Build a Strong Foundation for Business Success During a Software Implementation

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PublishedApril 3, 2024

Build a Strong Foundation for Business Success During a Software Implementation
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Our go-to implementation guru, Amanda Peirick, affectionately known as "Command-A," is renowned for her exceptional ability to build processes that work seamlessly. As our Manager of Implementation, she leverages her extensive background in the Green industry, where she served as Director and Operations Manager at two major landscaping companies. Peirick's expertise extends beyond just meeting deadlines; she excels in crafting and refining processes that ensure success. Here, she offers her insight on maintaining a smooth implementation experience.

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When you begin your Aspire implementation, think of it as constructing a towering skyscraper. Every great structure starts with a rock-solid foundation. Just like a strong foundation protects buildings from earthquakes, wind, rain, and whatever else comes its way, getting the basics right in Aspire will help your business weather any storm, from staff changes to the busy season. This blog will explore how to build a strong foundation during implementation. 

Keep Implementation Simple 

It's natural to be drawn to Aspire's fancy features and customizations. Who can resist? However, the best implementations start small and simple with the core basics. Stay focused on the critical foundational elements recommended by your implementation manager. Just as a skyscraper's strength lies in its deep roots, your Aspire success relies on these simple yet essential building blocks.

Stay on Time

Time management is critical during implementation. Deviating from your schedule can introduce complications and prevent you from reaping the benefits of the software sooner. To avoid this pitfall, stick to your implementation timeline rigorously. And if you find yourself falling behind, remember the mantra: "Keep it simple."

Document and Update SOPs

Documenting your standard operating procedures (SOPs) is the blueprint for your team's success. SOPs provide consistency, streamline processes, and serve as a reliable resource for your team as they navigate the Aspire system. During implementation, resist the urge to reinvent your SOPs. Stick to what works and refine it later. Remember, "Keep it simple."

Bring on the Right Implementation Team

Constructing a solid foundation requires more than one pair of hands. Avoid placing the entire implementation burden on a single individual. Instead, assemble a diverse team of visionaries and executors. Each team should feature:

  • A Project Champion with the authority to lead, keep the project on track, and ensure accountability.

  • An Accounting Champion who understands your specific accounting processes.

  • An Admin/Operations Champion who can apply their business knowledge to the implementation.

Also, ensure every team member is committed to the 90-120 days required for a successful implementation. A united team ensures your project's success.

Allocate Enough Time and Resources

Aspire recommends allocating an average of 20 hours of human power per week during implementation. Skimping on this time commitment will delay your launch and postpone the returns on your investment. Implementation is more than just a one-person job. Leverage the unique skills of your department and divide the work to make it more manageable and effective.

Laying the Groundwork

In the world of Aspire implementation, building a solid foundation is paramount. It lays the groundwork for your success with Aspire and ensures you have proficient power users who can champion the tool within your organization. To construct this solid foundation, keep it simple, stay on time, document and update your SOPs, build the right team, and allocate enough time. Like building a house, the initial work may seem less glamorous than the finishing touches, but the foundation makes the entire structure stable and enduring.

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