Crew Control introduces weekly route planner & bulk scheduling

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PublishedApril 21, 2021

Crew Control introduces weekly route planner & bulk scheduling


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Since acquiring Crew Control earlier this year, the team at Aspire Software has been hard at work regularly releasing updates to make the program even better for users.

Crew Control is an easy-to-use, flexible program that takes the hassle out of scheduling. With its powerful yet intuitive interface, it allows you to make the most of limited resources by streamlining communication with crews and drastically reducing time spent scheduling jobs.

Over the past few months, Crew Control has become an even stronger solution with the addition of several new features—as well as improvements to navigation and reporting.

Curious about what’s new in Crew Control? Take a look at some of our favorite updates below!

Weekly route planner

One of Crew Control’s greatest strengths is that it saves you time by making the process of scheduling as efficient as possible. And with the new weekly route planner, we’ve opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

You can now visualize all of your crews’ jobs for the week as points on a map. These points are color-coded by crew and labeled by day, so you can easily see where crews are going when—and adjust the schedule as needed.

In this view, you can pick and choose which days—and crews—to include on the map. You can even see all of your unscheduled jobs. This flexibility makes it easy to assign jobs to a particular crew based on where they’re already scheduled to go on a given day, allowing you to optimize routes throughout the week.

Watch the following short video from Crew Control’s founder and senior product manager, David Vroblesky, to learn more about this feature.


Users can now record videos and attach them to jobs in Crew Control.

Instead of taking the time to type a note into their phone before closing a job, crews have the option of recording a video on their mobile device and immediately attaching it as a note. Administrators can also upload videos (e.g., a walk-through or explanation of how to handle an issue at a particular site) for the crew.

While crews and admins were previously able to attach PDFs and images to jobs, the ability to upload a video (up to 15MB, or approximately 90 seconds) makes it even easier to communicate important information quickly. The uploader can even add a caption for additional context, and other users will be notified when the attachment is created.

Customer tagging & bulk scheduling

Need an easier way to identify groups of customers? With the new tagging feature, you can create your own custom tags and add as many as you want to a customer record.

For example, you could create a tag for “irrigation startups” and apply it to the records of customers who need that type of service. Then, when it’s time to schedule your upcoming jobs, you can quickly search for customers with that tag and create new jobs for all of them at once.

For an example of this process in action, see the video below.

Interested in checking some of these features out for yourself? Learn more about Crew Control on our website, or sign up for a free, 14-day trial today!


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