Best landscaping purchase order management apps

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PublishedAugust 21, 2023

Best landscaping purchase order management apps


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Landscapers who operate without a standardized system for managing purchase orders are often burdened with time-consuming manual processes or siloed solutions, which result in inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and increased spending.

Landscaping contractors using a standardized purchase order management system eliminate wasted resources to increase efficiency and profit.

Since purchasing is notoriously difficult to manage in landscaping, using software for purchase order management can unlock new profitability and growth potential. 

→ Choosing the right business management software solution for your landscape business depends on your specific needs.

To find the best landscaping purchase order management app, you’ll want to explore how features and integrations simplify the purchase order process and provide greater visibility into your landscaping job costs.

What are landscaping purchase order management apps?

Landscaping purchase order management apps streamline the purchase order process for landscape contractors when buying materials for specific jobs. 

Purchase order apps improve efficiency by simplifying management and tracking of purchase orders.

Purchase order management apps also help minimize purchasing mistakes, ensuring landscapers:

 ✔ Order the right amount of materials ahead of time 

✔ Keep jobs on schedule

How landscape purchase order apps streamline businesses

Landscaping purchasing apps optimize the purchasing process, saving landscapers time, effort, and money

→ Purchase order apps standardize and automate purchase order workflow to reduce errors and project delays. 

Enhanced visibility into job progress provides better supplier management and cost control and assists in data-driven decision-making.

Key features of landscaping purchase order management apps

The best landscape apps with purchase order management offer key features to streamline the purchase order process for residential and commercial landscaping companies. Some top features are listed below.

Intuitive purchase order creation

Purchase order management apps should offer a user-friendly interface and simple management tools for creating purchase orders. 

It should allow landscapers to easily specify important details such as:

  • Type of material

  • Quantities

  • Delivery dates

Supplier integration and communication

The best purchase order apps offer efficient material-order processes, whether ongoing or one-time. Integrations with supplier systems or communication channels ensure streamlined:

  • Order placement

  • Order confirmation

  • Status updates 

A good purchase order management system enables landscapers to find reliable suppliers and build lasting relationships for more reliable material ordering.

Inventory management and tracking

A purchase order app with inventory management features enables landscapers to better manage and track inventory. Automation simplifies the inventory management process, allowing landscapers to:

  • Track stock levels

  • Set reorder points

  • Receive notifications for low inventory

Retaining proper inventory levels avoids supply shortages and keeps landscape projects on track.

Compare top landscaping purchase order management apps

When you choose from the range the software options, consider:

  • Features

  • Benefits

  • Pricing

  • Integrations (particularly with accounting software)

The right landscaping purchasing apps should save time and increase accuracy.


Aspire landscape business software is an all-in-one, cloud-based landscape and lawn care business platform. 

Aspire streamlines your workflow, including:

  • Estimating

  • Job scheduling

  • Work order management

  • Purchasing

  • Time tracking

  • Invoicing

  • Customer relationship management

  • Reporting

Landscapers work more efficiently and profitably with accurate, real-time data insights and greater control over operations to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges.

Aspire purchase order features

Aspire’s purchase order management automates and simplifies processes by providing real-time:

  • Order tracking

  • Supplier management

  • Inventory management

  • Job costingAn intuitive user interface provides end-to-end functionality that streamlines purchases and automatically attaches costs for materials and supplies to specific jobs. 

Eliminate manual data entry

Once a job is won, estimated materials carry over to Aspire’s purchasing assistant, where landscapers can quickly view all the materials needed for one—or multiple—projects.

Streamline with integrated processes

Aspire offers seamless integrations for precise takeoff measurements and estimating, facilitating accurate purchasing. 

  • PropertyIntel provides aerial imagery and precision measuring tools so landscapers can perform accurate takeoffs from anywhere and send visual proposals to homeowners or commercial clients.

  • Accounting integrations include QuickBooks (Desktop and Online), and Acumatica

  • SiteOne Landscape Supply for purchasing from approved suppliers

  • LandscapeHub, where landscapers can quickly build quotes with up-to-date supplier pricing and place orders, all from the Aspire platform.

In addition, Aspire’s Crew Mobile app for Apple iOs and Android mobile devices provides flexibility and ensures a standardized purchase order process, even in the field.

Aspire purchase order benefits

Aspire generates real-time job costing data to give professional landscapers full visibility into purchase orders, empowering:

✔ Better planning 

✔ Improved analysis of spending patterns

✔ Accurate job pricing

✔ Increased profit generation 

The ability to see data in real-time means landscapers can make timely and informed purchasing decisions and leverage purchasing power for multiple projects to reduce costs.

→ Aspire’s comprehensive features provide flexibility and scalability as a company grows, so there’s no need to switch to another software later.


Jobber offers web-based management software for home service companies in several field service industries. Features include:

  • Estimating

  • Scheduling

  • Dispatching

  • CRM

  • Invoicing

  • Payments

Jobber purchase order features

While Jobber does not offer a purchase order management system, it provides features to track jobs, including:

  • Job costing

  • Expense reports

  • Receipt uploading

It also offers a mobile app and several integrations.

Jobber purchase order benefits

Jobber helps landscapers manage and track jobs in one place. 

Line items track materials and supplies, enabling landscapers to monitor material quantities and costs.

