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PublishedJuly 24, 2023

Best WorkWave Alternatives


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As the owner of a commercial janitorial service, you take pride in helping other business owners keep their properties pristine while providing excellent customer service. As your company grows and cleaning crews multiply, you’ve probably tried various software solutions to manage it all. Now you’re navigating a mess of single-point web apps and management platforms that still don’t do everything you need them to do.

To streamline efficiency and work smarter, janitorial businesses often choose to connect all of their critical business functions with an all-in-one janitorial business software solution that solves your needs all in one place, including:

  • Scheduling

  • Estimating

  • Invoicing

  • Reporting

  • Job costing

  • CRM 

Here, we compare WorkWave features to our field service software, Aspire, as well as a few other leading competitors, so you can choose the best janitorial business management system to help run your cleaning crews and grow profits.

How to find the best WorkWave alternative

If you’re currently a WorkWave user and looking for an alternative field service management software that better fits your business needs, you’ll likely want to compare key features and software capabilities as well as options for timely customer support and pricing.

Key features to compare in a business management platform include:

  • Scheduling software with drag-and-drop functionality

  • Route optimization and GPS tracking tools

  • Estimating software with customizable templates

  • Easy invoicing and payment processing

  • Mobile application for crews in the field

  • User-friendly onboarding, integrations, and customer support

For large and small businesses in the janitorial service industry, investing in a comprehensive software solution is a big deal. The cost can get expensive fast, especially if the company charges per-user fees or blocks advanced features behind a paywall. Training your team to use the new software each time you switch platforms takes valuable time away from your business operations.

→ You want a software solution that’s built specifically for providers in the janitorial industry, streamlines your janitorial business processes, and helps your team perform their jobs better. 

By investing in a comprehensive business solution or a “forever software” that grows as your company grows, you’ll gain full visibility and control of your business, train your teams more efficiently, make smarter decisions for growth, and increase profits. 

What is WorkWave?

Service by WorkWave is a cloud-based, scheduling software-as-a-service (SaaS) company catering to more than 40 trade industries, including janitorial, security, pest control, lawn care, delivery services, and more. For cleaning companies, WorkWave offers the following software applications:

  • WorkWave Service: Field service management software to help streamline operations, from scheduling jobs to dispatching work orders and easy payment processing.

  • WorkWave TEAM Software: Scheduling software designed for commercial businesses with 100+ employees and used by residential cleaning, janitorial, security, and facilities management companies. It offers reporting capabilities and automates daily financial, operations, and workforce management.

  • WorkWave TEAM Lite: Software designed for small commercial and residential cleaning companies with fewer than 100 employees. It offers a mobile app and CRM.

  • WorkWave Route Manager: Route planning software.

  • WorkWave Route Manager GPS: Routing optimization software with real-time GPS tracking that promises “last-mile delivery.”

  • WorkWave Routing Engine: Route optimization API.

While many of WorkWave’s advanced features can help janitorial businesses streamline their daily operations, the company offers no pricing information for its plans online, and it’s unclear what features are included in its core plans or how much the add-on services affect the total cost. WorkWave also offers PestPac software for pest control companies.

Why look for WorkWave alternatives

As your janitorial business grows, utilizing comprehensive business management software can help you streamline, automate, and eliminate inefficiencies across the entire organization. When you rely on clunky manual processes or disconnected software solutions that require switching back and forth between programs to get the job done, you’re just wasting valuable time and money.

You may seek an alternative to WorkWave to find an all-in-one fleet management tool that not only improves and streamlines your day-to-day processes but also integrates seamlessly with the accounting tools you’re already using and keeps pricing under control. You might also seek a software platform built specifically for the commercial cleaning industry. WorkWave targets a total of 41 industries, so it may be hard to get the attention you need.

As you explore business management tools, compare paid plan core features so you don’t end up paying more for essential features or additional users, especially as your company grows and adds new employees to the platform. Also, check recommended software operating system requirements, such as Windows, Mac, or mobile devices (Android, iOS).


Key features of Aspire

Aspire janitorial business software is an all-in-one, cloud-based software for commercial cleaning companies and franchises. Aspire, a ServiceTitan company, centralizes data and provides a comprehensive management system for:

With streamlined functionalities for everything, including real-time job costing, project management, and more, Aspire software enables janitorial businesses to improve:

✓ Task assignment

✓ Employee management

✓ Quality control

✓ Overall performance

Aspire’s Crew Mobile app for iOS and Android devices helps teams work more efficiently with field-specific features, including:

  • Crew time tracking

  • Route optimization

  • Service visit checklists

Ensure performance quality and improve team communication with real-time updates, location geo-stamping, and photo documentation.

Benefits of Aspire

Streamlined workflows for increased efficiency: Aspire enables janitorial companies to develop efficient workflows, improve service quality, and increase profit. Businesses can save time and win more bids using templates to quickly create accurate proposals and automate customer follow-up. 

Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to filter and sort data for customized 360-degree insights into your business. Real-time, accurate data helps business owners make proactive, data-driven decisions to maintain profitability and drive growth.

