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10 best janitorial apps


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Large commercial cleaning businesses have unique requirements for optimal performance and successful growth.

The most successful cleaning businesses use comprehensive janitorial software apps to establish a well-organized business structure, implement standardized workflows, and maximize efficiency and profit.

If you need tools to help organize, automate, and grow your large cleaning business, some of the best janitorial software apps include:

  • Aspire

  • Jobber

  • Swept

  • CleanTelligent

  • CleanGuru

  • Clean Smarts

  • ZenMaid

  • Janitorial Manager

  • CleanMaint

  • OrangeQC

In this guide, you will find a complete comparison between these software options for large businesses in the cleaning industry.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of September 2023.

Best janitorial apps: Comparison table (with ratings & pricing)

Before you compare janitorial service software apps, identify the needs of your cleaning business operations. 

Some janitorial software offers features specifically for small businesses or specialty service providers. 

This table compares ratings, pricing, and whether the software offers a free version or trial.


Best For

Capterra Rating

Free Plan/Trial



Mid- to enterprise-level commercial cleaning businesses



Varies based on company size; all plans for unlimited users


Small to midsize cleaning companies



$49-$249/mo. with limited users


Small to large commercial cleaning businesses



Not published


Small to large cleaning businesses





Small to midsize cleaning businesses



$55-$125/mo. with limited users

Clean Smarts

Small to midsize cleaning companies

5/5 (2 reviews)




Maid service companies




Janitorial Manager

Small to midsize cleaning companies



Not published


Small to large cleaning companies



$33-$120/mo. with limited users


Small to midsize cleaning companies

5/5 (3 reviews)



A thorough comparison should also examine features, ease of use, reviews, customer support availability, and integration options.

Best janitorial apps by use case

Janitorial software solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Below, find a list of the best janitorial software apps by use case.

  • Aspire — Best overall

  • Jobber — Best for customer management

  • Swept — Best for mobile team communication

  • CleanTelligent — Best for customer feedback

  • CleanGuru — Best for ease of implementation

  • Clean Smarts — Best for scheduling

  • ZenMaid — Best for maid service

  • Janitorial Manager — Best for quality control

  • CleanMaint — Best for facility sanitization

  • OrangeQC — Best for cleaning inspections

An in-depth comparison of software capabilities, downsides, features, and pricing plans follows.

App #1: Aspire

Aspire Software provides cloud-based janitorial business management software to streamline administrative tasks and simplify operations for large commercial cleaning businesses.

Image Source: Aspire

Aspire empowers large cleaning businesses to operate more efficiently and profitably while providing real-time insights to improve business performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Standout capabilities

Aspire is built specifically for larger commercial cleaning businesses because it provides a structured model and defined processes for the entire company, including:

  • Districts

  • Regions

  • Branches

  • Divisions

The comprehensive platform centralizes business data and automates cleaning business operations to increase accuracy and accountability while improving performance. 

Aspire’s work ticket system standardizes workflows from estimating to invoicing, so all branches or divisions of a company operate the same way—no matter how large a company grows. 

Integrated functionality streamlines financial operations such as accounting and reporting, so cleaning business owners gain critical insight into every aspect of company performance.

Downsides to consider

Since Aspire is an end-to-end business management system, it establishes a workflow that may take some time to learn.

Top features

  • Estimating: Create bidding templates and kits based on your actual production factors, ensuring consistent and accurate cleaning bids and proposals with included profit margins.

  • Mobile app: Keep your cleaning teams on track with checklists viewed in the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app also provides mobile clock-in and clock-out for accurate time tracking to streamline payroll.

  • Job costing: Know actual vs. budgeted job costs of every job in real-time, including labor, materials, and supplies.

  • Reporting: Flexible reporting enables cleaning businesses to filter by branch, division, property, service type, or manager all the way down the gross margin line. The open API allows enterprise-level cleaning companies to build custom solutions for various business needs.


Aspire plans include:

  • Corporate: For commercial cleaning businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million

  • Enterprise: For commercial cleaning businesses with annual revenue above $15 million

App #2: Jobber

Jobber provides field service management software to help cleaning service businesses simplify day-to-day operations.

Image Source: Jobber

Jobber helps service businesses with job scheduling, customer relationship management, employee timesheets, and payment processing.

Standout capabilities

Jobber excels with CRM features, which enable cleaning businesses to organize customer data in one place. Its customer communication features automate follow-ups and other notifications.

Jobber provides online job booking features that automatically schedule jobs and send customers a confirmation email. Multiple payment processing options help cleaning companies get paid faster.

Downsides to consider

Jobber’s features are built to help small businesses, so it may not provide everything enterprise-level businesses may require.

Top features

  • Customer communications: With automated customer notifications and two-way text messaging, cleaning companies can confirm appointments, follow up on quotes, communicate job progress, and gather customer feedback.

