Optimize cash flow with Altus Receivables Management

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PublishedSeptember 12, 2023

Optimize cash flow with Altus Receivables Management


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Managing cash flow is a critical aspect of running a successful business, and contractors in the landscaping and janitorial industries face unique challenges regarding receivables management. Aspire has been a trusted provider of software solutions for contractors since 2013, empowering them to transform their businesses.

Altus Receivables Management is a valuable partner for Aspire customers, offering specialized expertise in commercial collections. Altus helps Aspire customers by optimizing their cash flow and improving their financial processes.

Expert commercial collections services

Altus Receivables Management specializes in commercial collections, which can be particularly challenging for businesses in the landscaping and janitorial industries. Aspire customers can rely on Altus' expertise in collecting outstanding B2B debts. 

Altus views all clients as strategic partners and recognizes that collections are critical to improving the financial performance of Aspire customers. The ARMStrong technology platform allows Altus to rapidly adapt to clients' needs and facilitate continuous improvement among collection staff and collections strategy. Utilizing the reporting capabilities in ARMStrong, Altus can quickly identify trends in performance across multiple KPIs and adjust strategy based on real-time results, ensuring Altus is constantly advancing targets.

Altus works as an extension of your team, diligently pursuing overdue payments and recovering funds that may have been difficult to collect independently. With Altus' professional collection strategies and industry-specific knowledge, Aspire customers can improve their overall collection rates and reduce the impact of bad debt on their cash flow.

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Time and resource savings

Managing collections in-house can be time-consuming and requires dedicated resources. By partnering with Altus, Aspire customers can save valuable time and allocate their resources more efficiently. If necessary, Altus handles the entire collections process, including skip tracing, dispute resolution, and legal actions. 

To drive maximum collection performance and transparency, ARMStrong was developed by Altus specifically for managing commercial receivables. As placements are received, they are automatically assigned to a Collector based on defined criteria such as country, type of debt, size, age, risk, etc. The most senior collectors service higher-risk and more complex accounts, while the rest of our team services all other placements.

This allows contractors to focus on core business activities, such as providing exceptional service to their clients and growing their business, while Altus handles the complex task of recovering overdue payments.

Enhanced cash flow and revenue

Optimizing cash flow is crucial for any business's financial health, and Altus can help Aspire customers achieve this goal. By partnering with a professional collections agency like Altus, companies can significantly improve their cash flow by recovering funds that may have otherwise remained uncollected. Altus' expertise in commercial collections, coupled with their persistent and ethical approach, increases the likelihood of successful debt recovery, boosting the overall revenue of Aspire customers.

Protection of customer relationships

Maintaining positive relationships with clients is vital for the long-term success of any business. Altus understands the importance of preserving customer relationships, even during collections. They employ a professional and respectful approach when dealing with debtors, aiming to resolve payment issues amicably whenever possible. By partnering with Altus, Aspire customers can benefit from a balanced approach that safeguards customer relationships while still pursuing overdue payments.

Access to advanced reporting and analytics

Altus Receivables Management provides Aspire customers with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Altus can provide regular reports on collections activities, payment trends, and debt recovery rates, allowing contractors to assess their receivables performance and make informed decisions regarding their financial processes.

By leveraging Altus' expertise in commercial collections, Aspire customers can optimize their cash flow, recover overdue payments, and allocate their resources more efficiently. Altus' professional approach to collections and commitment to preserving customer relationships make them a trusted choice for businesses seeking to improve their financial processes. Partner with Altus and Aspire today to streamline your collections efforts and boost your business's financial success.

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