Comparing Jobber and Aspire

Unlike Jobber, Aspire empowers good purchasing habits and makes it easy to identify and seize opportunities for cost savings. Aspire also outperforms Jobber in these key areas of purchase order management:

  • Material inventory visibility and features to allocate materials to individual jobs from the purchasing assistant

  • Inventory holding for long-term jobs, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in work-in-progress reports

  • Mobile app for crews to capture material usage in the field for real-time, precision material allocation, and job costing

Get more detailed insight into how Jobber stacks up against Aspire on the Aspire vs. Jobber comparison page.


SingleOps provides landscaping software for residential and commercial landscape, lawn care, and related landscaping service companies. 

The software offers:

  • Scheduling

  • Route planning

  • Estimating

  • Job costing

  • Timesheets

  • Invoicing and payments

  • Job site mapping

SingleOps purchase order features

SingleOps offers purchase order features only in its most expensive plan. Features enable landscapers to:

  • Track job costs

  • Track purchases for inventory

SingleOps also offers a QuickBooks Online integration with its cheapest plan and adds a QuickBooks Desktop integration with its two higher-priced plans. 

Comparing SingleOps and Aspire

Designed and built by industry experts, Aspire provides all-in-one functionality for daily busy operations, as well as robust integrations and an open API so users can keep using the software that works for them. 

Aspire outperforms SingleOps with:

  • Ongoing product development with new feature releases four times a year, to ensure users always have the industry’s latest technology at their fingertips

  • Integrated purchasing functionality with LandscapeHub order management for seamless quote building and material ordering

  • An intuitive user interface so running your business more efficiently comes easily, with relevant data and metrics easy to locate and interpret

See how Aspire stacks up against the leading business management platforms on the Comparison Hub.

SingleOps purchase order benefits

SingleOps streamlines the purchase order process, making it easier for landscapers to order project materials. It also helps landscapers perform job costing and maintain inventory quantity amounts.


FieldPulse offers software for field service businesses to simplify estimating, project management, customer data, purchasing, billing, and timesheets.

FieldPulse purchase order features

FieldPulse’s purchase order features allow contractors to:

  • Order materials

  • Link materials to specific jobs

  • Track inventory levels

  • Create and send purchase orders through a web or mobile app

FieldPulse also offers a QuickBooks integration.

FieldPulse purchase order benefits

FieldPulse simplifies purchase order creation so contractors can quickly send purchase orders to suppliers. It also helps track and manage inventory levels so businesses keep the right materials on hand.


BOSS offers business management software for companies in the service industry, including landscape companies. It offers:

  • Estimating

  • Scheduling

  • Routing

  • CRM

  • Invoicing

  • Purchasing and inventory

  • Reporting

BOSS LM purchase order features

BOSS LM’s features include:

  • Job costing

  • Inventory management

Purchase order functionality includes:

  • Managing purchase orders and receipts 

  • Materials management. 

BOSS LM also offers a mobile app and integrations.

BOSS LM purchase order benefits

BOSS LM offers a flexible solution for service businesses to streamline the purchase order process. It also allows landscapers to perform accurate job costing and inventory management.

Comparing BOSS LM and Aspire


LMN provides landscape management software for field service companies, including:

  • Property maintenance

  • Design-build/install

  • Irrigation

  • Lawn and tree care

  • Hardscape design and installation

  • Snow and ice control 

LMN provides scheduling, time tracking, budgeting, estimating, and job costing features.

LMN purchase order features

While LMN does not list specific purchase order features, its job costing feature includes:

  • Material, inventory, and equipment costing

  • Vendor bills for material costs

LMN also offers a mobile app and integrations, including QuickBooks.

LMN purchase order benefits

While LMN does not list purchase order features online, the software allows landscapers to track estimated versus actual job costs, including materials and equipment.

Comparing LMN and Aspire

Tips for choosing the right landscaping purchase order management app for your business

Identifying the right landscaping purchasing app relies on knowing the specific needs of your landscaping company. Follow these tips as you compare software options.

  1. Assess your purchase order management needs

Purchase order management needs vary based on the size of your company and the type of landscape projects you execute. 

Determine your purchasing and inventory tracking needs by considering the volume and frequency of your orders. 

Also, consider which integrations streamline the purchase order and inventory tracking process so you don’t find yourself resorting to manual methods or switching back and forth between different software programs.

  1. Evaluate pricing and value for money

Price is a key consideration. When you compare plans and evaluate prices, consider the features and benefits and whether you’ll need to pay more for important features or additional users.

Aspire provides the same core features for unlimited users and features. Since landscaping service businesses do not need to pay more for added features or extra users, they can confidently grow their business without incurring additional software costs.

  1. Read user reviews and testimonials

User reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the software’s usability, features, and customer support availability. 

Check to see if a software provider offers a free version, trial, or demo, so you can see software features in action.

See how Aspire improves your purchase order management process

Trusted by contractors since 2013, Aspire provides industry-leading software to transform business operations. Aspire’s comprehensive business management platform empowers landscaping contractors to work more efficiently and profitably, achieving greater growth.

Aspire’s end-to-end business management system provides features specifically for landscaping businesses, including:

  • Live work-ticket management

  • Takeoff and design tools

  • Customizable bidding templates and kits

  • Material and time tracking

  • Job costing

Landscapers who use Aspire integrate purchase order management with the rest of their business, resulting in:

✔ Efficient planning

✔ Better purchasing decisions

✔ Increased savings

✔ Greater profit

Aspire provides a complete solution for landscapers seeking to improve operations and drive growth.

Ready to take the next step? Request a demo to see what Aspire will do for your business.


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