The Best CRM Apps for Janitorial Service

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PublishedAugust 28, 2023

The Best CRM Apps for Janitorial Service


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Commercial cleaning businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) software to streamline data management, maximize sales opportunities, and improve customer relationships.

The best CRM solution enables commercial cleaning business owners to:

  • Maintain accurate customer records

  • Manage leads and contracts

  • Automate customer follow-up

  • Boost sales and revenue

Identifying a comprehensive CRM solution for your commercial cleaning business improves customer management and the processes related to estimating, job costing, and reporting.

This guide provides a full comparison among the nine best CRM software brands for commercial cleaning companies.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of August 2023.


Best CRM for janitorial services: Comparison table (with ratings & pricing)

When you’re on the search for the best CRM software for commercial cleaning services, compare features, price, and ratings. The following table shows the top CRM software options on the market today.


Best For

Capterra Rating

Free Plan/Trial



Mid- to enterprise-level commercial cleaning businesses



Varies based on company size; all plans support unlimited users with full feature access

Blitz Sales

Small businesses





Small to midsize cleaning businesses



$55-$125/mo. with limited users


Small home service companies



$9-$249/mo. with limited users

Janitorial Manager

Small to midsize cleaning businesses




Cleaning in Motion

Small to large cleaning companies





Small to large cleaning companies



$99-$399/mo. for limited users

Housecall Pro

Small to large service businesses



$49/$129/mo. for limited users

Zoho CRM

Small to midsize businesses




The right CRM solution for your organization depends on your needs. Below, find these CRM software platforms organized by use case.

Best janitorial CRM software by use case

A cleaning company often needs specific cleaning business software features based on its size or services.

  • Aspire — Best overall

  • Blitz Sales — Best for managing contacts

  • Clean Guru — Best for fast implementation

  • Jobber — Best for home service businesses

  • Janitorial Manager — Best for specialty work

  • Cleaning in Motion — Best for digital marketing

  • Cleanetto — Best for small businesses

  • Housecall Pro — Best for scheduling

  • Zoho CRM — Best for sales

Keep reading for an in-depth comparison of these CRM software features and pricing.

Platform #1: Aspire

Aspire’s cloud-based, end-to-end business management platform empowers cleaning business owners to operate more efficiently and profitably by providing real-time visibility across every aspect of operations.


Image Source: Aspire

→ Aspire enables commercial cleaning companies to streamline workflows from estimating to invoicing. 

It provides user-friendly tools to:

  • Quickly create accurate proposals and bids

  • Track sales

  • Streamline follow-ups and renewals

  • Improve team and customer communication

These capabilities empower unparalleled customer satisfaction in growing commercial cleaning businesses.

Top features

  • Robust CRM functionality: Centralized data keeps property and customer information in one place, providing a clear view of proposals, sales, contracts, renewals, and communications.

  • Estimating templates: Use customizable bidding templates and kits to quickly create consistent and profitable estimates.

  • Mobile app: Mobile devices improve job performance and customer service with inspections and checklists, job and time tracking, and inventory management tools.

  • Customer portal: Send estimates and invoices, capture digital signatures, provide transparency to clients, and allow customers to make payments online with a credit card.

  • Integration options: Enhance CRM functionality and reduce the hassle of switching programs with many integration options, including QuickBooks, email, and GPS tracking.

Downsides to consider

Since Aspire provides an all-in-one system, cleaning companies will need to dedicate time to onboarding and implementation.


Aspire stands out because plans include the same core functions and an unlimited number of users. This pricing model allows cleaning businesses to grow confidently without increasing software costs in the future.

  • Corporate: For commercial cleaning businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million

  • Enterprise: For businesses with annual revenue above $15 million

For smaller cleaning companies, Aspire offers:

  • Crew Control: $30 per month, per crew

  • Crew Control Plus: $50 per month, per crew

Platform #2: Blitz Sales

Blitz Sales is a cloud-based business CRM software for janitorial, insurance, and small businesses in other industries.

blitz sales

Image Source: Blitz Sales

Blitz Sales enables cleaning companies to view customer history, track leads, and manage contacts. Features enable users to easily update and track client information through the sales process.

Top features

  • Sales process automation: Send follow-up emails, schedule reminder calls, and ask for referrals automatically.

  • Data documentation: Organize customer data in one place.

  • Email templates: Use templates to save time communicating with customers.

Downsides to consider

Since Blitz Sales focuses on CRM, it does not provide user workflows for other aspects of the business. It also charges per user on its two lower-priced plans.


Blitz Sales offers Lite, Elite, and Enterprise plans. Both Lite and Elite plans charge per user. Those seeking prices must contact the company.

Comparing Blitz Sales and Aspire

Growing cleaning companies choose Aspire instead of Blitz Sales because it provides:

  • A comprehensive platform built to streamline every aspect of operations, not just CRM

  • A secure, cloud-based centralized location to store and analyze data from across an organization, as well as customizable reports and user dashboards

  • A work ticket system for efficient workflows and real-time job tracking

  • Scalability with complete features and no per-user fees

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions.

