Insights from IGNITE 2023: Aspire + FieldRoutes take Las Vegas

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PublishedNovember 4, 2023

Insights from IGNITE 2023: Aspire + FieldRoutes take Las Vegas

That's a wrap on IGNITE! We hope you had a great week meeting other field service pros and learning how to fire up your business with Aspire and FieldRoutes! Thank you to all of our attendees, sponsors, partners, and speakers for their time and support.


A Deeper Dive into PropertyIntel—The Next Generation of Property Measurement and Estimating 

After an evening of collaborating, networking, cocktails, and gambling (of course), product manager Joshua Martin continued to bring the Vegas energy with a deep dive into PropertyIntel—Aspire’s coolest measuring tool. 

PropertyIntel was designed to revolutionize how property measurements are taken by making measuring properties of any size and shape easier, faster, and more accurate. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure highly accurate measurements, eliminating the need for manual calculations or estimations,” Martin said. 

He went further into the significant benefits of PropertyIntel for customers:

“PropertyIntel helps landscape companies seamlessly collect, connect, and visualize essential data to drive new profitability and performance levels,” Martin said. 

Collect accurate data

Get the measurements you need with precision measuring tools, hi-res aerial imagery, and PDF uploads.

Connect related data

Bridge the property and customer data gap with automated data insights, reporting, and optimization suggestions.

Visualize essential data

Gain greater clarity into your business with visual, interactive sitemaps and reporting dashboards.

Martin elaborated on particular use cases with stunning product imagery:

Residential and Commercial Maintenance

PropertyIntel uses high-resolution aerial imagery and PDF uploads to create fast, professional takeoffs. You can collect all the site data you need, sync with your Aspire property, and keep all your contracts and renewals up to date and accurate. Use color coded maps and plans to stand out from your competitors and win more jobs.


Snow Maps

Use color, text, and arrows to delineate areas and equipment needs. Clearly show your team how to correctly service the property every time.

Enhancement Design

Proactively sell enhancements with easy, quick, and on-the-spot designs and instantly sync designs to Aspire Opportunities to price and propose. Next up? Hand off closed jobs to production with clear plans and designs. 


Example: Annual Color Plan


Use PropertyIntel to make seasonal color change a breeze. Create plans and 2D designs of how beds should look and gather all your plant counts and material quantities. Export and share with customers so they can visualize their project plan. 

However, according to Martin, collecting this data is merely the first step in standardizing your business processes. PropertyIntel extracts valuable data from property details, surveys, and environmental factors and syncs seamlessly with Aspire’s platform, where the real magic happens. Property and Opportunity Tags from Aspire sync to PropertyIntel, where Actual Values rather than Estimated Values are pushed to Aspire. 

Martin concluded, “With a shared data environment like this, the options are endless!” 

  • Create takeoffs for maintenance work, design-build projects, enhancement, and opportunities.

  • Use high-resolution aerial imagery and PDF uploads to create fast, professional takeoffs.

  • Calculate time, material, and cost estimates automatically as you measure with data imported from your pricing database.

  • Send visual proposals with pricing breakdowns, color-coded project sitemaps, and customizable cover letters in minutes. 

PropertyIntel allows landscape contractors to create takeoffs for maintenance and design-build, and users can simultaneously automate data insights, reports, and optimization suggestions through direct integration with the Aspire platform.

Users can also access and submit orders to PropertyIntel Complete—Aspire’s new automated measuring, estimating, and takeoff service. PropertyIntel Complete allows landscape contractors to provide property addresses and receive precision-measured takeoffs directly within their PropertyIntel account.  

— Missy England, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Aspire


Pump out precise estimates—fast—with PropertyIntel

If you were wondering, “Should I look into PropertyIntel?” Tom Kauffman, Corporate Account Representative, and Zach Lampley, Manager, Corporate Account Representatives, had an answer for you at IGNITE.

  • PropertyIntel allows landscape companies to collect, connect, and visualize accurate property and customer data 

  • It gives you control over your data and combines it with business processes to provide actionable insights

  • Enables you to optimize operations, make smarter decisions, and plan for the future

Unlimited users are included with PropertyIntel, so no matter how big your team gets, PropertyIntel continues to grow with you.

