Gachina Landscape Management gains visibility and strengthens performance with Aspire

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PublishedNovember 16, 2022

Gachina Landscape Management gains visibility and strengthens performance with Aspire

No matter the size of a landscaping company, greater visibility leads to deeper insight, improved operations, and growth.

That’s true of Gachina Landscape Management, one of the most awarded landscape companies in the Bay Area. Gachina Landscape Management provides ongoing landscape enhancement for some of the Bay Area’s most prestigious corporate campuses, retail centers, public spaces, estates, and homeowner associations.

The $36 million company ranks No. 71 in Landscape Management’s 2022 listing of the industry’s top 150 revenue-generating firms, with an 8% revenue increase in one year. Founded in 1988 by John Gachina, the company implemented Aspire landscape business management software seven years ago as a tool to help strengthen performance. 

Aspire’s end-to-end solution centralizes data and provides a consistent workflow—increasing visibility and improving company processes.

“The system is built on consistency and having one place where you can go for everything,” says Salvador Gutiérrez, business systems analyst and integration developer at Gachina Landscape Management. 

Gachina Landscape Management’s robust IT infrastructure utilizes Aspire to identify business trends and maximize data reporting. Aspire partners with enterprise-level companies to ensure successful API (application programming interface) integrations, enabling company developer teams to more quickly build individualized solutions for data reporting and analysis.

Data mining for better decision making 

Before Aspire, Gachina Landscape Management used Boss LM, but the system didn’t provide the consistency the company needed, Gutiérrez says. Aspire not only provides consistency, but accountability for the company’s five branches, seven locations, and 380+ employees. 

“Aspire has helped Gachina to grow,” says Gutiérrez, who works with Aspire’s internal teams to ensure Gachina Landscape Management’s software integrations work, so they can query the data they need to gain greater insight and make more informed decisions.

Gachina Landscape Management’s API integrations enable Gutiérrez to use different software to extract data from Aspire to create specialized reports for the team. Aspire’s ability to uncover real-time insights enables landscape companies to make better, data-driven decisions.

“With Aspire, it’s all about the standardized processes you have in place, the documentation, and the training you give to your people about your processes,” Gutiérrez says. “Aspire has helped Gachina Landscape Management with implementing processes.”

Software features, like Aspire’s Crew Mobile App, enhance operations and enable the Gachina team to track work tickets, labor costs, distance to jobs, and other key field metrics, Gutiérrez explains. 

“At the end of the day, I can’t create reports without Aspire,” Gutiérrez says. “It’s where we have all our information. I’m taking advantage of the data already there, pulling the data out, and giving a different view.”

Standardized processes for the entire team

Not only did consistency improve the company's daily operations, but also its end-of-month processes. The company’s IT director, Dan Wolf, worked with Aspire to nail down an effective process for the closing of each month.

“Everybody has their own unique case scenarios or problems they need to solve,” Gutiérrez says. “Just because we may solve a problem this way, doesn’t mean another person will do the same process. Aspire helps you to collaborate on the best way to solve a problem.”

The company has a good relationship with their Aspire customer relationship manager, who is very responsive and finds answers to the technical issues that crop up, Gutiérrez says. Aspire continues to improve, develop, and deliver on its promises, he says.

“I recommend Aspire because it helps to put your process in place,” Gutiérrez says. “They have a very consistent start point and end point of the process.”

Aspire brings consistency to a company’s standard operating procedures, connecting teams and giving greater visibility into every aspect of the business. 

Gutiérrez advises other landscape companies utilize Aspire to build on their foundations. “As long as they keep using Aspire, they can keep improving those processes they put in place,” he says.


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