Unlocking the Power of Your Customer Success Manager

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PublishedAugust 4, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Your Customer Success Manager


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Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a valuable resource whose role extends beyond customer support. By understanding the full scope of their role and utilizing their expertise effectively, you can unlock the true power of your CSM. When used correctly, your CSM can be a significant asset to your business and your team's success.

What is a Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

Think of your Customer Success Manager (CSM) as your business coach, who can help you utilize Aspire most effectively. While your CSM may occasionally help you with support questions, their top priority is to help you set strategic goals, advocate and advise you on best practices, and coach you toward success with the platform.

How can they help?

Increase adoption and usage

Aspire is most effective when embraced collectively within your organization. While changing habits and processes can be challenging at times, your CSM has guided numerous customers through their Aspire journey on a path to success. Your CSM will advise you on how to increase the adoption and utilization throughout your company, from office teams like operations, accounting, and production, to your field crews and estimators. Your CSM's experience means they can connect you with the best training tools and facilitate a smooth product adoption or product usage experience. They can also recommend incentive programs focused on encouraging usage and which create a sense of excitement among your employees.

Amanda Goad, Customer Success Manager at Aspire, advises, "I encourage clients to implement programs that encourage usage and training. It's amazing how much improvement clients have seen by implementing simple programs like $10 McDonald's gift cards for employees clocking in and out each week or organizing fun competitions between crews. With these small, simple steps, you can foster a culture of active usage and maximize the benefits of Aspire.”

Advocate for you Internally

While AspireCare is the best route for customer support requests, your CSM will act swiftly as an advocate for more significant issues. In these situations, your CSM will be your company advocate to ensure your concerns are heard and addressed. If you are having an issue or have a specific request, it is crucial to involve your CSM, who will actively work to resolve the problem or highlight its urgency to the appropriate teams.

Ed Reier, CSM at Aspire, says, "I am happy when my clients loop me into important issues. I can work quickly as their CSM to stress the urgency about an issue to internal teams and get it resolved more quickly."

Ensure You are Tapping the Full Value of Aspire

Your CSM possesses extensive knowledge of Aspire and, in many cases, your industry at large. They are well-equipped to optimize your usage of the platform, introducing you to often-overlooked features which can significantly enhance your operational efficiency. Your CSM will save you time by guiding you in the right direction within the platform based on your individual goals and business. They have the insights to identify those hidden gems, helping you make a real difference in improving your company’s workflow and efficiency.

"Our CSM shared things with us that we didn't know existed on the platform, little shortcuts, and recommended modules and features we hadn't started utilizing. He understands our bigger goals and helps us figure out how to achieve them in Aspire." - Nate Negrin, President and Owner, Southern EEZ

Help you see a Larger Vision for Your Implementation

With Aspire, there is often untapped potential beyond what you initially envisioned or initially set up during implementation. Collaborating with your CSM helps you uncover these opportunities to get the most value from the platform possible. Dedicating time to discuss your business processes and goals with your CSM will lead to more productive conversations and tailored strategic recommendations about your implementation.

"Sometimes clients will share goals they think fall out of the realm of Aspire, but I can often help them utilize Aspire to help them either measure their progress towards that larger goal or use the software to expedite their process to their goal," advises TJ Rau, CSM at Aspire.

"As a CSM, I want to help my clients step back and see a bigger picture of what Aspire can do for your business. I want to guide them in thinking about innovative ways to utilize Aspire that pushes their business forward," says Lindsey Kruse, CSM at Aspire.

Help You Develop a Plan Towards Your Goals

Implementing a major software change is a marathon, not a sprint. Your CSM is your partner in developing a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals. Your CSM acts as your strategic and tactical expert, assisting you in breaking down those big goals into smaller, actionable milestones within Aspire. Relying on your CSM's guidance, you can save valuable time and avoid unnecessary complications. Their experience with countless configurations and businesses means they can advise you on a process-oriented strategy, shortening the time it takes to maximize your ROI with Aspire.

"Our CSM is our tactician—he gets us there faster." -Nate Negrin, President and Owner, Southern EEZ

Embrace the collaboration with your CSM; they play a pivotal role in driving your success with Aspire. They want to help you maximize the benefits of the platform. From increasing adoption and usage to helping advocate for you when issues arise, your CSM is your dedicated partner. They can help you with big-picture strategic choices to more tactical conversations. With their extensive knowledge of Aspire, they are well-equipped to help you navigate any challenge and ensure you are getting the most out of the platform.

We hope that you harness the knowledge of your CSM and develop your relationship with them. Reach out to your CSM today.

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