Go iLawn Complete: Done-for-you property measurements, estimates, and takeoffs

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PublishedOctober 18, 2022

Go iLawn Complete: Done-for-you property measurements, estimates, and takeoffs


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Your employees are likely wearing many hats to perform multiple job responsibilities, which can strain your operations and hinder employee satisfaction—not to mention retention. Your sales teams are working around the clock to identify prospects and close profitable deals. But manual, repetitive measuring and estimating processes can bog down your highest performers.

When your team has to shift their attention away from sales to complete time-consuming admin tasks and duplicate data entry, you're missing out on opportunities to grow your profits.

Aspire’s new done-for-you measuring and estimating service, Go iLawn Complete, empowers your team to focus on what they do best while offloading the mundane to us. With Go iLawn Complete, we perform all the measuring for you so your salespeople can get back to revenue-generating activities.

Bid work faster

With Go iLawn Complete, you can turn around high-volume project requests faster than your competitors by delegating the measuring process to us and using that time back for better client satisfaction.

The process is simple. Just provide the property address, which features you need measured, and how quickly you need the estimates delivered. Our team will review your request, price the work, and deliver the estimates to your Go iLawn account after approval.

All projects delivered to your account are yours to modify, revisit, export, and share as needed. Go iLawn’s unlimited cloud-based storage gives you complete control and flexibility to instantly access and share your measurements whenever you need them.

Become more profitable

Go iLawn Complete helps you protect your profits and bid more projects—all while keeping your salespeople focused on winning more work for your company. The Go iLawn Complete measuring team delivers accurate takeoffs with measurements you can trust to price work right with a better understanding of your time and material costs for every job.

Focusing your bidding efforts only on profitable work increases your chances of winning high-value jobs. And with your salespeople spending their time selling instead of measuring, you can rely on Go iLawn Complete to help your company reach new levels of profitability and growth.

Ensure stakeholder alignment

Sitemaps in Go iLawn not only help you understand the properties you’re bidding on but also allow you to communicate the proposed work with prospects, customers, and crew. Go iLawn Complete delivers both measurement data and a visual, color-coded sitemap with labels that provide an instant understanding of the work to be done—right to your Go iLawn account.

Having a visual sitemap connected to your measurement data helps ensure outcomes align with expectations, because all stakeholders can clearly visualize the project scope. Using Go iLawn Complete to get this data without a time investment on your part helps your salespeople efficiently place more profitable bids with less effort.

How to get started

Go iLawn Complete is powered by Go iLawn, the industry-leading property measurement system that has helped thousands of contractors measure, bid, and win more work in less time.

Visit the Go iLawn Complete webpage to learn how this newest offering from Aspire can help your company start optimizing and scaling your operations instantly to reach new levels of business success.


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