Aspire Pay OnDemand becomes even more flexible and efficient

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PublishedMay 19, 2020

Aspire Pay OnDemand becomes even more flexible and efficient

At Aspire, we’re always looking for ways to improve our offerings and better serve our customers. Thanks to valuable feedback from you, Aspire Pay OnDemand is improving for the better with the addition of new hour submission options, designed to increase the program’s flexibility and efficiency.

What is Aspire Pay OnDemand?

Developed to help our customers recruit and retain employees in their landscaping businesses, the Aspire Pay OnDemand program allows employers like you to provide employees with easy access to a portion of their earned but unpaid net wages in advance of payday.

Each day, hourly employees submit their daily hours through the Crew Mobile app; daily hours for salaried employees automatically populate their "Earned Wage Hours" within Aspire Payroll at a predetermined time. Employees are then eligible to initiate an earned wage advance based on the populated hours.

What is improving?

Now, with the addition of multiple hour submission options, you can continue ensuring early wage access for your employees while avoiding any additional administrative or managerial work, if you so choose.

The new options for submitting your employees’ time are:

  • Raw – Employee time is available for an earned wage advance without requiring acceptance or approval

  • Accepted (default option) – Employee time must be reviewed and accepted by the employee’s manager before it is available for an earned wage advance

  • Approved – Employee time must be reviewed and accepted by the employee’s manager and approved by the HR/payroll admin before it is eligible for an earned wage advance

What is staying the same?

As always, you’ll maintain visibility into each employee’s earned wage balance and transaction activity as well as retaining the ability to enable—or disable—the earned wage advances per employee with no extra steps on your end. Individual hours are loaded directly from the Aspire platform, and the program automatically keeps track of allocated wages and fund disbursals.

And, aside from defining the initial configuration settings, there is no extra work required on your end. The Pay OnDemand program manages reconciliation of financial records and payroll adjustments each time an employee initiates an advance. All funds are fronted by the program in exchange for the small fee paid by the employee (just $1 per each $100 of earned wages), and the transaction is reconciled automatically when payroll is processed.

How do I learn more?

For more details on the Aspire Pay OnDemand program, watch our recorded webinar or contact Coray Grove at Integrated Payroll Services (IPS) at or 314-821-0600.


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