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Most modern commercial cleaners rely on technology of some sort to help manage daily operations. What was once nice to have has since become a necessity for both businesses and their customers, and it’s easy to see why. 

The latest technology can simplify and accelerate many tasks, helping cleaning professionals better understand actual costs, optimize daily operations and labor management, analyze their performance, and maximize profitability. Many customers have also come to expect contractors to utilize technology, and doing so can add a level of professionalism to your business.

However, as new technologies emerge, many cleaning companies are left wondering which systems are best for their unique needs and, perhaps more importantly, how to get these different solutions to work together to drive meaningful improvements. This is where Aspire shines, providing an all-in-one solution that delivers impactful results to both the organization and its customers. 

Aspire’s business management software integrates all areas of your business into one system, providing centralized access for users across your organization. This enhances communication and efficiency and ensures the best possible experience for your customers and your team. 

Let’s take a closer look.

It all starts with the estimate

With Aspire, the process begins with the estimate. Aspire takes multiple variables into account, including real-time job costing, so you can make quick adjustments based on scope changes. This helps you maintain competitive pricing, which improves your chances of winning bids while maintaining a healthy bottom line. Information then flows through the system to ensure no details get lost in the shuffle. 

You can easily deliver estimates and accept electronic signatures via email, or customers can view and approve bids right from within the customer portal. For smaller, add-on or ancillary opportunities, account managers can create and capture signatures on-site using a laptop or tablet.

Once an estimate is approved, it becomes a contract for the customer to sign. Aspire automatically converts signed contracts into work tickets, ready for scheduling. The system automatically flags work that hasn’t been scheduled, making it nearly impossible to forget to schedule a job with Aspire. The system also provides full visibility into upcoming resource needs so your teams are always prepared in advance. 

Staying in sync

Our flexible, user-friendly interface makes scheduling and route planning easier than ever. Jobs can be added individually or scheduled for an entire year with the recurring schedule feature. 

The schedule board updates in real-time, keeping everyone in sync—from the office to the field—by providing a quick, at-a-glance view of all jobs and their progress. This allows you to monitor team activity, manage capacity, and ensure jobs stay on time and on budget. Aspire’s time-based scheduling feature enables precise, minute-by-minute scheduling, and absentee notifications provide immediate automated alerts for delayed on-site clock-ins—simplifying labor management and ensuring timely services to customers.

Any changes that come up are easy to make—simply drag and drop jobs on the schedule at a different day or time. Updates are then sent directly to your team in the field via Aspire Mobile. They can also see what materials are needed across all current projects and the equipment required for each job. This ensures everyone is prepared with the necessary materials and equipment for the day.

Communicating clearly

Site audit functionality in Aspire lets account managers visit client properties, identify potential areas of concern, and make recommendations accordingly using a mobile device. Results are seamlessly integrated into your workflow, allowing prompt resolution and communication with your on-site team for follow-up. This information can also be easily shared with your customers to let them know the issue has been identified and is being resolved.

Invoicing with accuracy

After the work has been completed, Aspire ensures your invoices are both accurate and timely. They can be sent with a simple click of a button, and you can include as much or as little detail as needed. And because all information flows seamlessly from estimate to invoice, there’s no need for duplicate data entry or confusing, time-sensitive calculations. This reduces the likelihood of errors and eliminates the need to track down paper estimates or search through other software systems. 

Integration for added value

Aspire also includes powerful integrations, like GPS tracking, which allows you to view vehicle locations in real-time on a map directly from the schedule board. This allows you to quickly confirm where your teams are located and make sure they’re on track to hit their arrival windows. GPS tracking can also facilitate accurate billing by creating geofences on properties that verify the billed time matches the actual time spent on site. 

Additional integrations deliver even more value by uniting all your core technology into the Aspire platform, including accounting, workforce management, marketing, and more. This keeps your team completely unified and simplifies your workflows. 

Bringing it all together

With Aspire’s end-to-end functionality, your cleaning operations run smoothly and profitably. Estimates are precise and timely, jobs are completed efficiently and on time, invoices are accurate and prompt, and your customers and employees stay happy. 

Embracing technology with Aspire not only benefits your business but also improves the customer experience, helps you meet the evolving expectations of the industry, and gives you a competitive edge over competitors still relying on disjointed, overly complicated methods.


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