“If you build your kits well, you can pump out estimates just like that,” Lampley said, snapping his fingers. “And this isn’t just geared toward one segment of the industry, you can use this for lawn care applications, snow—whatever you need.”

Users can also access a designated PropertyIntel support team, separate from AspireCare. 

Saving time, money, and fuel

PropertyIntel Complete is the done-for-you measuring service that allows you to submit a project and have the PI cartography team measure precisely for you. These services are billed on a per-project basis. 

Users like Chad Currie of CLC Landscaping report significant time savings on projects as well. For a $20,000-$100,000 design project, Currie went from a two-week holding time to a same-day or a 1- or 2-day holding time with PropertyIntel.

Kauffman said there’s more to PI Complete than time savings. “Your teams can have a greater understanding of what they’re selling,” he explained. “You have these site maps, and now you have measurements for enhancements and opportunities for upsells for your clients.”

Good news for companies currently using Go iLawn and/or LandOne: You can migrate to the new version, PropertyIntel, at any time. And when you're transitioning between Go iLawn and/or LandOne to PropertyIntel, you don't get double-charged—you pay one price.

Not to be outdone by the Aspire product roadmap session on the main stage, Lampley and Kauffman shared the roadmap for PropertyIntel, which includes:

  • Aspire integration improvements

  • Project export customizations

  • Collaborative measuring

  • Mobile optimizations with geotagging capabilities.

  • Drone platform integration

  • AI-assisted measuring for automated measurements and slope visualization

The future looks bright for users of PropertyIntel. Plus, if you want to see how PropertyIntel Complete can impact your day-to-day, new users can try it and lighten your estimators’ load even further, freeing them up to build relationships and sell more effectively—a win-win for your team.

— Abby Hart, Sr. Content Marketing Specialist, Aspire


New app, new look, new features—Meet Aspire Mobile 

Product Owner Amanda Weisman and Manager of Product Management Jason Pyne hit the Ignite stage for one of the conference’s most anticipated sessions—Aspire Mobile. 

Keeping anticipation high, Pyne spoke about what makes Aspire Mobile an absolute game changer for the industry.

Before Aspire Mobile, users leveraged Aspire’s web application—Crew Mobile—to manage work in the field. 



Because Crew Mobile is a web application, it can only be accessed from a desktop or mobile device browser—limiting their interactions to those supported by web browsers—not ideal for job sites with little to no reception. Even though a web application has rich design elements, it cannot access the mobile device’s features. 


Aspire Mobile, on the other hand, is a native mobile app you can download and install on your device. Aspire Mobile is specifically developed for mobile devices, allowing users to interact with their devices' internal hardware and operating systems with access to native features such as: 

  • Device location tracking

  • Device microphone and cameras

  • User contact lists

  • Touch gestures, device tilt, and other user interactions

  • Device security features like a fingerprint scan or face recognition

As a web application, Crew Mobile also lacked consistency in the Aspire user experience due to its heavy dependency on browsers. Certain features and images looked different on different browsers, and users found the buttons and menu bar elements challenging to access. 

As a native mobile application, Aspire Mobile is faster, more responsive, and has a much improved user experience. Aspire Mobile boasts a fresh, clean user interface with a quick-to-touch navigation bar—easily accessible with one hand. 

The bottom menu includes the most used mobile tools:

  • Daily Plan

  • Ticket Schedule 

  • Issues

  • Time Tracking 

Pyne said, “Aspire Mobile is here to modernize the user experience in the field. The app helps foster collaboration between office and field staff and improve decision-making with up-to-the-minute data from every job site. It helps track labor and materials by empowering field staff to verify accuracy from the location. And you can rest easy knowing your payroll export file is accurate by monitoring arrivals and departures with geo-stamps of employees.”

But that’s not all. 

Weisman gave the audience a sneak peek into the 2024 Aspire Mobile roadmap with improvements including, but not limited to: 

  • Schedule view enhancements

  • Visit checklists

  • Route selection enhancements

  • Time worked/scheduled

  • Barcode/QR code scanning

  • Mobile forms enhancements

  • Equipment Inspections

  • Mobile CRM/Site Audits 

While these newest enhancements are pretty spectacular, Pyne said he repeatedly heard one phrase from beta users …

Offline capability. 

