Crafting Your Aspire Implementation Dream Team 

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Crafting Your Aspire Implementation Dream Team 


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Aspire is a powerful, robust solution touching every piece of your business, so successfully implementing Aspire requires a coordinated effort. Just as your business relies on a diverse team, your Aspire implementation needs the right mix of talents. Let’s explore the dos and don'ts of assembling the perfect Aspire implementation team.

Implementation illustration - carrying rocks

Don’t: Put it all on one person.

Imagine building a skyscraper with a single construction worker – it's a daunting and nearly impossible task. Similarly, relying on one team member to manage your entire Aspire implementation is a recipe for disaster. They'll likely feel overwhelmed by the monumental task, and the project may remain unfinished. Plus, you'll miss out on valuable insights from different parts of your business.

Implementation illustration - teamwork

Do: Assemble a team to tackle implementation.

The secret sauce to a successful Aspire implementation is collaboration. It's like assembling a superhero team, with each member bringing their unique powers to the table. When different business functions participate in the process, the system becomes tailored to your specific needs. This means it's more likely to be used effectively and more practical for your business.

Do: Include a mix of visionaries and executors on the team. 

Bring in a mix of visionaries and executors to help make your implementation a success. This should be a mix of leaders with authority and users who will live and breathe Aspire every day. Your dream team should include: 

  • A project champion: This person has the authority to make decisions, hold people accountable, and lead the charge. They keep the project on track and ensure everyone is aligned. 

  • An accounting champion: This person can understand the drivers and triggers in the system. Their expertise in your accounting operations is invaluable for success in almost every area of implementation. 

  • An estimating/operations and admin champion: This person will manage the day-to-day aspects of the tool while they live and breathe in Aspire. They ensure your business processes align with your new system. 

Leverage your dream team 

The best implementations are completed by a thoughtful team who all utilize their talents and abilities during the implementation process. The most strategic way to build your team is to include a mix of visionaries, who can lead your project and keep it on track, and executors who will utilize the system daily. With this method, you will get up and running more quickly, and have a system working for your business that your team is eager and excited to utilize. 


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