What's new in PropertyIntel: Spring release recap

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PublishedAugust 16, 2023

What's new in PropertyIntel: Spring release recap


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The PropertyIntel team has been hard at work this year since the general market release of the solution on February 1, dedicating considerable resources, research, and development to improving the most powerful solution available to landscape contractors.

PropertyIntel continues to iterate on existing features and expand into new areas, giving contractors the ability to:

  • Quickly build accurate, profitable quotes utilizing precision measuring and estimating tools.

  • Gather more value from measurement and estimate data via direct integrations with Aspire property takeoffs and opportunities.

  • Improve job outcomes and relationships with customers.

In addition, PropertyIntel Complete is our done-for-you measuring service, where our expert measuring team delivers completed measurements and takeoffs to your account. With this service and continuous innovation of the PropertyIntel solution, we’re dedicated to helping contractors improve their processes and profitability today and years down the road.

Here’s what we released in April, May, and June:

  • Aspire Property Takeoff integration improvements allow you to sync existing PropertyIntel projects with Aspire Properties, and seamlessly link PropertyIntel Complete’s done-for-you takeoffs with your Aspire records.

  • Cut-Out Tool improvements add the ability to split individual shapes into multiple shapes.

  • Collapsible left-hand navigation improves the mobile and desktop experience by allowing you to see more of the interface.

  • Project Templates allow you to efficiently create projects with the ability to create, edit, delete, and manage templates for specific project types and item lists, increasing the efficiency of project creation.

  • Sample data for Catalog and Kits helps new trial users get started with example projects, catalog items, groups, kits, and production factors.

  • Materials Export provides an additional export option that drills into the details of a takeoff.

  • Plan View Export improvements ensure data continuity across screens.

  • Branch Management allows multi-branch companies to easily switch between branch accounts, set user permissions, and manage projects.

  • Estimate Export allows you to view estimate and kit data to help with finalizing job pricing.

  • Over 50 general improvements, including reduction of lag time, bug fixes, application speed, and more!

Let’s dive into the details of each new feature and improvement.

Seamlessly link PropertyIntel projects with Aspire Properties

PropertyIntel is the only property measurement, estimate, and takeoff tool with an authorized integration with Aspire. This valuable integration connects property and customer data between the systems.

The Aspire Property Takeoff integration has been improved so existing PropertyIntel projects can be linked with Aspire Properties. If you started Projects in PropertyIntel instead of starting in Aspire, or if you need your PropertyIntel Complete done-for-you measurements linked to your Aspire Property database, this allows you to continue building your projects without interruption. 

Additionally, you can seamlessly sync any PropertyIntel Complete projects with your Aspire Properties. Measure more properties and scale without the need to hire additional estimators so you can focus on higher-value activities like closing more deals.

Speed up shape edits with the Cut-Out Tool

Cut-Out Tool improvements add the ability to cut an existing shape into multiple shapes on the map.

Better visibility and navigation 

Users are now able to collapse and expand the left-hand navigation panel at their discretion to increase the size of the screen. Mobile users will notice the greatest difference as the navigation panel previously covered most of the interface on small devices.

Create takeoffs faster with Project Templates

Creating projects with a Template increases the efficiency of the takeoff process by eliminating the need to build an item list for each project. Available to users of the Advanced and Enterprise tiers, Project Templates grant the ability to create, use, edit, delete, and manage templates for a project type and item list. 

Get started with PropertyIntel faster using example data in Catalog and Kits

PropertyIntel trials now come pre-loaded with example projects, catalog items, groups, kits, and production rates to help users get started. Existing users of PI can also have this sample data added to their accounts by creating a support ticket with the PropertyIntel Care Team.

Obtain precision measurements instantly with Materials Export

A new export option now allows users to export a spreadsheet of all takeoff data from any project including a takeoff summary, individual section breakdowns, and location coordinates for all object materials on the map. Location coordinates and measurements are accurate within __ centimeters, giving your team the most precise data available from any cloud-based measurement solution.

Present better takeoffs with Plan View Export improvements

Improvements to the Plan View Export include a bug fix related to showing and hiding items in the legend that have the same display name, as well as an improvement that maintains the user’s list sort order in the map legend. This improves the experience of presenting takeoffs to customers and crew or sharing job plans in a proposal.

Configure branches and user permissions with Branch Management

Available to users of the Enterprise Tier, the new Branch Management feature gives large companies the ability to configure branches within PropertyIntel. This improves the organization of users, properties, and projects by a specific branch and allows administrators to set user permissions and filter views by each branch for a more structured user experience.

Ensure profitable margins with Estimate Export

A new tab within the Materials Export allows users to view estimate and kit data for a project. Breaking down the estimate into items, categories, kits, quantity, unit type, unit cost, and total cost allows users to manipulate final pricing to ensure profitable margins before sending a job proposal to a customer.

What’s coming next in PropertyIntel?

In July, we released Parcel Data details, which provide owner and property details to users and street and road information in the measuring view. Over the coming months, we’ll be adding additional features, including:

  • Aspire integration improvements

  • customizable reports and dashboards

  • project export customizations

  • collaborative measuring

  • a proposal builder, and 

  • mobile optimizations with geotagging capabilities.

Stay tuned for more as we continue working to make PropertyIntel the landscape industry’s most powerful and advanced property data solution. 

Want to learn how these features can level up your property data and measurement? Learn more about PropertyIntel on our website and sign up for a free 14-day trial!


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