Best Jobber Alternatives for Landscaping Businesses

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PublishedFebruary 1, 2023

Best Jobber Alternatives for Landscaping Businesses


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As anyone in commercial landscaping knows, identifying the right landscaping software can be challenging for business owners because of the array of choices on the market. 

The good news is you’ve taken the first step to improving your business—now it’s a matter of finding the right software solution to achieve profitable growth.

If you’re considering field service management software like Jobber, or seeking alternatives to Jobber, this blog will compare Jobber features to Aspire’s field service software, as well as a few other Jobber alternatives, so you can better evaluate landscaping management platforms and find the best fit for your business.

What is Jobber?

Jobber is web-based software for home service companies in several field service industries, including the following:

  • Landscaping, lawn care, and tree care

  • Cleaning

  • Pest control

  • Mobile pet services

  • General contracting trades:

    •  HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and painting.

Similar to Aspire, Jobber’s field service software streamlines and automates business operations, including: 

  • Scheduling

  • Dispatching

  • Invoicing

  • Payments

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Reporting

It offers a mobile app for Android and iOS operating systems. 

Best Jobber Alternatives

Below are some of the top Jobber alternatives for landscaping companies seeking a new landscaping management system.

  • Aspire

  • Service Autopilot

  • Real Green

  • LMN

  • SingleOps

What is Aspire business software?

Aspire landscape business software is an all-in-one, cloud-based platform built to power commercial and residential landscape and lawn care businesses of any size. Aspire software streamlines and automates:

The Aspire mobile functionality improves communication between the office and the field with the following features:

  • Crew time tracking 

  • Route optimization

  • Material tracking

  • Service visit checklists 

  • Issue reporting with photo and video upload capabilities

Crews can access the app and mobile platform with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Aspire’s landscape job management software empowers field service businesses to work more efficiently, grow profits, and gain greater visibility into every aspect of their operations. 

This comparison of Jobber versus Aspire business management software considers similarities and differences of key software features, such as:

  • Pricing

  • Integrations

  • Customer support

Key features



Both Jobber and Aspire feature drag-and-drop scheduling, enabling office staff to view and make schedule changes and improve order management.

Aspire scheduling software provides user-friendly features to streamline every aspect of scheduling. 

→When a customer approves an estimate and signs a contract, all the information from the estimate converts into a work ticket ready for scheduling.

Once dispatchers or CSRs schedule a job by dragging the work ticket to the schedule board, users can easily:

  • Reschedule or extend a job

  • Create recurring appointments for maintenance services

  • Split between multiple employees, teams, or crews. 

  • Delay services due to holidays and inclement weather

  • Bulk move multiple work tickets on the schedule board

  • Single-click to active or deactivate entire routes in your schedule 

For full visibility into every job, Aspire features a job progress bar that shows actual time worked in relation to estimated hours, so you can see at a glance if your team remains on schedule.


While you can also schedule a job from an estimate in Jobber, the Aspire work ticket system gives you greater visibility into job details, so your crews stay on time and on budget.

Both Aspire and Jobber feature route optimization, although in Jobber, the route optimization feature is limited to select software plans. 

In Aspire, you can optimize single routes consisting of two or more jobs to minimize windshield time for your crews. 

Scheduling for small businesses and startups

The Aspire family of software solutions includes Crew Control, which is an ideal match for the software needs of companies earning less than $1 million annually.

Crew Control’s job scheduling feature offers an auto-route function that allows users to automatically optimize driving routes with one click and view expected drive times between jobs.



The ability to quickly create accurate estimates is critical for profitable landscaping jobs.

Aspire provides customizable, in-platform templates to combine commonly used:

  • Services

  • Pricing

  • Language 

  • Complexity factors

All with a company’s logo and branding to deliver consistent, professional estimates.

Bidding kits

Kits allow you to combine your company’s production factors into a single line item that includes:

  • Labor hours

  • Materials and supply costs 

  • Fuel surcharges

Kits populate across services, enabling estimators to quickly and accurately bid large and complex jobs by simply altering takeoffs and quantities.

Margins and markups

Aspire’s estimating capabilities eliminate low-profit or costly jobs for landscapers by enabling them to set their own margins and markups:

  • Labor

  • Materials and supplies

  • Subcontractors

  • Other direct costs

The software automatically factors margins into estimates to increase profitability.


Jobber’s quote management software provides templates and shows users the estimated margin on quotes so they can modify pricing, but not to the level of detail Aspire provides.

Both Jobber and Aspire help landscaping companies follow up on estimates and allow customers to approve quotes with a digital signature through a client portal. 

In Aspire, customers can also sign on the spot on a mobile device for specific jobs.