“One of the most prominent areas of feedback from our customers was offline capacity. That’s why offline functionality is the top challenge we took on this year,” Pyne said.  

Jobsite locations can be remote with little reception, making mobile app use challenging. With Aspire Mobile’s Offline Mode, teams can clock in and out, manage work tickets for yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and view and update issues, with or without cell reception.

“We built a queue processor,” Weisman said. “Data will be added to the queue processor until your device regains connection. Once your device regains connectivity, the queue processor will automatically attempt to upload any queued requests.”

But Weisman saves the wow factor for the end. 

What’s better than offline mode, you ask?

Facial recognition. 

Can you say selfie?

Aspire partnered with BioID to enable face login with multi-factor user authentication via selfie. 

Pyne simplified the science behind the magic:

“BioID PhotoVerify enables ID photo matching for remote identity checks. During registration, a user creates a profile with a photo of their face, and BioID creates a faceprint or facemap and converts it into a mathematical representation of their face. When they go to clock in, they simply take a selfie, and BioID will cross the math from their self with their registration information.”

Stay tuned for more from Aspire Mobile coming in December!

— Missy England, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Aspire


Delivering on Promises: Meeting Customer Needs with Next-Generation Features

It’s no easy feat to follow hot on the heels of three-time Super Bowl champion Emmitt Smith. But Chief Technology Officer Dan Blake embraced the challenge, and boy, he delivered. 

Blake started the session on the future of Aspire’s product by sharing his gratitude for the customers who have made Aspire what it is today. 

“The first time I stood on a stage to reveal our product roadmap was four years ago in Scottsdale,” he said. “And only about 30 people were in a small ballroom then. Look at us now. We’ve come a long way and couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.”

Blake also shared the thought process behind Aspire’s latest enhancements. 

“We focus on five fundamental principles as we build new products to solve your biggest challenges:

  • Be more efficient, get by with fewer people, and use fewer materials.

  • Acquiring customers is incredibly hard and expensive, and we want to ensure we do everything possible to make your customers stay with you.

  • Find more top-line revenue for you by selling additional services and projects.

  • Increase your bottom line.

  • Provide visibility to all of your consolidated data.

Blake passes the baton to Brian Brinkworth, senior director of product management. Brinkworth delves into what a day in the life of a product manager looks like.

“We study the industry, our market, and related industries for enhancements. We meet directly with many of you like we do here at Ignite. We get input directly from your staff via our Idea and Voting portal. Our internal engineering teams consistently invest to ensure our systems scale as terabytes of data are added. These are all inputs we consider as we work on delivering the capabilities you need from Aspire.” 

Brinkworth claims this research and discovery is only possible by joining the ServiceTitan family. 

“When I came on board in 2019, seven team members were across my teams. At the time of the ServiceTItan acquisition, our team headcount had grown to 30. With ServiceTitan's investment, our teams across Product and R&D have scaled by 200%. Now, in 2023, we have nearly 100 team members!”

Brinkworth provides a lengthy list of UX enhancements but goes a step further and reveals the logic behind how these improvements are made. 

“We know it’s important for Aspire to not only deliver the capabilities you need but do it in a way that makes your job easier,” he said. “For example, our UX team studied usage patterns of the time entry screen and found that by moving totals to the top, there was a large reduction in page scrolling, which means less time spent on this heavily used part of the system.” 



That’s just one of the many UX enhancements made in 2023. 

Here are some of the newest features coming in future releases of Aspire’s software: 

Aspire + Azuga (available now)


With material prices and fuel costs climbing in today's economy, businesses feel the pinch. Implementing new strategies and technologies to cut unnecessary expenses is becoming more critical for contractors in service-based industries with slim margins.

Aspire Integrated Telematics, powered by Azuga, is designed to help you quickly identify and address poor driving habits, empower and reward your drivers, increase accountability and client satisfaction, and avoid unnecessary downtime.

That information empowers managers to reward their safest drivers and correct those who need it. For example, optional safety cameras allow managers to observe conditions inside and around the vehicle within Azuga’s interface. This valuable context protects employees and the equipment they operate. 