  • Payment processing options: Customers can choose automatic payments, pay on-site with a mobile credit card reader, or make online payments.

  • Integrations: Jobber offers integrations, including QuickBooks, GPS tracking, and marketing solutions.


  • Core: $49/mo. for one user. Additional users $29/mo. each.

  • Connect: $129/mo. for up to five users. Additional users $29/mo. each.

  • Grow: $249/mo. for up to 15 users. Additional users $29/mo. each.

Comparing Jobber and Aspire

The fastest-growing cleaning companies choose Aspire because it supports company growth through the following:

  • Unlimited users empower cleaning companies to grow exponentially without increasing future technology costs

  • Enables businesses to implement effective processes and workflows in new branches or divisions

  • Provides the ability to measure and improve business performance through real-time visual reporting dashboards

To learn how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, visit this comparison hub.

App #3: Swept

Swept is cleaning business software that provides features to streamline daily operations and team communication.

Image Source: Swept

The software simplifies cleaning scheduling, employee time tracking, and problem reporting. It enables cleaning companies to stay on top of jobs and quickly address potential issues.

Standout capabilities

Time tracking and communication features allow cleaning companies to track and monitor cleaners and send real-time messages. An automated inspection tool allows managers to rate cleaning quality and include comments and photos.

Cleaners can communicate potential issues through the mobile app and report low supplies. The app also provides translations for messages, checklists, problem reports, and location details.

Downsides to consider

Users cite issues uploading photos to work orders. Business intelligence features are not yet available in the advanced plan for larger cleaning businesses.

Top features

  • Job management: Manage recurring and one-time jobs in one place.

  • Mobile app: Cleaners can sign in with a mobile device, which provides GPS-enabled time tracking.

  • Instructions and checklists: Provide cleaners with visual instructions through photos and videos. In the advanced plan, enhanced checklists allow companies to assign recurring tasks and properties to a specific shift and cleaner.


Swept offers starter, professional, and advanced plans with varying features. It does not publish plan prices online. All plans start with 15 locations included, with $10 for each additional site, depending on the plan and the number of additional locations.

Comparing Swept and Aspire

Cleaning companies seeking a comprehensive solution turn to Aspire because it empowers large operations by providing:

  • Core features for all plans and unlimited users, so cleaning companies don’t need to pay more for additional features as their business grows

  • Intuitive, integrated functionality to connect all business operations, improve efficiency, and drive new profit potential

  • In-depth reporting capabilities for detailed data on business and individual job performance

Visit this comparison hub to learn how Aspire compares with other software alternatives.

App #4: CleanTelligent

CleanTelligent, now Otuvy, provides cloud-based cleaning service software to simplify business operations and improve quality control.

Image Source: CleanTelligent

CleanTelligent’s work order system enables cleaning companies to schedule jobs, track cleaning history, and update customers. Its features work to improve employee accountability and quality control.

Standout capabilities

CleanTelligent helps cleaning companies streamline work orders through the app to see real-time job progress and close work orders in the field.

Inspection features enable cleaning companies to document cleaning history, which they can share with customers. CleanTelligent users can customize inspections, add photos and notes to tasks, and create work orders from deficient scores, all of which work to improve accountability and quality of work.

Downsides to consider

Users report the software isn’t the most user-friendly and cite functionality issues when deleting data.

Top features

  • Custom inspections: Create inspection lists with unique grading scales. Customers can sign the inspection report, or companies can email it to the customer after completion.

  • Customer communication: Increase communication through mobile surveys accessed through QR codes or request open-ended feedback.

  • Reporting: Summarizes cleaning performance data and customer surveys.


  • Basic: $175/mo.

  • Business Pro: $250/mo.

  • Enterprise: $575/mo.

Comparing CleanTelligent and Aspire

Commercial cleaning companies seeking to operate more efficiently and profitably choose Aspire over CleanTelligent because it offers:

  • The ability to customize estimating templates and kits with included profit margins to increase consistency in bidding and improve cash flow

  • Flexible invoicing options to bill based on customer preferences and payment schedules

  • Several integrations to streamline accounting, payroll management, and other critical areas of business

For more details on how Aspire stacks up to the competition, check out this comparison hub.

App #5: CleanGuru

CleanGuru provides software for cleaning service contractors to simplify scheduling, timekeeping, and inspecting.

Image Source: CleanGuru

The software offers features specifically for the cleaning services industry, such as notifications for monitoring night-shift janitors or cleaning problem reporting.

Standout capabilities

CleanGuru provides bidding modules for specialty work, such as janitorial, disinfection, carpet cleaning, maid service, and post-construction cleaning. 

