What's new in PropertyIntel: Summer release summary

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PublishedOctober 13, 2023

What's new in PropertyIntel: Summer release summary


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In February, we launched PropertyIntel, an Aspire solution, with a clear mission: to revolutionize the technology you need to bid, win, and service more customers with efficiency, accuracy, and confidence. Since its general availability launch this past winter, PropertyIntel has already helped hundreds of landscape contractors realize new levels of productivity and profitability.

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The latest features in PropertyIntel are designed to help you boost efficiency, improve project management, and generate new revenue from your market.

Here’s what we released this summer:

  • Parcel data for aerial projects provides information to help you reach more potential customers, such as the property owner name, mailing address, and more.

  • Street and road data helps you better understand the property and helps your crews orient themselves on a property when following your production plan.

  • Update Catalog defaults within a Project to increase efficiency without leaving the Markup View.

  • Add, copy, delete, and edit Pages within the markup view to easily improve project management.

  • Tons of Aspire integration improvements and features, including:

  • Aspire Property import and sync saves time and increases organization with automatic processes that align your data.

  • Manage Aspire Catalog drawing settings to ensure consistency across all projects for colors, patterns, and symbols in the Markup View.

  • Property and Opportunity Tags sync to improve the shared data experience for integration users.

  • Manual sync of the Aspire Item Catalog and Properties is now available, so you can re-sync changes made in Aspire when you need rather than waiting for the automatic job to run overnight.

  • Unlinking a Project from Aspire stops data syncing to Aspire, so you can re-link from a brand new or different project in PropertyIntel.

  • And many more general improvements!

Let’s dive into the details of the release.

Reach more potential customers with parcel data for aerial projects

Contacting prospects and identifying future customers is now easier than ever. With Parcel Data for aerial projects, you can now view information about the property owner, mailing address, parcel size, and market value to aid you in making data-driven decisions when planning and proposing new work. This is the first of many upcoming metadata features designed to help you collect even more data about your customers and their properties.

Gain more clarity on your properties with street and road data

Street and road data is now available for aerial projects to further increase estimators’ measuring efficiency and crews’ understanding of a property. This helps with route and production planning for tasks like indicating the appropriate entry and exit points on a property. It can also help orient your crews to a new customer’s property and provide a better understanding of the property you’re measuring.

Increase measuring efficiency with Catalog updates now available within a Project

The ability to update your Catalog Defaults within the Markup View helps boost your measuring efficiency by keeping you within the project you’re currently estimating. This improvement allows you to add new items or update existing items in the catalog. You can then sync those updates to the Master Catalog for all future projects to pick up those changes.  

Ensure consistency across projects with global Aspire Catalog drawing settings

Like updating your Catalog within the Markup View, you can now view and modify drawing settings for all active and available-to-bid Aspire items. 

You can modify colors, patterns, and symbols, but you must manage name, cost, and estimate category within Aspire for data consistency.

Save time with improved Aspire syncs 

We’ve released several improvements across various Aspire and PropertyIntel data syncs.

Property and Opportunity Tags from Aspire now sync to PropertyIntel, improving the shared data experience. In addition, PropertyIntel now sends Actual Values to Aspire rather than Estimated Values.

The platform allows you to manually trigger the sync for your Aspire Item Catalog and Properties every 30 minutes. Previously, users had to wait for the automated overnight sync to capture any recently modified or added changes in Aspire. While the automatic overnight sync will still run, you can manually sync to avoid waiting for the following day. 

Boost project management efficiency with the ability to add, copy, delete, and edit Pages within the Markup View

PropertyIntel’s multi-page feature within a project allows you to connect more property data than ever before. Within a single project, you could have multiple pages for different sections of a property, different phases of work, or different versions of a proposal.

You can now add a blank page, file upload, or new aerial image to a project directly within the Markup View to collect or create additional property data for a project. You can also delete, copy, or edit pages from within the Markup View to improve your project management without leaving the page.

One of our favorite ways to use the multi-page feature is to capture an aerial view of a property to create your enhancement estimate and upload an image of the property from ground level on a new page. Then, use PropertyIntel’s plant and material image library, or upload your own, to create a mockup of the final design to show your customer. It’s an invaluable sales tool that helps align every stakeholder on the final vision!

What’s coming next in PropertyIntel?

Stay tuned for our release announcement of Visual Proposals, coming in October! You can generate and send visual proposals for presentation and implementation, complete with pricing breakdowns, an interactive, color-coded sitemap, and more. In addition, we also plan to release the following features over the next couple of months:

  • Customizable reports and dashboards

  • 8+ new, advanced measuring tools

  • Collaborative editing

  • Mobile optimizations

  • Pro Maps with elevation, mesh, and AI-measuring data

  • Streamlined bulk ordering for PI Complete

Stay tuned for more as we continue working to make PropertyIntel the landscape industry’s most powerful and advanced property data solution.


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