Users can even trigger Route Replay from within Aspire, logging directly into Azuga to see pertinent events for a given vehicle’s path that day.

Side Panels 



Side panels will provide an entirely new way of multitasking within Aspire. After watching users constantly toggle between “work tickets” and “properties,” the software engineers found an opportunity to improve user efficiency by eliminating the need to navigate back and forth. 


“Side Panels,” a popup of sorts, will help users quickly surface more of the information they need without losing the context of what they are doing,” Brinkworth said. 

Customer Portal 2.0

Jason Pyne, Product Management Manager, showcases the upcoming additions to the customer portal. 

The Customer Portal 2.0 will look and feel much better and offer accessibility on any device customers prefer as a responsive, web-based application. Users can also have a branded hub to view the properties they need to manage and can filter to a single property and group those properties as needed.

Drilling into a property, users will have the ability to hone in on details such as:

  • Outstanding balance

  • Recent activities

  • Contact information

Users will also be able to manage “requests,” formerly known as “Issues,” as well as view and update outstanding requests and submit new requests. Detailed proposals can be sent, viewed, digitally signed, and paid electronically within the portal.


Subcontractor Portal 2.0


The vision for Subcontractor 2.0 is to re-platform key functionality and provide a far better experience for users and their subcontracted labor. The product team recently opened discovery with the Product Advisory Board on this topic and looks forward to building a tool that addresses the top pain points around working with subcontractors.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more product drops with Aspire Mobile and PropertyIntel. 

— Missy England, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Aspire

The above presentation may contain forward-looking statements, including statements regarding strategies or plans for future new features, enhancements, or upgrades to our existing products that could prove incorrect, or have outcomes that differ materially from the statements made in this presentation.

It is part of our process to revise the product roadmap over time, so the features and timelines described in this presentation are subject to change at our discretion and may not be delivered as planned, or at all. We undertake no obligation to update our roadmap or any forward-looking statements contained in this presentation. Accordingly, customers who purchase ServiceTitan, Inc. products and services should make their decisions based upon the products, services, features, and functions that are currently available.


NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith and Jon Gohl, Director, Customer Experience, Aspire

NFL Legend Emmitt Smith on his greatest victories and challenges 

Emmitt Smith's path to football greatness didn't always follow a straight line to the end zone. And he most certainly didn't get there alone.

When he was finally allowed to speak to reporters after a game during his freshman season at Escambia High School in Pensacola, FL, he set himself up for one of his many learned lessons. Smith told journalists that night all about what he had achieved on the field.

When practice arrived on Monday, Smith's offensive mates reminded him of the value of everyone on the team during a drill. 

"By the time I got to the line of scrimmage, the whole offensive line laid on the ground, and the defense came to light me up," he said. "I got up and said, 'Coach, I got it, I got it, I got it! A lesson in humility."

The Pro Football Hall of Fame member and Dallas Cowboys legend, who remains the leading rusher in National Football League history, delivered a keynote address to kick off the second day of IGNITE.

The lessons learned that day, and so many others built upon challenges shaped his football and entrepreneurial futures.

"Every position on the football field and every position in every organization matters," Smith said. "The processes have to play themselves out. They have to work. All of these things have to be a part of it."

Greg Cuoco, CEO of The Difference Landscapes in Lee, NH, and an Aspire partner, drew inspiration from Smith's message.

"A big thing he talked about was teams, and you can't get there alone," Cuoco said. "I plan on incorporating that with building teams and culture and creating that environment where everyone feels inclusive, but also everyone knows where we're going and how we're going to get there."

Matt Wilde, the president of Wilde Irrigation in Holden, MA, played hockey and coached. Wilde, a FieldRoutes customer, easily related to the message delivered by a three-time Super Bowl champion.

"Emmitt has traveled the path a lot of us have followed," Wilde said. "Maybe we were all previous athletes but knew we weren't going as far as Emmitt. But we had the drive to be champions or drive to run successful businesses. We're all driven the same way that he was." 

Smith spoke for more than 40 minutes before fielding questions submitted by IGNITE registrants. Then he made a hard cut to his left and exited the stage.