Cleaners can use the software’s mobile app to clock in and out or communicate with supervisors. The mobile app works without a WiFi signal, so cleaners can still complete facility inspections and data syncs when back online. 

Downsides to consider

CleanGuru plans only cover up to 10 employees, so cleaning companies need to pay more as the company grows.

Top features

  • Estimating: Provides a bidding calculator to simplify cleaning estimates.

  • Inspections: Shows a visual cleaning inspection score to improve quality control.

  • GPS geofence: Sends alerts to a supervisor if a cleaner arrives late or signs in outside the geofence.


  • Basic: $55/mo. for one bidding module

  • Deluxe: $75/mo. for three bidding modules

  • Max: $95/mo. for all bidding modules

  • Max Plus: $125/mo. for all bidding modules and the mobile inspecting app

All plans include up to 10 cleaners; additional cleaners cost $2/mo. each.

Comparing CleanGuru and Aspire

Commercial cleaning companies choose Aspire because it provides tools to scale and grow, such as:

  • Estimate templates based on actual production factors, including historical job performance, not industry approximations

  • A seamless workflow with intuitive features and integrations, including open API capabilities for enterprise-level users

  • Real-time tracking of labor costs and materials with at-a-glance data visualizations for accurate profitability reporting

To learn how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, visit this comparison hub.

App #6: Clean Smarts

Clean Smarts provides job management and scheduling software for cleaning businesses.

Image Source: Clean Smarts

The software simplifies scheduling jobs, tracking time and supplies, and team communication.

Standout capabilities

The Clean Smarts app enables employees to check in, perform inspections, and communicate with other team members. Inspections feature a rating scale for quality control.

The software improves customer communication because customers can submit service requests from the mobile or web app with photos. Customer issues turn into work orders with one click.

Downsides to consider

Clean Smarts only has two Capterra reviews—users may be taking a chance on an unproven platform.

Top features

  • Inspections: Cleaners can mark completed inspection items through a mobile app. An inspection rating scale scores the job performance level.

  • Text messaging: Send texts, images, videos, and emojis to team members through the app. Customers can access a separate message board.

  • Supply management: Track supply levels, fulfill orders, and automate reminders.


  • Foundation: $125/mo. for 10 users; $6/mo. for each additional user. Maximum 100 users.

  • Expert: $200/mo. for 10 users; $8/mo. for each additional user. Maximum 300 users.

Comparing Clean Smarts and Aspire

Aspire has a 10-year track record of providing contractors with highly rated industry-leading software. It’s the preferred choice for large janitorial businesses because it’s built to:

  • Optimize and centralize every area of a cleaning business’s operations to drive new efficiencies and improve profitability

  • Elevate quality and promote accountability with site audit capabilities and robust communication tools

  • Increase profitability with customizable performance reports

Visit this comparison hub for more details about how Aspire compares with other software options.

App #7: ZenMaid

ZenMaid helps residential maid service business owners efficiently organize business and workforce management.

Image Source: ZenMaid

ZenMaid’s software provides tools to replace Google Calendar, Excel spreadsheets, and pen and paper. It simplifies scheduling, team and customer communication, invoicing, and payroll.

Standout capabilities

ZenMaid provides an easy-to-use calendar and work order system to streamline house cleaning jobs. The software also helps business owners track time and run payroll.

ZenMaid’s tools also streamline customer reminders and follow-ups, invoicing, and credit card processing. The software offers direct integrations with customization through Zapier.

Downsides to consider

ZenMaid is built for residential house cleaning jobs, so its features would not meet the needs of large commercial cleaning businesses.

Top features

  • Cleaning work orders: After a work order is finalized, notify cleaners of job details by text, email, or through an employee login.

  • Automated reminders: Send automated customer reminders and follow-ups.

  • Payroll: Business owners can set employee pay rates and run payroll.


ZenMaid offers a free plan for unlimited cleaners but with fewer features. For paid plans, prices depend on the number of cleaners, ranging from $49 to $229/mo.

Comparing ZenMaid and Aspire

Compared to ZenMaid, Aspire enables commercial cleaning companies to implement efficient workflows and boost profitability through:

  • Estimating features using real-time job cost data to protect profit margins

  • Integrated features to measure employee performance and manage quality control

  • Powerful reports to uncover hidden insights and enable course corrections

For more information on how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, visit this comparison hub.

App #8: Janitorial Manager

Janitorial Manager provides cloud-based janitorial business software to improve cleaning operations.

Image Source: Janitorial Manager

The janitorial software provides tracking, documentation, and management tools to improve quality control, communication, and customer service.

Standout capabilities

Janitorial Manager’s workload management software helps businesses improve time tracking, janitor inspections, and employee performance. Features include janitor checklists and instructions, custom inspections, and QR codes.

