We’re thrilled to announce the latest round of updates within Aspire—and this time, we’re doing it by name. 

Introducing the White Oak release. This update includes enhancements to existing workflows that improve productivity and increase visibility for our landscaping and commercial cleaning users. 

Let’s dive in. 

Recurring Schedules

Set Recurring Visits with Varied Schedules

We’re kicking things off with an update that changes the game for our commercial cleaning users. 

Those using time-based scheduling can now automatically schedule visits once a contract is renewed. This update also includes the ability to adjust and assign recurring schedule visits to unique routes.

Some things to note: 

  • Start and stop times for each visit will be preserved when the contract is renewed.

  • “Daily” recurring schedules can now be configured with varying start times and route assignments.

We’ve also refreshed this screen’s user interface, so that you easily identify, adjust, and assign recurring schedule visits to unique routes.  

Admin - Configuration - Renewals

Simplify the Contract Renewal Process

Next up, we’ve made it even easier to renew multiple contracts at once. Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your team with the ability to quickly renew multiple contracts within the same parameters. 

This includes a redesigned Contract Renewal window for a more intuitive user experience and a clearer picture of what information and data will be used to create the renewal opportunities.

User Visibility Across Roles

Streamline Visibility Across User Roles

A major part of maximizing productivity is focusing on only what you need to. Aspire admins now have the ability to lock advanced search lists by role. This optimizes search results and improves the distribution of standardized information throughout your company. 

We’re also updating our mobile apps to better align user permissions across all route assignments.

There’s a lot to explore in White Oak, so be sure to check out the Getting Started Guide for an in-depth look!


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