The evolution of Aspire Landscape - Version 3.3

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PublishedMay 30, 2017

The evolution of Aspire Landscape - Version 3.3


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Since Aspire business management software is proud to be launching Version 3.3 this week, we interrupt our regularly scheduled “Do the Math” programming to bring you a quick look at the new features of our latest product upgrade!

Introducing the latest Version of Aspire Landscape Business Management Software ... and the best is yet to come.

Being a part of Aspire is all about evolution: everything gets better with each new iteration. This applies to our company, your company, and most importantly, our software and support.

The Aspire Software Co. was founded in 2014 by Kevin Kehoe and Mark Tipton. There were only four team members in those early days. As a new start-up, the company made its home at the Economic Development Center in St. Charles, Mo.

Now, three years later, the company has evolved into a much larger team with its own office and a brand new version (Aspire Landscape Version 3.3) of its green/snow business management software.

Aspire Landscape Version 3.3 has some very important evolutionary changes:

Business Budgets       


3.3 allows you to set up your budgets by branch & division and roll those budgets based on “actuals” the software can help you manage in real-time. You can oversee all aspects of your budget in one place including overhead, cost of goods sold and revenue invoiced and/or earned.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

As you know from last week’s post – Key Performance Indicators are how you keep track of your budget items and identify variables that help you run your business better. With that in mind, 3.3 helps you keep your eye on the KPIs with new homepage configuration, new secure access to the information, and budget reporting tools already set up for KPI functionality. Just as a reminder, the Aspire KPIs include:

  • Overhead Recovered

  • Client Management

  • Profit and Loss

  • Forecast

  • Labor Efficiency

  • Sales Scorecard

Customized Forms

Most contractors must collect and report information for government entities (for example: chemical applications or DOT compliance).  Aspire now provides the ability to customize the system so that these forms can be completed in the field and reports generated automatically.

Mobile Time

Keeping track of your crews is one thing, but 3.3 allows you to produce a daily crew work plan – right on the mobile smart device they use to keep time and materials. This allows for better planning and less forgetting of things like supplies and equipment required to perform the work.

Real-Time Inventory

One of the hallmarks of the Aspire System is to have a live view of time and materials as the projects progress through the day. We’ve improved our real-time inventory tracking to monitor purchase variance (if purchase cost varies from standard cost or if that cost changes). We also equipped 3.3 to show this purchase variance in the End of Month report and allow you to update your purchase cost in bulk based on a rolling schedule (12 month or custom-defined).

Payroll Integration

In using Aspire 3.3. to help manage your payroll, you can now Export your numbers to your bookkeeping software, automatically have employee updates sent to Aspire for payroll purposes and, most importantly for this update, integrate Worker’s Comp audit reporting to help you and your employees save on premiums.

Let’s Evolve!

While we might not have an epic white beard or a boat called the Beagle, Aspire constantly pushes the evolution of our company and our products for the sake of your business.

And while 3.3 was just released, we’re not done looking to the future. This October, at the Green Industry Expo in Louisville, we invite you to join us at the release of Aspire Version 4.0.

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that companies will have even better features to manage construction projects, equipment, and snow – just in time for winter!

So how about it – are you ready to evolve your business with Aspire?


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