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Ever wonder who's on the other side of your support chat? Explore the invaluable resources within Aspire's support ecosystem by turning your attention to the Aspire education team. Comprised of seasoned experts, this elite group is here to help you with all Aspire-related questions. 

We sat down with Megan Forbes, Manager of Education Services and an 8-year Aspire veteran, to gain insight into the Education team and how utilizing them can elevate your Aspire implementation. 

How does the education team collaborate with customers?

The Education Team operates on two fronts, delivering tailored support to meet your needs.

First, we work with AspireCare to address your support ticket inquiries to ensure you get the answers and help you need quickly. 

Additionally, the education team offers Professional Services (Pro Serv) engagements, which are the cornerstone of our personalized, one-on-one approach. As you transition beyond the implementation phase, these experts help with customization, implementation, end-of-month close, one-to-one training, data migration, and other special projects. 

They adapt their guidance to your preferred learning style, whether you thrive with step-by-step guides or dynamic Q&A sessions. The education team's focus is on equipping you with tangible action items and the knowledge to leverage Aspire effectively for your business's benefit.

When should you consider a professional services engagement?

Pro Services is your go-to solution when you require a higher level of personalization. Whether your business demands unique customization, has time-sensitive requirements, or prefers one-on-one interaction, the Pro Service team is ready to provide the tailored support you need.

What's the difference between a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and the Pro Services Team?

Understanding the distinction between your CSM and the Pro Services Team is crucial. While CSMs are proactive, helping you strategize, plan your training, and optimize Aspire's use for your business, Pro Services excels in providing reactive support. They step in when you need extra hands for customization, implementation, training, data migration, and end-of-the-month support. This collaborative approach ensures you get the most out of the system.

Constant Learning: The Education Team's Secret Sauce

What sets the Education Team apart is their commitment to staying at the forefront of everything Aspire offers. Their strategy is something anyone can emulate to ensure they're always ahead of the curve. Each quarter, the team selects a "rock" to dive into deeply, honing their expertise. They actively participate in education spotlights, where they present specific features or aspects of the product. Moreover, they engage in product review calls to remain up-to-date. Setting aside weekly dedicated time for learning and growth ensures the team is well-prepared to serve clients effectively.

Navigating Success with Aspire’s Education Team

When you need extra help or want to tackle a big, complicated project, the education team is the best resource. Their focus on staying on the cutting-edge of Aspire best practices and their experience in training and implementation help ensure you get the most value from your Aspire implementation. 

Do you think you could benefit from engaging with the education team? Submit a request to Pro Services and learn more about Aspire resources.


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