Timekeeping features streamline clocking in and out, increase accuracy, and simplify payroll. Facial recognition features verify accurate timekeeping, and geofencing shows when janitors arrive and how long it takes to complete tasks.

Downsides to consider

Janitorial Manager does not offer comprehensive invoicing and payroll management features.

Top features

  • Bidding: Send proposals to clients while on site. Bidding templates, calculators, and industry standards tools simplify the process.

  • Inspections: Save templates for individual cleaning locations. Inspectors can rate cleaning jobs and attach images.

  • Timekeeping: Clock in an entire team, allow cleaners to scan a QR code, or use a timekeeping kiosk.


Janitorial Manager does not publish plan pricing.

Comparing Janitorial Manager and Aspire

Aspire outperforms Janitorial Manager in the following ways:

  • Integrated functionality for streamlined invoicing and payroll management, eliminating process bottlenecks in the back office

  • A customizable dashboard to view real-time sales reports, identifying won and lost business and upsells by time period, branch, or account manager

  • Advanced reporting and API options to build customized solutions for enterprise businesses

To see how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, visit this software comparison hub.

App #9: CleanMaint

CleanMaint is cloud-based cleaning management software to help businesses manage facility sanitization.

Image Source: CleanMaint

CleanMaint streamlines processes so businesses can better track sanitization schedules and maintain safe and healthy facility environments.

Standout capabilities

CleanMaint streamlines the process of sanitization requests, and business owners can view the status of open requests. Its inventory management features ensure teams possess the proper personal protective equipment and supplies.

A mobile app allows full access to job data, where cleaners can view service requests, urgent cleanup orders, and PPE and cleaning supply inventory.

Downsides to consider

Built for management of facility sanitization, the software may not provide the functionality needed for janitorial businesses.

Top features

  • Work reports: Reports record work underway, projects completed, and materials used.

  • Plant monitoring: Upload an image to visualize cleaning and sanitization operations data on a floor plan, schematic, site map, or any other image. Live status pins provide more detailed data.

  • Inventory: Document detailed information about PPE and cleaning supplies.


  • Base: $33/mo. per user for three or more users

  • Premium: $85/mo. per user for three or more users

  • Enterprise: $120/mo. per user for five or more users

Comparing CleanMaint and Aspire

When compared to CleanMaint, Aspire provides commercial cleaning companies with a complete system to:

  • Streamline workflows company-wide for greater efficiency and profitability while improving cash flow 

  • A mobile app to provide cleaning teams with customized checklists and time-tracking capabilities to improve accountability and elevate customer experience

  • A convenient customer portal where customers can view properties, review issues, sign proposals, and pay online with a credit card or ACH bank transfer

Visit this comparison hub to learn how Aspire compares with other software options.

App #10: OrangeQC

OrangeQC provides cloud-based software to help facility teams track and improve cleaning, disinfection, and safety.

Image Source: OrangeQC

Teams can view job information through its janitorial ticket system and improve quality control and customer satisfaction.

Standout capabilities

With OrangeQC’s mobile app, cleaners can access tickets, along with photos, videos, and notes to communicate job details. The mobile app tracks GPS tags, timestamps, duration, and inspector details.

Orange QC’s inspection software helps companies show cleaners how to improve. Built-in metrics show average inspection scores, number of inspections performed, tickets generated, and average ticket resolution time.

Downsides to consider

OrangeQC does not provide estimating or invoicing features.

Top features

  • Mobile app: Allows cleaners to access tickets and enables managers to track inspector details.

  • Inspections: Customizable inspection templates simplify the inspection process. Send alerts to the right people when inspections are completed.

  • Notifications: Send real-time alerts for tickets and inspections.


  • Starter: $250/mo. for two inspectors. Additional inspectors $50/mo. each

  • Standard: $500/mo. for 10 inspectors. Additional inspectors $50/mo. each

  • Custom: A custom quote for large businesses

Comparing OrangeQC and Aspire

Compared to OrangeQC, Aspire gives commercial cleaning companies the tools to improve their business and grow. Aspire supports business success by providing:

  • Flexible invoicing options, including fixed payment, fixed payment on completion, time and materials, or open billing

  • Intuitive estimating functionality, enabling managers and sales to quickly and accurately create proposals for large jobs

  • Dedicated AspireCare representative for implementation and onboarding, and resources for customers to apply best practices to their existing business processes

To learn how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, visit this comparison hub.

Looking for a janitorial software app that will grow with your business?

Large commercial cleaning companies seeking to improve efficiency as they scale, safeguard profitability, and sustain ongoing growth need effective business processes and ironclad workflows to support their teams.

Aspire’s business management system sets cleaning companies up for success by providing the tools to simplify and streamline every aspect of their operations. It provides business owners the visibility to improve performance, letting them meet challenges and seize opportunities on their terms.

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