Janitorial software for business growth: Buyer's guide

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PublishedOctober 7, 2022

Janitorial software for business growth: Buyer's guide

At some point in the commercial cleaning business, every company reaches a point in growth where it becomes vital to expand. From finding new employees to optimizing increased management responsibilities, it can be a challenging undertaking. What’s more, is the challenge of streamlining a process like that. 

Prepare for growth with a cloud-based solution designed for janitorial service

Perhaps you’ve reached this stage with your current team. Now you realize you need a robust janitorial business management system to standardize organizational processes before you scale.

Perhaps you’re using a system that can’t scale with your organization or support your organization’s volume of data and users. Aspire has created a janitorial business software guide to choose the best approach for your organization. 

Why business management software? 

It’s hard to say when a business will need management software. Every janitorial team is different, with different paths toward growth and results.

One truth remains across all commercial cleaning crews–you don’t want to wait until you need software to grow.

Comprehensive business software enables janitorial service companies to streamline operations

It’s important to look at how your cleaning business tracks toward growth and what steps you’re taking to help your company scale as you go. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a point where taking several independent measures will begin to halt your growth.

Instead, you’ll need to create a cohesive strategy that streamlines the incorporation of dozens of aspects of your business to stimulate growth.

The right platform will tie together key elements:

  • Visibility

  • In-depth data reporting

  • Enhanced communication capabilities

The right software becomes vital because it can empower a holistic business management approach.

What’s the purpose of field service management software?

Ultimately, your goal should be to maximize profits and increase margins. This guide is designed to get you started in that process.

You’ll have to prioritize your growth needs and create a strategy with all your goals. Based on the aspects of your growth plan, it’ll become clear the capabilities your software solution will need to provide.

Our guide will:

  • Review popular features required to meet common end goals

  • Outline budgetary considerations

  • Highlight timelines for platform implementation

This article considers integrations to existing systems and individual functions that will help you streamline and improve efficiency.

What solution is right for your organization?

It can be hard to determine what key factor makes a software solution the right one for your company. There is a wide range of tools, software, and mobile apps on the market, but only a few are designed to respond to your needs. 

Here are a few factors to consider when reviewing potential software solutions:

  • Dashboard management features

  • Workloading capabilities 

  • Client communication features

  • Data tracking processes

  • Easy to integrate and navigate 

  • Real-time scheduling adjustments 

Depending on an organization’s scaling strategy, business owners may lean more heavily on one of these capabilities than another.

That might be the better investment at the time, especially if your company is still running on tight margins and your ability to expand or invest is limited.

Essentially, you will need a tool that can be responsive to all these needs––especially once your weekly schedule is filled to the brim with jobs at locations all over the area. 

How should cleaning industry businesses choose a management platform?

This guide helps you determine which solutions are best for you and provides excellent sources to find that information in unbiased ways.

It also outlines:

  • Popular criteria for choosing the best solution for your organization

  • How to evaluate cloud-based software based on your industry

  • Critical reading of reviews from other businesses

Get insider information to find a software provider that aligns with your business goals and services. Choosing the right software from the start ensures you’ll have the support you need for unrestricted growth. 

Download the full growth report

How to evaluate end-to-end janitorial software

The Aspire buyer’s guide was designed to help you through the buying process and make the best decision for a business management system. It includes:

  • A needs-based assessment

  • Suggested analysis of your organization’s goals and processes.

  • What to expect during onboarding and implementation

Many companies have defined processes designed to work for them and need a flexible solution to integrate with your unique business model.

Minimum disruption is a key aspect of choosing which new solution to acquire. The goal is to purchase a solution that will efficiently enhance existing processes and provide intuitive alternatives for those that are no longer delivering results.

Ready to learn how software can grow your service business?

Begin the evaluation process by downloading our buyer’s guide to see the available platforms to ignite growth in your cleaning services company.

Janitorial management software is an investment, and choosing the right solution for your organization is imperative.

The decision-making journey should be conducted with the most information possible. Aspire helps our customers find the ideal software to empower them for success on the road ahead.

We hope you take advantage of this buyer’s guide to help you in your journey!


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