"You have in you what is required to be successful," he said. "You have overcome challenge after challenge after challenge after challenge to get to this place. Don't think you are exempt from more challenges to come."

Eddie Wooten, Content Marketing Specialist, FieldRoutes ===

A promise from the top to make AI accessible to the trades

ServiceTitan co-founder Vahe Kuzoyan on Tuesday emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence capabilities to the trades, and how Aspire and FieldRoutes will incorporate the cutting-edge capabilities into their software to benefit the trades.

He encouraged the audience at Ignite! to think about what their business looked like in the days before PCs, before the internet, or before mobile devices, and imagine how difficult it would be to run those businesses today without those advancements. 

“The AI revolution going on right now will be much bigger than that, and it will happen much faster,” Kuzoyan said. “And that’s why you should care. Being an early adopter is going to be a competitive advantage, but it won’t be long before not adopting this technology will be a significant competitive disadvantage.”

Kuzoyan also pledged that Aspire and FieldRoutes, and every other trades business ServiceTitan serves or intends to serve, won’t be left behind. 

“The commitment that we’ll make to you is you will no longer be at the back of the line,” he said. “The investments we are making are designed specifically to make sure this technology is accessible to you and your business, and will be available to help you grow and become more efficient.” 

Kuzoyan highlighted three areas from among 14 introduced at Pantheon, ServiceTitan’s user conference in September, that are also on the roadmap for Aspire and Field Routes. They are:

  • Marketing Pro, where AI can help with everything from helping respond to reviews on Google and other online sites to reviewing recordings of phone calls to identify leads that might otherwise have been missed and designing smarter, more build-it-and-let-it-run drip campaigns. 

  • Fleet Pro, which integrates the camera technology from Azuga into ServiceTitan to monitor unsafe driving, vehicle maintenance, wear and tear and more. 

  • And PropertyIntel, which combined two products, Go iLawn and Land One, into a single product to incorporate high-res imagery to improve measurement and design of properties. That will foster better internal efficiency, save time and eliminate mistakes in bidding, and integrate with all Aspire’s other functionality. 

“We are putting our money and our roadmap where our mouth is to improve Aspire and FieldRoutes,” Kuzoyan said, “to continue building the operating system of the trades.”

— Mike Persinger, Senior Content Editor, ServiceTitan


Seen & heard at the Product + Partner Hub

Networking with the big names in the landscape industry at the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) booth

Weathermatic shows IGNITE attendees the latest in water technology

FieldRoutes Client Services in action

Product demos and networking


ServiceTitan Co-Founder Ara Mahdessian

Opening ceremony at IGNITE builds on a lot of dreams

IGNITE 2023 opened Tuesday at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, bringing together for the first time FieldRoutes and Aspire, the best software for the pest control industry and landscaping and commercial cleaning, respectively. 

But the event brought something else together as well, ServiceTitan Co-Founder Ara Mahdessian noted, that might be more important at this moment: 1,500 dreams. 

That’s how many contractors using FieldRoutes, and Aspire gathered in Las Vegas, at the intersection of vision and dreams, to learn from presentations and each other how to meet client needs in an era of rapid change. It’s a mission that started as Mahdessian and co-founder Vahe Kuzoyan watched their fathers, both plumbers, until far too recently, struggle to run their businesses efficiently.

“We got to witness first-hand how technology was revolutionizing every business in every industry except one,” Mahdessian said. “We saw that our parents’ businesses were effectively frozen in time. They were still plagued by all the same manual processes and problems as decades ago. Vahe and I felt a deep obligation to repay the sacrifices our parents made by trying to leverage our skills and our knowledge to make life just a little bit easier for them.”

That led to the creation of ServiceTitan, the ensuing additions and support of FieldRoutes and Aspire, and eventually, events like the one in Las Vegas this week.

The schedule at IGNITE includes almost 100 sessions highlighting issues and solutions in the trades, product roadmaps for FieldRoutes and Aspire, and keynotes from NFL Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith and renowned trades business coach Keith Mercurio. 

But it includes more, Mahdessian said. It includes those 1,500 dreams—represented by 1,500 contractors who want, Mahdessian said, success, freedom, respect, and growth. 

