6 Game-Changing Landscaping Technologies to Keep An Eye On

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PublishedApril 12, 2024

6 Game-Changing Landscaping Technologies to Keep An Eye On


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From smart irrigation systems to robotic mowers and AI-powered software, new technology revolutionizes how landscaping companies design and maintain outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re a veteran landscaping pro or starting your first business, the following list provides an overview of technologies helping the landscaping industry work smarter, boost revenue, and deliver better customer experiences. 

1. Virtual design tools

Virtual design tools enable estimators and field technicians to create digital models of residential homes and businesses. Landscape design tools vary in capabilities but include features to accurately measure properties, overlay plants and materials, and create 2-D and 3-D mockups.

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Landscaping professionals use design software to:

  • Save time and money by reducing manual work

  • Take more precise measurements

  • Design high-quality renderings of customer properties

  • Enhance the sales process with accurate visualizations

  • Get estimates out the door faster to close more contracts

3 virtual design tools include:

  1. PropertyIntel: As a value-added integration of Aspire’s end-to-end software, PropertyIntel helps landscapers take precise takeoffs and quantities to ensure accurate estimating and purchasing of materials. Users upload photos of the property and choose plants and materials from the PropertyIntel library to create a high-resolution mockup of the final installation.

  2. SmartDraw: With SmartDraw, users choose from several landscape design templates and can add photo uploads, plants, materials, and textures.

  3. iScape: iScape is a mobile app that uses property photos and drag-and-drop functionality to add plants, hardscaping, and other visual elements.

Ultimately, virtual design tools help landscapers streamline the design process and create greater efficiency and profitability with less time and effort.

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2. Landscaping business software

Landscapers turn to business software to streamline operations, improve productivity, enhance customer service, and make data-driven decisions to grow revenue.

Aspire’s comprehensive software helps landscaping companies simplify business operations while enhancing communication between office staff and field crews.

Core features of Aspire landscaping software include:

With Aspire’s integration with ServiceTitan Marketing Pro, landscaping businesses supercharge their marketing efforts using real-time data and business performance metrics. The software allows you to segment customers and send automated communications to book more jobs and increase revenue from your existing customer base.

3. Remote monitoring and irrigation systems

Smart irrigation systems are one of the newest technological advancements revolutionizing the landscaping and lawn care industries. The systems use remote monitoring and automation to optimize water usage and reduce waste. 

Smart irrigation controllers use real-time data on soil moisture, climate conditions, and weather patterns, automatically adjusting watering schedules to prevent overwatering or underwatering. Users can monitor activity from a mobile device and access data to detect leaks and inefficient watering.

Smart systems appeal to homeowners and property managers as they improve sustainability, lower utility costs, and provide accurate data on water consumption. 

4. Field service apps

Field service apps help landscaping businesses accurately track time and materials to individual properties, locate field crews with GPS, and improve communication with the office, field, and customer. Technicians also can quickly create tiered estimates in the field and present them to the customer from a mobile device.

The Aspire Mobile field service app connects you to your entire team. With real-time GPS tracking, companies monitor the location and status of their fleets, ensuring efficient use and timely service delivery.

5 benefits of the Aspire Mobile app include:

  1. Accurate reporting and payroll: Employees clock in and out from a mobile device with geofencing to individual properties to ensure accurate resource allocation, job costing, and payroll.

  2. Agile scheduling: When a dispatcher updates the schedule, changes instantly sync to the live schedule board in the app. 

  3. Technician and job tracking: The app geo-stamps tech locations, giving dispatchers real-time visibility into job progress.

  4. Seamless communication: With the Aspire Mobile app, employees in the field easily communicate with the office staff. Techs can also communicate with customers via SMS messaging.

  5. Informed technicians: Technicians have visibility into previous job notes and photos, location maps and site plans, initial intake call, and task checklists to improve customer experiences.

5. Drones for surveying and inspections

Drones give landscapers a bird’s-eye view of customer homes and commercial sites. Equipped with high-definition cameras, they provide insights not possible from surveying a property at ground level.

Using drones for on-site aerial surveillance allows landscapers to assess an entire property in minutes, saving time and resources. Drones also reduce safety risks by eliminating the need to climb on roofs or ladders.

Landscaping companies use drones to:

  • Generate maps and 3-D models of green spaces

  • Monitor job progress of large sites

  • Inspect tree damage or steep terrain

  • Identify pest infestations and irrigation issues

  • Record video to include in estimates and invoices

  • Create promotional and marketing videos 

6. Equipment management software

Effective equipment and vehicle management directly supports the success of landscaping companies. When technicians arrive on time at the job sites with the right equipment, they complete the job correctly and enhance customer experience.

Equipment management software optimizes resource allocation and management, reducing downtime, extending equipment lifespan, and improving operational efficiency. 

Aspire field landscaping software includes asset-tracking capabilities to minimize equipment downtime, improve maintenance record keeping, and keep  mowers, trimmers, and equipment running optimally. 

With Aspire equipment management software, you can:

  • Create inspection checklists: Proactively manage your fleet by prompting technicians to inspect vehicles and equipment in the Aspire Mobile app.

  • Submit service requests: Employees send service requests in the app when equipment issues occur in the field. 

  • Monitor usage: Real-time usage metrics help determine which vehicles and equipment are necessary and help business owners reduce costs by eliminating unused assets.

  • Track maintenance: Monitor details such as services performed, date and type of service, road hours, mileage, costs, and more.

  • Trigger maintenance alerts: Automatically receive alerts at specified intervals when a vehicle or tool is due for service.

Companies improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and control costs by investing in proper maintenance, tracking, and utilization of assets. 

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Leverage the right technology to grow your landscaping business

Growth-minded companies in the green industry can leverage landscaping technology to design beautiful outdoor living spaces, supercharge business performance, and discover actionable insights.

Aspire landscaping software gives you real-time visibility into business performance, enhances communication with the office and field, and simplifies operations to scale your landscaping business. 

Ready to see how Aspire technology helps landscaping companies optimize performance? Book a demo to see Aspire features in action.


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