Platform #3: CleanGuru

CleanGuru is a cloud-based business management system for commercial janitorial services and house cleaning services.


Image Source: CleanGuru

CleanGuru’s cleaning service software simplifies scheduling, bidding, inspections, timekeeping, and invoicing.

Top features

  • Organized data: Keep customer data in one place, including billing information and linked documents and notes.

  • Email verification: Notifications inform the sender when customers receive or open emails, or whether the email was blocked or marked as spam.

  • Follow-up templates: Five email templates help with following through on proposals.

Downsides to consider

CleanGuru offers limited integrations, so it may not offer the functionality cleaning companies need. Plans cover a limited number of users.


CleanGuru offers four plans, all include invoicing, scheduling, and timekeeping. Users must pay more for additional modules to bid multiple services, including janitorial, disinfecting, maid, carpeting, and more. 

  • Basic: $55/mo. for one bidding module

  • Deluxe: $75/mo. for three bidding modules

  • Max: $95/mo. for all bidding modules

  • Max Plus: $125/mo. for all bidding modules and mobile inspecting app

All plans support work tickets for 10 cleaners. Additional cleaners cost $2/mo. each.

Comparing CleanGuru and Aspire

When it comes to robust features, Aspire outperforms CleanGuru in these areas:

  • Unlimited estimating templates for consistent and more profitable cleaning proposals

  • Powerful sales planning tools with unique scorecard and key performance indicators to set and monitor goals

  • A mobile app for crew time tracking and streamlining cleaning checklists and inspections

  • Integrations for a seamless workflow, including an open API for enterprise-level users

| For more detail about how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions, visit this comparison hub

Platform #4: Jobber

Jobber offers web-based software for home service businesses in several field service industries.

Jobber Features

Image Source: Jobber

Jobber streamlines scheduling, work orders, crew management, invoicing, and payment processing. CRM features streamline customer communication and follow-ups.

Top features

  • Organize records: Customize client profiles and easily access customer data and communication.

  • Lead management: Identify leads and manage them separately from clients.

  • Customer communication: Send customers email or text messages for appointment reminders, work progress updates, and quote and invoice follow-ups.

Downsides to consider

Since Jobber only offers select built-in reports, cleaning companies cannot fully customize reporting data.


Jobber offers four plans:

  • Lite: $9/mo. for one user

  • Core: $49/mo. for one user. Additional users $29/mo. each.

  • Connect: $129/mo. for up to five users. Additional users $29/mo. each.

  • Grow: $249/mo. for up to 15 users. Additional users $29/mo. each.

Comparing Jobber and Aspire

In comparison with Jobber, Aspire supports cleaning company growth through:

  • Comprehensive features to improve workflows and profitability for an unlimited number of users

  • Centralized supply and inventory tracking to improve job management and budgets

  • In-depth reporting capabilities for full visibility into operations and performance

Visit the Aspire vs. Jobber page to see how the two software platforms measure up in features, customer service, and more. 

Platform #5: Janitorial Manager

Janitorial Manager offers cloud-based field management software for cleaning companies.

Janitorial Manager

Image Source: Janitorial Manager

Janitorial Manager provides features to improve the quality of work and customer service, such as janitor inspections, employee performance tracking, instructions, checklists, and quality control tools.

Top features

  • Custom inspections: Create inspection templates for each location to ensure quality control.

  • QR codes: Track services performed, alert clients to cleaning activities, and improve transparency.

  • Client portal: Customers can request supplies, submit work orders or other requests, and communicate with the cleaning team.

Downsides to consider

Cleaning companies seeking a comprehensive software solution may find Janitorial Manager falls short in the areas of billing and invoicing and payroll management.


Janitorial Manager does not publish plan pricing. Those interested in pricing must fill out a form to receive a personalized proposal.

Comparing Janitorial Manager and Aspire

Aspire supports business growth and surpasses Janitorial Manager in these key areas:

  • Overall ease of use and intuitive functionality with a growing product investment to keep commercial cleaning companies at the forefront of their markets

  • Flexible options to invoice customers based on their billing preferences and payment schedules

  • Time tracking and payroll management capabilities including integration with Inova Payroll and Pay OnDemand, plus an open API 

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire stacks up to other leading software solutions.

Platform #6: Cleaning in Motion

Cleaning in Motion provides cloud-based CRM software and digital marketing tools to commercial cleaning companies.

Cleaning in motion

Image Source: Cleaning in Motion

The software aims to help janitorial and maid service businesses with scheduling, customer management, and invoicing. It also offers digital marketing services to improve a company’s online visibility.

Top features

  • Simplified CRM: Organize customer information and track customer feedback.

  • Customer communication: Save email templates and set automatic reminders to email customers in a timely manner.

  • Digital marketing: Gain online visibility through website design, reputation management, digital ads, and email marketing.

Downsides to consider

Cleaning in Motion focuses on gaining leads through digital marketing and isn’t designed as a comprehensive business management system.


