needs. 

CRM landscape software should simplify workflows and reduce data entry, improve communication and team collaboration, and collect rich customer data you can leverage to grow your business.

An end-to-end management platform delivers the functionality you need without siloed solutions

Your CRM software should sync with common tools you use to run the business, such as QuickBooks. An integrated CRM system reduces the number of applications (and spreadsheets) your team needs to use daily while ensuring smooth data transfer between systems.

The best CRM for landscapers, such as Aspire, includes additional features to help landscaping contractors run all aspects of their business. For instance, Aspire's business management platform includes several features beyond customer relationship management. Aspire also supports:

Job Costing

Landscape companies can get real-time, unparalleled insight into actual job costs with software that calculates:

  • Time
  • Materials
  • Labor costs

See how your actual job costs measure up to estimates and past performance. 

With clear insight, you can adjust pricing to ensure estimates are always accurate and profitable.


Drag-and-drop scheduling makes it easy to respond to the daily curveballs and challenges from last-minute work order changes and inclement weather.

The routing optimization features improve dispatching decisions to maximize crew efficiency in the field.


Simplify the bidding process and add a professional touch with customizable estimating templates to ensure quick and consistent estimating for every job. 

You can also accept signatures electronically via email or a mobile app for fast customer approval and follow-up.

Look beyond CRM capabilities to integrate your company’s workflows

Managing a successful landscaping service, especially a commercial enterprise with many work orders, requires precise job management and exceptional customer service.

→ A CRM tool can help you improve day-to-day operations and market your landscape business

In the digital age, landscape professionals increasingly use comprehensive landscape management software, such as Aspire, to run their lawn care and landscaping service businesses. End-to-end functionality means features for:

Aspire landscaping software helps small businesses and enterprise landscaping companies manage customer relationships, work more efficiently, book more jobs, streamline communication, and unlock real-time data to grow your landscaping business.

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