Landscape Associates boosts productivity and efficiencies with PropertyIntel

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PublishedJanuary 4, 2024

Landscape Associates boosts productivity and efficiencies with PropertyIntel


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Landscape Associates Inc. operates eight branches in the southeast United States, providing professional landscape services to multifamily, HOA, and commercial customers. The consulting and contracting firm offers the full complement of landscape services, including maintenance, floriculture, irrigation, and property enhancement and installation. The organization prides itself on exceptional attention to detail, competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, and unrivaled customer satisfaction. 

Ron Lackey joined Landscape Associates in 2001 as the company’s first hire. Now he serves as an operations support manager, overseeing the estimating process and Aspire support for all operations teams. 

Lackey noticed a significant bottleneck in his production of estimates and proposals due to the painstakingly slow process of manually collecting measurements.

“We were old school. We would go out and hand-measure all properties. That took a lot of time, effort, and energy,” he says.

Lackey discovered PropertyIntel, an Aspire solution, after taking advantage of a special deal available to Aspire customers. The cost-effective solution integrated directly with Aspire—precisely what he needed to increase the number of submitted proposals.

“PropertyIntel saves me a lot of time,” he explains.“It allows me to handle measuring eight branches in a fraction of the time it once took when we manually measured the properties.”

Discovering new efficiencies

Lackey understood the time wasted when capturing measurements manually, and after reviewing other online property measuring software, he decided on PropertyIntel. Now that he’s able to generate a maintenance estimate in a couple of days instead of a week or two, Lackey handles the same amount of measuring that used to require eight or nine other employees to complete.

The team members who no longer generate maintenance estimates can now focus on getting more proposals out the door and closing more deals—perfect support for the increased number of bids Landscape Associates can complete. Since adopting PropertyIntel, estimate production has improved so much that Landscape Associates is growing to meet the demand.

“We’re looking to add more business development representatives to touch more potential clients,” Lackey says.

Lackey also realizes the value of a connected software ecosystem. Utilizing the PropertyIntel and Aspire integration prevents him from deciphering handwritten property measurements, creating an Excel spreadsheet, and manually entering the data into Aspire. 

Instead, he can link the property takeoff directly to an Aspire record and automatically sync the data with just a few clicks. “PropertyIntel eliminates a lot of steps I don’t have to worry about anymore,” he says.

The integration also eliminates the variance in property data collection from multiple estimators. Implementing a system like PropertyIntel helps the team generate consistent and accurate proposals.

“PropertyIntel is a lot more valuable and accurate than manual measurements will ever be,” Lackey says. “As the market becomes more competitive, our property data must be more accurate. PropertyIntel is a big help.”

Finding a trusted partner in PropertyIntel Complete

Landscape Associates has further increased bid rates and improved estimating efficiency with a new resource: PropertyIntel Complete, Aspire’s done-for-you measuring service.

With PropertyIntel Complete, you can quickly and easily submit an order through PropertyIntel for property measurements. Enter a property address, features to measure, and any other project details. PropertyIntel Complete quickly provides a price and an estimated turnaround time for our expert cartography team to deliver the completed property measurements to your account.

Lackey says that the service is changing the game for the company’s maintenance proposals, and he also sees other benefits.

“PropertyIntel Complete has cut our estimating bill in half,” he says. “The takeoffs are coming back within a reasonable time frame. I can put that data into Aspire and trust that the numbers going out in proposals are within our operational guidelines.”

Landscape Associates can now scale their estimating and bidding efforts endlessly with the support of a team of highly skilled measurers. Whether to offload work during the busy season or to meet deadlines when creating many bids quickly, Landscape Associates can trust PropertyIntel Complete to deliver thorough, accurate property measurements.

Envisioning a future of continued success

When Ron Lackey first learned about PropertyIntel, he knew the solution would be invaluable to the organization’s sales and operations. Saving time and money, eliminating estimate variance, gaining real-time access to property takeoffs, and the ability to evaluate performance are just some of the positive ripple effects throughout Landscape Associates’ organization.

Lackey looks forward to seeing the compounding impact of PropertyIntel over time and eagerly awaits some of the roadmap features that will further enhance Landscape Associates’ property data.

"PropertyIntel is going to be advantageous for anybody using it,” Lackey adds. “We will create more opportunities, sell more work, and create more jobs."

Want to learn how these features can level up your property data and measurement? Learn more about PropertyIntel on our website and sign up for a free 14-day trial!


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