Building a strong relationship with your Customer Success Manager

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PublishedAugust 1, 2023

Building a strong relationship with your Customer Success Manager

Implementing a new software solution like Aspire is a game-changer for landscaping or janitorial business. Establishing and building a solid relationship with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is crucial to ensure successful adoption and maximize the benefits of Aspire. A CSM is a strategic partner, helping you navigate new processes, improve adoption and utilization, and achieve your business goals.

Your CSM is here to be your partner for the long run, acting as your business coach who helps you utilize Aspire most effectively. You can lean on your CSM to help you set goals, advise you on best practices, and serve as your advocate internally. 

To get the most out of this relationship, here are some essential steps and advice to build a strong relationship with your CSM: 

Embrace Change

Your CSM may recommend new ways of doing things to optimize your processes. While change can be uncomfortable at first, keep an open mind and try new ideas. Aspire's software and process have a proven track record of helping businesses optimize and achieve tangible results. Utilize the materials and resources provided by your CSM to learn and adapt. Nate Negrin, Founder of Southern EEZ, reflects on their transition: "We fully embraced this new process as an entire organization, and the results have been remarkable. It has improved our margins and gives us a common language and system so everyone knows what to do." 

Trust the Process

Learning a new system takes time and patience. Trust the implementation process and your CSM's guidance will lead to positive outcomes. Embrace the learning curve and give your team the support to adapt. Drew Barton of Outback Landscaping shared, "We dove right in with our CSM and put our complete trust in her. That trust started at the top of our organization, which helped us get going."

Utilize the Year One Journey

Aspire offers the Year One Journey, a program designed to help you get up to speed with the platform after implementation. Take advantage of the training classes and resources available through the YOJ to accelerate your learning process and ensure a smooth transition. The more you build a foundation, the more strategic you will be with your CSM. The Year One Journey can also be utilized to refresh your knowledge of new material and help you train new employees. Sarah McPherson of Outback Landscaping says, "I use the Year One Journey sessions now as a refresher, but if someone has just started implementing, they should join those webinars because it will save you so much time figuring the system out." 

Developing Trust and Open Dialogue

Change can be met with resistance, but establishing trust and open communication with your CSM is essential for long-term success on Aspire. Express any concerns or worries, and share any challenges your organization faces. Your CSM has extensive experience working with businesses like yours and can provide valuable insights and resources to address your needs. 

Amanda Goad, CSM at Aspire, understands firsthand what it’s like to implement and use Aspire. She says, “It’s so easy to relate to my client because I have been there. I remember the tough times getting set up and the excitement of achieving wins on the platform. I understand the overwhelming feeling when trying to change processes. Still, I can remind my clients of the vision because I have implemented Aspire before becoming a CSM, and I have seen firsthand how quickly Aspire can help elevate your business.” 

Having an open dialogue with your CSM can help build a strong partnership and enable them to guide you through whatever challenges arise, with tailored support that aligns with your unique goals and needs. 

 Remember Why You Chose Aspire

It’s important to remember why you chose Aspire, the initial goals your team set out to reach, and the growth your team aims to achieve. Remind yourself of the long-term benefits and the positive impact Aspire can have on your business. Trust in your CSM's expertise and the success stories of other clients who have benefited from the software. Long-time Aspire user April McArthur of Embassy Landscape says, , “You might need some help thinking outside the box. How you do things now may have worked previously, but it might not be the best way. Our CSM helps us integrate best practices and think of new ways to utilize the system for our benefit to get the most value out of the platform.”

Building a solid relationship with your CSM is crucial for a successful journey with Aspire. Embrace change, trust the process, and utilize the support and guidance provided by your CSM. Remember, your CSM is there to help you optimize your usage of Aspire and serve as a strategic partner and empathetic ear. 

Ready to take your first step? Sign up for a class and let the Year One Journey help guide you to becoming an Aspire pro.  

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