Commercial Cleaning Checklist Template (+Free PDF Download)

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PublishedNovember 3, 2023

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Commercial Cleaning Checklist Template (+Free PDF Download)

Commercial Cleaning Checklist (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Commercial cleaning contractors who deliver consistent high-quality service improve client satisfaction, grow their client base, and boost business growth

→ Using cleaning task checklists helps cleaning companies deliver top-notch service and set a benchmark for quality-control practices.

A commercial cleaning checklist ensures cleaning businesses:

  • Optimize workflows and team efficiency

  • Deliver first-class cleaning services

  • Improve quality control and customer satisfaction

A professional cleaning checklist template helps businesses implement or improve their processes.

Reception area and waiting spaces

Clean reception areas and waiting spaces welcome customers to a business. 

Cleaning tasks vary based on client requirements and offered services. Most regular cleaning schedules for reception areas and waiting spaces include:


  • Dust hard surfaces and light fixtures

  • Sweep floors and vacuum carpets

  • Mop floors

  • Empty trash cans and replace liners

  • Empty recycling bins

  • Disinfect door handles, keyboards, phones, and other high-touch surfaces

  • Polish glass surfaces

  • Clean drinking fountains and tidy water cooler area, replenishing supplies as needed


  • Clean windows, windowsills, and doors

  • Dust decor and wall art

  • Dust window blinds or vacuum curtains

  • Clean electronics, such as television screens and speakers

  • Vacuum furniture upholstery

  • Clean under furniture or other hard-to-reach areas


  • Deep-clean carpets and polish hard-surface floors

  • Spot-clean stains on furniture and clean furniture upholstery

  • Dust air-intake and supply vents

  • Clean baseboards

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Check light bulbs

  • Polish metal or hardwood surfaces

Office areas and cubicles

A clean work environment is essential for the health and safety of employees. 

While cleaning requirements may vary, the following includes recommended cleaning tasks for office spaces, cubicles, and conference rooms:


  • Dust desktops and counters

  • Disinfect keyboards, computer mice, phones, and headphones in workspaces

  • Clean and tidy water cooler area, replenishing supplies as needed

  • Empty trash receptacles and replace liners

  • Vacuum walkways and around cubicles


  • Disinfect door handles, light switches, and light switch plates in work areas

  • Clean office computer screens

  • Wipe down electronics, such as copiers and printers

  • Dust light fixtures

  • Dust window blinds

  • Dust shelves, filing cabinets, and other storage

  • Clean windows, windowsills, and doors

  • Sweep or vacuum in cubicles and under desks

  • Mop hard surface floors

  • Polish windows and partitions with glass cleaner

  • Vacuum furniture upholstery

  • Polish hard surfaces, such as metal and wood


  • Clean carpets or polish hard floors

  • Clean walls and cubicle panels

  • Clean baseboards

  • Dust air vents

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Dust other hard-to-reach areas, such as high cabinets and bookshelves

Break rooms and kitchens

Communal spaces such as break rooms and kitchen areas can get dirty quickly. 

Service may vary depending on the space and type of appliances, but common recommended cleaning tasks include:


  • Disinfect countertops and tables

  • Dispose of any old food stored in refrigerators

  • Empty and wipe down coffee pot

  • Sanitize sinks and faucets

  • Wipe down chairs

  • Wipe down kitchen appliances, such as microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators

  • Empty trash and replace liners

  • Sweep or vacuum floors, especially under tables and chairs


  • Dust light fixtures

  • Wipe down cabinets

  • Clean the inside of microwaves and refrigerators

  • Polish hard surfaces, such as stainless-steel appliances

  • Dust window blinds

  • Clean glass windows

  • Wipe down art or wall decor

  • Dust air vents

  • Vacuum furniture upholstery

  • Refill soap, paper towels, and other break room supplies

  • Sweep and mop floors


  • Deep-clean sinks and drains

  • Clean the inside of cabinets

  • Clean and organize pantry or supply area

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Clean baseboards

  • Clean and disinfect trash cans

  • Clean carpets and floors


Restrooms require heavy daily cleaning for the health of employees and customers. Cleaning tasks for restrooms include:


  • Disinfect the interior and exterior of toilets and urinals, including toilet seats

  • Disinfect sinks, faucets, other fixtures, and door handles

  • Refill soap dispensers, toilet paper, and paper towel dispensers

  • Ensure soap dispensers and hand dryers function properly

  • Empty all trash cans and sanitary dispensers and replace liners

  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces

  • Sweep and mop floors


  • Sanitize doors, hand dryers, and light switches

  • Disinfect restroom stall doors, panels, and walls

  • Clean drains

  • Refill air fresheners


  • Deep-clean toilets, urinals, sinks, and other hard surfaces

  • Sanitize drains

  • Polish metal and glass fixtures

  • Clean and disinfect all trash bins

  • Clean tile grout on walls or floors

  • Check light bulbs

Exterior areas 

A clean business entry makes a positive first impression on customers. Tasks vary depending on the client and the services of your cleaning business, but potential cleaning tasks for exterior areas may include:


  • Straighten and sweep mats

  • Clean glass doors and disinfect door handles

  • Clean exterior seating

  • Pick up any trash or debris and empty trash

  • Water outdoor plants


  • Clean entryway mats

  • Clean windows and doors

  • Dust exterior light fixtures

  • Remove cobwebs and debris from entryways


  • Power-wash entryways

  • Deep-clean doors and windows

  • Clean outdoor seating

  • Clean light fixtures and check light bulbs

  • Maintain parking areas

Commercial cleaning software: Better than a template

While an office cleaning checklist organizes daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning services, paper checklists––and even digital checklists––stop short of addressing key operational processes, such as:

  • Scheduling

  • Routing

  • Work ticket management 

  • Supply ordering and inventory management

  • Invoicing and billing

Aspire commercial cleaning business software can streamline and optimize the way you work, from the office to the field—from scheduling and estimating to real-time job costing and cleaning-supply inventory management.

→ Aspire lets you manage your entire business from one cloud-based platform.

Its mobile functionality enables accurate time tracking and ensures your team completes on-site cleaning checklists and audits properly. 

Cleaning and janitorial contractors who implement efficient processes improve the consistency of quality control, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth and profitability.

Schedule a demonstration to see how Aspire’s functionality streamlines commercial cleaning service workflows in the office and field.


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