Cleaning in Motion offers two plans:

  • No Leads Left Behind: Starting at $850, not including ad investment and setup

  • Conversion Funnel: Starting at $1,250, not including ad investment and setup

Comparing Cleaning in Motion and Aspire

Aspire provides a complete business management system, in contrast to Cleaning in Motion’s focus on lead generation and digital marketing. Aspire helps cleaning businesses grow by:

  • Bringing end-to-end operations into a single, comprehensive platform to streamline processes and increase efficiency in the field and office 

  • Providing flexibility through intuitive features, automation, and


    seamless integrations

  • Capturing real-time job costing data for in-depth insight into performance and profitability

| To see how Aspire compares to other leading software solutions, check out this comparison hub.

Platform #7: Cleanetto

Cleanetto provides CRM and business operation software for cleaning companies.


Image Source: Cleanetto

Cleanetto provides estimating, CRM, and billing tools to help cleaning companies streamline operations.

Top features

  • Organize data: Keep all your customer information in one place.

  • Simplify quotes: Email or text quotes to customers and turn quotes into bookings.

  • Customer convenience: Provide online booking, offer customer texting, and accept payments through Stripe.

Downsides to consider

Cleanetto doesn’t have many reviews, and users report issues when attempting to cancel their free trials. Its plans limit the number of users and cleanings per month.


Cleanetto offers three plans:

  • Startup: $99/mo. for five team members and up to 100 cleanings per month

  • Growth: $199/mo. for 10 team members and up to 200 cleanings per month

  • Scale: $399/mo. for 50 team members and up to 300 cleanings per month

Comparing Cleanetto and Aspire

Compared to Cleanetto, Aspire is highly rated and trusted by more than 800 clients. It supports the success of cleaning companies through:

  • Personalized onboarding, ongoing customer support, and continuing education and training resources

  • Efficient workflows to empower business owners to scale their cleaning businesses

  • Frequent product developments to support cleaning business performance and growth

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions.

Platform #8: Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro provides software for home service businesses in several industries, including home cleaning, carpet cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and landscaping businesses.


Image Source: Housecall Pro

The field service management software simplifies scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoicing, payments, and reporting.

Top features

  • Online booking: Manage and assign jobs through an online booking system.

  • Enhanced communication: Automated emails, SMS texting, and in-app chat allow companies to keep customers informed about jobs.

  • Automated follow-ups: Automatically check in with prospective clients, send thank-you emails, and ask for reviews.

Downsides to consider

Users report Housecall Pro lacks full functionality in the areas of inventory management and reporting.


Housecall Pro offers three plans:

  • Basic: $49/mo. for one user

  • Essentials: $129/mo. for one to five users

  • Max: Contact for a quote

Comparing Housecall Pro and Aspire

Aspire empowers cleaning businesses for limitless growth with plans that include the same core features and an unlimited number of users—technology costs don’t increase as a company scales. Aspire also outperforms Housecall Pro by providing:

  • Customizable templates so cleaning companies can quickly create accurate, consistent proposals and bids

  • Detailed inventory management to stay on track of jobs and budgets

  • In-depth, real-time reporting to analyze granular job details and overall company performance

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire measures up to other leading software solutions.

Platform #9: Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers online customer relationship management software to help businesses manage sales, marketing, and support.


Image Source: Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM helps businesses of all sizes automate workflows, processes, and marketing campaigns. It provides features to streamline team collaboration, sales, marketing, and reporting.

Top features

  • Centralized CRM: Store customer data in one place and streamline the sales cycle.

  • Lead management: Multichannel communication helps businesses manage leads and contacts.

  • Sales tracking: Built-in or customized reports to track and visualize sales data.

Downsides to consider

Zoho CRM focuses on customer management, sales, and marketing, so it may not meet the needs of service businesses seeking a comprehensive solution.


Zoho CRM offers the following plans:

  • Standard: $14/mo.

  • Professional: $23/mo.

  • Enterprise: $40/mo.

  • Ultimate: $52/mo.

Comparing Zoho CRM and Aspire

Aspire provides a comprehensive business management platform to support scalability and growth. When compared to Zoho CRM, Aspire outperforms in these areas:

  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface to streamline cleaning business operations 

  • Cleaning inspections and checklists, time tracking, and inventory tracking to improve performance and profit of cleaning jobs

  • Highly rated, ongoing customer support and continuing training resources to ensure customer success

To see how Aspire compares to other leading software solutions, check out this comparison hub.

Looking for a CRM for cleaning services?

CRM software enables you to manage customer data, keep track of contracts and renewals, and improve customer satisfaction. But to optimize operations and growth, commercial cleaning companies need a comprehensive solution that connects CRM with the rest of the business.

Aspire is the only business management platform that provides full pipeline visibility and retains data for estimate and bid requests, site audits, contract renewals, budgets, and profitability reporting. Aspire provides the tools for commercial cleaning companies to improve every facet of operations while increasing efficiency and profitability for greater growth.

Ready to improve your cleaning operations? Request a free demo today.


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