FieldRoutes and Aspire are positioned to provide all that, with extensive investment in the software better, and make every contracting business they serve more efficient and more profitable.

“We believe that every hard-working contractor deserves software that can make their businesses more profitable, that can help them grow faster, that can help them deliver a better customer experience,” Mahdessian said. “Today, between ServiceTitan, Aspire, and FieldRoutes, more than 10,000 of the most successful contracting businesses use these platforms.

“Our vision at ServiceTitan is to build the operating system that powers the trades. Not just some trades, but every hard-working contractor, in every trade.” 

And that’s a lot of dreams.

— Mike Persinger, Senior Content Editor, ServiceTitan


Meet Your Super Powers—I mean, Power Users

Calvin Hofman, Sr. Specialist Customer Escalations, and Amanda Goad, Customer Success Manager, call Aspire power users the “lifeblood” of Aspire. 

Power users know the ins and outs of Aspire, undergoing extensive training to become dedicated in-house Aspire gurus. They champion Aspire adoption and reduce resistance to change by training their peers and ensuring they have the support they need. 

A roundtable discussion session Tuesday showed, though, that they face the same problems as everyone else. One moment illustrated succinctly:

A gentleman stands and candidly addresses the room and says, “No matter how big you are, you are always trying to figure stuff out. There are people at my table with over 60 million in revenue, and my company, just a small 2.5 million. But we’re all just trying to figure it out … and good luck!” 

The crowd erupts with laughter and claps in empathy as they are all too familiar with the pains of software adoption. 

Regardless of size, change management is challenging. There’s always someone new to the system. There’s always a new process. And there’s always work to do. 

Then, a woman stands up to the microphone and pleads her guilt, “Don't fight the Aspire Way. We fought it for a long time, thinking our way was the right way. But, five years later, we are trying to fix it, back to the Aspire Way. There’s a reason they built it the way they did, with best practices in mind. Follow the system.”

Goad requested feedback for the Aspire Care team so they may better service their power users. 

A gentleman provides some honest feedback for Aspire to take in.

“I would love to request a better Aspire Care ticket queue that responds to support tickets based on the type of support needed,” he said. “Move quick fixes to the top of the line so teams aren’t waiting too long for a simple fix. More complex requests, understandably, take more time.” 

Hofman and Goad take the feedback in stride, requesting that all tables write down their feedback so they may take it back to the Aspire Care team and implement the feedback to build a better Aspire Way. 

Because we’re all, no matter our size, trying to figure stuff out.

— Missy England, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Aspire


FieldRoutes hears from its Pathfinders Network 

Before IGNITE! officially got underway with its main session, members of the FieldRoutes Pathfinder Network huddled Tuesday morning at Caesars FORUM in Las Vegas to offer their suggestions and recommendations.

These FieldRoutes partners gathered in breakout groups to answer questions from FieldRoutes team members and provide feedback on bundles in advance of an upcoming release.

Pathfinders is a community of FieldRoutes® software customers who meet to share their successes, highlight their companies as industry leaders, influence the platform’s future in discussions with the FieldRoutes team, and network with fellow customers.

"The biggest benefit we've gotten from being a part of Pathfinders probably would be the networking," says Bryson McCutcheon, the chief operating officer of ACTION Termite & Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ.  "But also just the ability to shape and mold the product and get in front of different features and share advice on what's working for us, what's not working for us."

Eddie Wooten, Content Marketing Specialist, FieldRoutes


Here's a first look at our welcome lobby inside Caesars Forum: 

Day 1 begins this afternoon at 1 p.m. with an opening session on the Main Stage featuring the CEO of Aspire Software Mark Tipton and the CEO of ServiceTitan Ara Mahdessian.

» Access the agenda here

But before that, the Partner and Product Hub is open at 10 a.m. — along with registration. We’re looking forward to an amazing three days with more than 1,100 field service pros like you!

Our coverage will include:

  • A look at Aspire's product roadmap 

  • Business insights from top Aspire companies

  • Aspire education

  • Leadership and innovation stories 

Check back here, where we'll recap keynote presentations and highlights from select breakout sessions to help you ignite your team and business. 


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