Job costing


While job costing isn’t listed as a feature in Jobber, the software’s mobile app enables users to enter expenses, assign them to jobs, and take photos of receipts. 

Jobber’s expense tracker feature is only available on select plans.


Aspire’s real-time job costing capabilities give landscape service professionals up-to-date insight into how actual costs measure up to their estimates for:

  • Labor

  • Materials

  • Other direct costs

The level of detail provided by Aspire ensures jobs stay on track and on budget, but it also provides accurate data for future estimates and business forecasts.

Take control of costs

Job costing begins when a customer approves a bid, and estimated material, supplies, and associated costs carry over to purchasing. 

Users can leverage their buying power to secure the best price from their preferred vendors by compiling the supply list from multiple work tickets. 

As job costing data updates throughout a job, you can see precisely how costs stack up and, if needed, make immediate adjustments or revise estimates for contract renewals and future bids. And, unlike other software solutions, Aspire provides users with a full view of their A/R functions from a single end-to-end platform. 

Invoicing and Payments

Instead of relying on spreadsheets to ensure you’ve billed the right customers, landscaping business management software streamlines the invoicing process, so nothing gets missed.

Both Jobber and Aspire let landscaping companies send paper or email invoices to customers.


In Aspire, you can bill customers immediately or through progress billing, depending on customer preference. 

Users can also create unique invoices for customers with maintenance and long-term contracts, separate from the existing billing system. Using filtering and lists in the invoicing assistant, users can scan an overview and then sort to find invoices by category, such as:

  • Overdue

  • Ready to send

  • Have work remaining

  • Missing information

The Aspire platform is also uniquely positioned to enable users to invoice their customers by specific service type or even per visit within a job.

When it’s time to get paid, both Jobber and Aspire accept customer payments online through a portal for a convenient customer experience.


Jobber also accepts in-person customer credit card payments. Jobber’s payment processing fees vary based on the plan and include an additional transaction cost.

In Aspire, the only cost associated with electronic payments is the processing fee paid to its industry partner, Clover Connect. Landscaping companies can choose to add a convenience fee to customers if they wish.


Growing landscaping companies need powerful reporting capabilities to gain clear insight into business performance.


Jobber lists 20 built-in reports under discrete categories:

  • Financial

  • Work

  • Client


Aspire offers standard and built-in list reporting so you can easily share information between teams with customizable pivot tables for flexible data mining.

Customizable reporting for improved business insights

Profit-and-loss reporting allows you to quickly find the information you need by filtering all the way down to the gross-margin line via:

  • Branch or division

  • Property or service type

  • Job role

    • Sales rep

    • Crew leader

    • Operations manager 

For a more in-depth look, pivot tables give you the ability to calculate, summarize, and analyze data related to:

  • Sales

  • Purchases

  • Work tickets

  • Hours

Aspire’s customizable dashboards provide users with a complete view of their business performance. Only Aspire’s platform equips users to work proactively and make data-backed business decisions.


When comparing Jobber alternatives, pricing is a key consideration. Below, we break down the different Jobber and Aspire plans and what they include.

Jobber plans

Jobber offers three plans based on the number of users.

  • Core: 1 user

  • Connect: Up to 5 users

  • Grow: Up to 15 users, with a monthly fee for additional users

The features available to users vary based upon the plans.

Aspire plans

  • Growth: A special program that provides growing landscape companies with annual revenue between $1 million and $3 million with access to the Aspire business management platform

  • Corporate: For landscape businesses with annual revenue between $3 million and $15 million

  • Enterprise: For landscape businesses with annual revenue above $15 million

Both Aspire plans include the same core functions and an unlimited number of users. Landscaping companies can confidently grow their workforce without increasing their software costs.

Aspire’s enterprise-level also offers:

  • Advanced reporting

  • Sandbox functionality

  • Advanced API capabilities

For smaller landscaping and lawn care companies, Aspire offers Crew Control plans:

  • Crew Control: $30 per month, per crew

  • Crew Control Plus: $50 per month, per crew

When comparing landscaping software plans, it’s essential to consider the software’s value to your landscaping business. 

Leading landscaping management platforms with a greater up-front investment often result in increased profit margins.

Other important considerations include:

  • Onboarding support

  • Ongoing training

  • Additional business resources

  • Customer service

Aspire is a technology partner for customers, backing the all-in-one software management solution with a dedicated team ready to provide support and assistance.


Software integrations allow landscaping companies to connect every aspect of their business to their management platform, including accounting and electronic payment software. 

Instead of siloed systems and manual data entry, integrations ensure your operations run seamlessly, and your employees get more done in less time.

