PropertyIntel Complete

Done-for-you property measurements, estimates, and takeoffs

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How it works

Simply provide us with the property addresses, what you want to be measured, and any special instructions. Our professional cartography team then applies their deep expertise to deliver precision-measured takeoffs directly to your PropertyIntel account.

Step 1

Step 1

You provide basic details about the job

Step 2

Step 2

Our team of experts prices the job and shares with you for approval

Step 3

Step 3

Work is delivered to your PropertyIntel account


Bid work faster

Stay ahead of the competition with the takeoffs you need to bid more jobs—fast. Always available (and editable) from your cloud-based PropertyIntel account.

  • Expert measurements

  • Cloud storage

  • Timely takeoffs

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Become more profitable

With PropertyIntel Complete, takeoffs don’t have to stand in the way of sales. Let our team handle the measuring work so you can focus on closing more deals.

  • Accurate measurements

  • Stronger estimates

  • Seamless onboarding experience

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Communicate effectively

Avoid confusion, delays, and misaligned expectations. Easily share your ideas for proposed work with visual sitemaps, labels, color-coded groups, and more

  • Hi-res imagery

  • Visual sitemaps

  • Color-coded diagrams

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Pricing for PropertyIntel Complete varies based on property size, the number of features measured, and the turnaround time requested. See the examples below for pricing different scopes of work, and schedule a meeting with our team to learn more.

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Example of small property pricing

- 1 acre

- 4 measuring groups

Price: $14.00

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Example of medium property pricing

- 4 acres

- 4 measuring groups

Price: $22.00

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Example of large property pricing

- 53 acres

- 10 measuring groups

Price: $110.00

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