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PublishedMarch 6, 2024

Free cleaning estimate template 

Specific, polished estimates are crucial to securing large corporate accounts in the competitive cleaning services industry. Every client communication needs to look professional, but estimates must also accurately break down labor and material costs to ensure profitability.

To save time and improve accuracy, cleaning companies use specialized janitorial estimate templates to streamline the estimation process. This allows businesses to focus more on delivering exceptional cleaning services and less on paperwork.

→ Cleaning service estimate templates must be precise and comprehensive to be effective.

Learn what to include in a cleaning job bid template and how business management software simplifies estimating.

What’s the difference between a quote and a detailed estimate?

A cleaning quote offers a single price, providing potential clients with a clear understanding of the exact amount they'll pay. In contrast, estimates typically encompass a range of prices.

That’s because estimates are variable based on:

  • Time

  • Materials

  • Other factors, such as supplier costs

Although commercial cleaning estimates are variable when cleaning proposals and invoices don’t align with the estimated costs, they erode client trust and loyalty. 

By using key resources, small-business owners can improve estimate generation. Access to historical job data empowers:

  • Past project analysis 

  • Resource allocation

  • Accurate predictions for future jobs

Data provides valuable insights into the average duration, costs, and materials needed for cleaning services.

Customizable templates and kits with cleaning price lists for popular services offer small-business owners a structured framework for estimating costs. These resources provide standardized rates for everyday cleaning tasks, enabling owners to streamline the estimation process and ensure consistency in pricing across various services.

Customizable templates and historical job data empower small-business owners to:

  • Enhance estimation accuracy

  • Optimize resource allocation

  • Improve their profitability 

Why use an estimate template?

Accurate estimates ensure cleaning jobs remain profitable while building trust with customers. Using an editable and printable commercial cleaning estimate (whether a PDF or MS Word document) offers business owners the following benefits:

  • Consistency: Templates maintain a standardized format across all estimates, ensuring uniformity in presenting services, pricing, and terms to clients.

  • Streamlined process: Pre-designed estimate or quote templates save time by eliminating the need to start from scratch for each estimate.

  • Customer satisfaction: Clear, concise, and structured cost estimates facilitate better communication with clients, ensuring mutual understanding of the scope of work, pricing, and expected deliverables.

  • Professionalism: Using a well-designed template reflects professionalism, instilling confidence in clients regarding the company's credibility and attention to detail.

How to estimate cleaning services

AC MOFU Template Cleaning Estimate Screenshot 1

If using an editable bid sheet template for cleaning, you can add the specific client and job information after you download the template and customize it with your company’s logo, colors, and branding.

Finally, send the estimate for professional cleaning services to your customer. Most free printable cleaning estimate templates work whether you provide house cleaning services, office cleaning, or both.

Include the following sections:

  • Header: In the header, include your company logo, contact information, the janitorial service estimate date, job bid number, due date, and client information.

AC MOFU Template Cleaning Estimate Screenshot 2
  • Service details: Describe the type of cleaning services to be rendered in detail, including the number of crew members assigned, products, services, and frequency. 

For example, does the bid include carpet cleaning or window cleaning? Is it for a weekly cleaning service or a one-time deep cleaning? If creating a contractor estimate, provide details about the subcontractors to be used.

  • Cost: Provide a breakdown of costs, including labor, materials, additional charges, and taxes, adding up to the estimated total. Also, note how clients can make payments, such as with a credit card or ACH bank transfer through an online customer portal.

  • Terms and conditions: This section should include insurance information and an overview of contract renewal options or the termination process.

More: Check out Aspire’s free cleaning business proposal and invoice templates.

Factors to consider when creating a commercial cleaning services estimate

While a template helps streamline the estimating process, there are additional considerations to build accurate and personalized cleaning bids for your clients.

Scope of work

A clearly defined cleaning checklist, including specific areas, frequency of service, and any specialized cleaning needs, to accurately assess the workload and resources required.

Materials and equipment

Evaluate the type and quantity of cleaning materials, chemicals, and equipment necessary for efficient and effective cleaning, factoring in the client's specialized or eco-friendly preferences.


Estimate templates for janitorial services should include every cost-generating factor contributing to labor, including the skill level and experience of individual team members and the number of staff needed to meet client expectations.

AC MOFU Template Cleaning Estimate Screenshot 3

Client requests

Consider any unique client requests, preferences, or additional services desired, ensuring these are clearly outlined and reflected when you download a free cleaning estimate template.

Market and competition

Research the prevailing market rates and competitor cleaning pricing while considering the quality of service offered to establish a fair and competitive pricing structure that aligns with industry standards and justifies the value provided.

Common mistakes to avoid when creating a cleaning business estimate form

Cleaning service estimate errors quickly add up and tarnish a company’s reputation while eating away profits. Avoid these common estimate mistakes:

Underestimating the scope of work

Failing to thoroughly assess the cleaning requirements and include the necessary information on a commercial cleaning job bid can lead to underestimating the time and resources needed, which typically results in incomplete work or burned-out cleaners—neither benefits the business. If using a free downloadable template for janitorial work, ensure it’s comprehensive before implementing it with your team.

Neglecting specific client needs

Client requests matter, both for home cleaning and commercial cleaning. Whether it’s a request to keep a door closed so a pet doesn’t escape or use natural cleaning methods for minimal environmental impact, failing to meet those requests leads to dissatisfaction and potential contract termination.

Inaccurate pricing

Incorrectly calculating costs for materials, labor, and overhead expenses can lead to underpricing, hurting profitability. Or it can lead to overpricing and potentially losing clients to more competitively priced services. No matter how good a free commercial cleaning estimate template is, it can’t help business owners with service pricing. Business management software designed for the cleaning industry can help.

landscape job costing software

Better than a template: Commercial cleaning software

While a template made in Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Word helps streamline professional estimate creation, it fails to deliver when it comes to sending the estimate to a customer and providing an easy way for the customer to accept. That’s where estimating software comes in.

Aspire’s commercial cleaning business management software includes job costing features that factor in specified markups, unique price lists, and historical data to create accurate estimates. Users effortlessly deliver estimates from the platform that can accept signatures electronically via email, from the client portal, or tablet.

After a bid is won, the estimated material or supplies and associated costs carry over to the platform's purchasing assistant to provide a clear view of material/supply needs and budget.

With additional features for CRM, scheduling, invoicing, and more, Aspire provides the end-to-end functionality you need to gain full visibility into your business, make better decisions, and ultimately increase your profits.

Download the free cleaning estimate template, and book a demo today to learn how Aspire Software empowers cleaning companies to increase efficiency and profitability.


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