Jobber offers a number of integrations, including:

  • QuickBooks Online 

  • Popular marketing platforms 

  • Payment providers

Aspire’s integrations and add-ons encompass every aspect of your current operations, but also provide support to expand and refine your operations with software partnership. New integrations continually launch, and currently include:

  • Accounting with both QuickBooks and Acumatica 

  • Purchasing with LandscapeHub order management

  • Payroll through Inova Payroll and export capabilities for other providers such as Paychex and ADP

  • Dash cams and GPS tracking powered by Azuga

  • Supplier pricing catalog collaboration with SiteOne

Aspire’s PropertyIntel add-on enables landscaping companies to quickly measure properties with aerial and satellite imagery and create professional enhancement and design layouts. 


As you research landscape management software like Jobber, consider the scope of the software provider’s training and support.

Jobber offers customer support and several online resources. 

Unlike many other software providers, Aspire provides users unlimited access to ongoing training and support, in addition to:

Aspire customer reviews repeatedly cite the accessibility and helpfulness of their Aspire representatives. 

Reasons to Choose Aspire Software

Designed for landscaping companies by industry professionals, Aspire’s family of software solutions provides end-to-end functionality to grow your landscaping business

→Improve business processes and day-to-day workflows, while unlocking new profitability with data-driven insights to optimize every area of your business.

Aspire is a proven solution for increased revenue and growth — according to the latest Landscape Management LM150 survey, users grow three times faster than their peers. When your business uses the right tools, you’ll grow more efficiently and profitably.

Additional Jobber Alternatives

1. Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot provides software for field service industries, including:

  • Lawn care

  • Cleaning

  • Snow removal

  • Pest control

  • Pool cleaning 

Its startup plan helps companies across business functions such as:

  • Scheduling

  • Estimating 

  • Expenses and invoices

  • Credit card processing

The solution also includes a mobile app. 

Service Autopilot users have to pay for the highest-priced plan to automate daily tasks, and there are additional fees for each office seat and mobile user. Businesses also pay a recurring monthly premium for essential features such as a client portal, email, and QuickBooks integration. This may be an important budget consideration for your business’s growth plan.

Compared with Service Autopilot, the Aspire platform is built for landscaping companies and provides automation and integrations without extra costs, including:

  • QuickBooks and Acumatica accounting integrations

  • Daily task automation, including scheduling, estimating, and invoicing

  • Tracks every job and project from start to completion

  • Provides in-depth, real-time reporting data to improve your business

2. Real Green

Real Green by Workwave offers software and marketing for the green industry, including:

  • Lawn care and maintenance

  • Landscaping

  • Snow removal

  • Arbor care

  • Pest control 

It helps businesses across operations with functionality including:

  • Scheduling

  • Estimating

  • Routing

  • Marketing

  • Payment processing

It also features a mobile app.

When compared with Real Green, Aspire provides landscaping companies with a work ticket management system, which gives landscaping companies the ability to:

  • Standardize efficient business workflows

  • Track hours, equipment, and costs with each job

  • Simplify timekeeping with more accurate payroll

  • Stay on top of accounts receivable and cash flow

3. LMN

LMN offers web-based software with features including:

  • Scheduling

  • Routing and crew tracking

  • Estimating

  • Job and payroll reporting

  • Sales and marketing reporting

Only the top-tier plan includes automated invoicing and a feature to attach documents to jobs so crews can see the information on a mobile device.

LMN is free to use with limited features, then charges a one-time fee plus a monthly fee per additional user. 

When compared with LMN, Aspire not only delivers full feature access for an unlimited number of users, it also scales with your business, so it’s the last software platform you’ll need to:

  • Automate invoicing

  • Track every aspect of even the most complex project with job costing

  • Manage crews, equipment, and inventory 

  • Generate reporting to track job and business performance

4. SingleOps

SingleOps offers landscaping software for residential and commercial landscape and lawn care companies. The software features include:

  • Scheduling

  • Route planning

  • Estimating

  • Job costing

  • Timesheets

  • Invoicing and payments

  • Job site mapping

Customers pay extra per month for a QuickBooks Desktop sync.

Compared to SingleOps, Aspire offers more robust integrations, including:

  • Accounting integrations with QuickBooks Online and Desktop and Acumatica

  • Takeoff measurement integrations through PropertyIntel

  • Custom integrations for unlimited solutions

Get the only end-to-end platform that will scale with you

Aspire’s all-in-one solution helps landscapers operate more efficiently, close more jobs, retain and gain more customers, increase their bottom line, and lay the groundwork for growing their landscaping business.

Ready to take the next step? Request a demo to see how Aspire will scale with your organization for limitless growth.

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