Price covers unlimited users: Aspire pricing varies based on company size, and unlike other software, Aspire’s plans include the same core functions and an unlimited number of users. This allows janitorial companies to confidently grow without increasing software costs. 

Flexibility for future growth: As your business grows, Aspire grows with you, providing flexibility and scalability. Aspire offers many integrations, including QuickBooks for accounting, and custom integrations for endless solutions.

Ongoing product investment: Aspire committed to a $25M annual investment in development for 2023, and bimonthly feature releases to keep users operating at the forefront of the industry.

Service Autopilot

Key features of Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot provides software for cleaning, lawn care, snow removal, field service, pest control, and pool cleaning service companies to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Some automated functions require additional monthly fees. Key features include:

  • Built-in marketing tools

  • Call tracking and call log management

  • Lead capture form integration and email marketing

  • Invoicing, routing, in-platform texting (SMS)

Benefits of Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot’s startup plan helps companies with scheduling, estimates, expenses and invoices, credit card processing, and a mobile app. To automate daily tasks, companies must pay for the highest-priced plan. Also, companies must pay extra monthly for additional features, such as a QuickBooks integration.

Compare Service Autopilot with Aspire to see which software will continue to meet your needs as you grow.


Key features of Jobber

Jobber is a web-based software for home service companies in 15 field service industries. Jobber’s field service management software features include scheduling, dispatching, and estimating for home service businesses. The software works to increase customer convenience with CRM, invoicing, and payment features.

Benefits of Jobber

Efficient job organization: Jobber helps small janitorial companies stay organized, work more efficiently, and reduce administrative tasks. Jobber offers several integrations, including QuickBooks for accounting, payment collecting, and business marketing.

Lower price point? Jobber offers four plans, with a starting price of $9/mo. for one user. However, Jobber charges a per-user fee, and its basic package allows for a single user. Additionally, Jobber requires businesses to purchase more advanced packages to access the full suite of features.

Improve CRM:  Jobber improves customer satisfaction with customer information tracking, automated work progress texts, and online tools for customers.

See an in-depth analysis of Jobber stacks up against Aspire on the Aspire vs. Jobber competitor comparison page. 


Key features of Swept

Swept offers operational software for commercial cleaning and janitorial businesses, providing scheduling, time tracking, payroll, and team and customer notification tools. It streamlines day-to-day tasks for your reps with instructions and checklists, mobile inspections, supply-chain tracking, and problem reporting.

Benefits of Swept

Save time and increase communication: Swept helps cleaning companies save time on scheduling and administrative tasks, as well as improve communication, job quality, and customer satisfaction via a mobile app. 

Plan pricing: Swept offers three plans with varying features, but does not list plan pricing online. All plans start with 15 locations included, with $10 for each additional location, depending on the plan and number of additional locations.

Manage tasks more efficiently: Real-time updates and notifications ensure appropriate follow-up and efficient task management. The software offers customer support and training tools and resources.

CleanTelligent Software

Key features of CleanTelligent

CleanTelligent, designed for janitorial businesses and backed by 15 years of experience in the industry, is a cloud-based software used for work order management, job scheduling, inspections, and reporting.

A mobile app streamlines work in the field, including inspection checklists, photos, and customer signatures. The software works to organize job details, track employee performance, and capture client feedback through cleaning satisfaction surveys.

Benefits of CleanTelligent

Simplify workloads: CleanTelligent aims to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase productivity. Reporting features summarize team performance and help companies improve service.

Plan pricing: CleanTelligent offers three plans, starting at $175/mo. for five users. Enterprise is the highest-priced plan at $575/mo. and does not specify the number of user licenses.

Enhance quality control: Through customized inspections and surveys, it enables janitorial companies to enhance quality control and increase customer satisfaction. 

Why janitorial businesses prefer Aspire over the competition

Built specifically for service businesses in the cleaning industry, Aspire software offers the type of end-to-end functionality companies need to:

  1. Grow their client base

  2. Operate more efficiently

  3. Earn more revenue

Customers also switch to Aspire to gain:

  • Valuable data-driven insights to optimize every area of your business and make informed decisions to grow your business faster than your competitors.

  • Increased revenue, predictable cash flow, and new growth potential clearly identified through streamlined operations and customized reporting.

  • Predictable technology costs for a comprehensive software solution with unlimited features and users, and functionality to be a “forever solution” and scale as your company scales.

Request a demo with Aspire

Aspire’s end-to-end software solution gives janitorial contractors visibility into every aspect of their operations, providing the data to improve and grow. Request a demo to see how Aspire’s features will transform your business.

Test different software alternatives to get a feel for the features and make an informed decision. Outgrowing and switching to another software in the future substantially increases your technology costs, not to mention time-consuming onboarding and implementation.

It’s key to choose software that offers the right features for improving business processes in commercial cleaning, depending on your unique business needs. Want to know more about how to prepare for business growth? Check out the buyer’s guide for janitorial software.

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